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June 29, 2011

The Beating

Hi there. I maintain a blog at gigglingviolence.blogspot.com which I thought you might find interesting and worth looking at. Here’s a story I wrote which I thought you might enjoy:

Sexy Sadist: A Long Day at the Office
by Sweet Candy Apples

She came home from work that night, exhausted. Her feet were killing her and her briefcase felt like it weighed a ton, crammed with expense reports and file folders and who knows what else. All day long she’d been talking to clients, sitting in meetings, on the phone. And now, all she could think about was getting home, taking off her heels and letting her hair down, enjoying a glass of wine, followed by a relaxing soak in the tub. Yes… she closed her eyes in the back of the cab, a small smile spreading over her face. She was already enjoying the thought of it.

She was a tall and slender woman with olive-colored skin which off-set her green eyes in a way that caused men to stumble over their words while speaking to her. Though she knew it wasn’t just her eyes that men liked. She also had extremely large breasts beneath her business suit, and she liked to leave just the top few buttons undone to give just a hint of cleavage. She knew very well that her beauty was key to her success in the business world. She landed more contracts than her entire team put together. She was nearly at 6 figures.

But now it was time to put all that behind her and settle down for the evening. The cab driver dropped her off. She gave him a ten dollar tip and a sexy smile. He wasn’t looking at her, just at her chest. She loved the feeling.

“You very beautiful woman,” said the cab driver. “Your husband very lucky man!”

“See you next time,” she said seductively. She looked down. The poor bastard was hard as a rock! And such a tiny penis. She giggled.

When she arrived home, she unlocked the front door and opened it wide. Then dropped her briefcase with a thud! What she saw shocked her – caused her eyes to open wide and a gasp to escape her red lips!

There was mail laying on the floor! It must have fallen off the counter and was now fanned out all over the place.

“Roger!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Immediately, a thin, wiry balding man came running over. “Yes, honey? Yes? How was your day? Can I get you something to drink? Can I draw a bath for you? Can I do any…”

“Shut up!” She pointed at the mail on the floor. “What is this?” she yelled. “I work my goddamned ass off to provide for this household while you don’t do shit, and there’s only one thing that I ask for! Just one thing! What is that one thing I ask for, Roger?”

“Uh… a c-c-c-clean house?”

“Is even that small amount of responsibility too much for you, you pathetic little faggot wimp?!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it must have fallen…” He quickly got down and began gathering it all up.

“Well, you’re about to be sorry!”

He stopped, stricken. “No… no, please…” he said with fear. “I’m cleaning it all up, see? I’m cleaning it right now! I’ll sweep! I’ll mop! I’ll…”

“Shut your fucking mouth!” she commanded. “God! All I wanted was a nice relaxing evening and you had to ruin it!” Then she lifted her head and called out in a sing-song-y tone, “Oh, Dennis? Dennis, could you come down here, please?”

For a while there was nothing, and Roger felt relieved. Perhaps Dennis had already gone to sleep for the night… Maybe he had gone out. But then there was the sound of tremendous thuds coming down the stairs, ripples in the glasses of water on the countertop. Dennis was home.

Through the doorway there emerged a very large, very tall black man, wearing nothing except a pair of jeans. He had huge biceps and a sixpack stomach. Even his neck was muscular.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said very courteously in a deep, resonant voice. “How was your day of work?”

“I’m afraid I had a very stressful day,” she confessed, taking in his perfect form and licking her lips slightly. She could stare at his body all day long. She came over to him and began running her fingers over his large arms. “Unfortunately, my pathetic husband here has not cleaned the house thoroughly and I’m afraid he must be punished.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Dennis bowed slightly, then walked over to where Roger was cowering.

“No…. no, please!” Roger screamed, putting his hand out in front of his face. Dennis immediately began punching him over and over, spilling blood out all over the floor. He didn’t do it with rage or anger, just very matter-of-factly. There were several loud cracking sounds as Roger’s head hit the floor.

While this was happening, the woman went over to the wine rack. She couldn’t decide which she was in the mood for… Finally, she found just the right one. She poured herself a glass and sniffed at it. Mmm, yes. It smelled good.

“No, Dennis! Please, stop!” yelled her husband. “Please, for the love of God, stop!!!”

The beating continued.

She took a sip from the glass. It was a very good vintage. When she had finished drinking it, she took her hair down and let it fall past her shoulders.

Finally, Dennis stopped and stood up, breathing heavy. There was blood dripping from both of his fists. “Enough, ma’am?” he asked, cracking his neck.

“Let me see,” she said, and set the glass down. She walked over and got down on her knees.

“Please…. please…” Roger wailed. His eyes were swelling shut and his mouth was totally covered in blood.

“More,” she instructed.

“Yes, ma’am.” This time Dennis began kicking Roger in the side, which also elicited screams of pain.

The woman ran her long, slender fingers down the back of the muscular man as he commenced to the beating. There was a thin layer of perspiration developing on his skin, and she loved the way it felt. “That’s enough,” she finally said after some more time had passed. “Take me to the bedroom and make love to me.”

“Yes ma’am.” The large man hoisted her up over his shoulders and carried her off toward the bedroom.

“This place better be spic and span tomorrow morning!” she yelled at her husband as she was lifted away. “I don’t want to see any blood, you understand me?”

Roger had almost managed a response when suddenly the lights turned off and he heard a door shut. He lay his head down in a pool of blood, in the darkness, alone.

Submitted by: Candace Apples


November 14, 2010

My life as her slave

“Uhhh!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”, it isn’t my girlfriend or my wife or a whore it’s me, ya that’s right it’s me with my girlfriends long dildo in my asshole.

She thought it would be kinky if for just one night she gets to fuck me, I of course said no at the first but she is so charming that you can’t do anything, if she wants anything she’ll get it anyhow, she cried this time, ”You don’t want me to be happy.” “You only want your pleasure you never think of Me.”, she had convinced me with only a little effort.

The next night I was blind folded and was naked then she told me to open my blindfold, I saw her standing in front of me with a long thick artificial dick tied to her waist. ”Suck it!”, she said instantly and I gave an instant reaction, ”WHAT!!” “Ya you heard me right, you make me give you blow jobs don’t you and besides I haven’t lubed it and if it isn’t lubed it would hurt you not me.” “So why don’t you use some lubricant?” “Because I want you to suck it! Now suck it.” I knelt in front of her and got started on the thing that was gonna enter my ass. I sucked it for like 2 minutes and when I was gonna take that thing off my mouth she pushed my head back in, ”Did I tell you to take that out!” What had happened to her? I was on the verge of vomiting when she released it. I asked her, Then she said, ”You know how you like me to have my make up on when we are making love?” I said yes. “So I want to put some make up on your face too.” I was like ‘WHAT!’ but knew that she would convince me so I let her put make up on me. I was looking like a slut.

”Now you are ready for some fucking you whore.” “You what!?” “Ya you ‘WHORE’ you are my whore tonight. Now stop making faces and kneel on the bed. Now go on all fours like a dog.” I did although I did not like the words she was using. “It’s gonna hurt my love and it’s gonna hurt bad.” She stretched my butt cheeks as far as she could and then slowly entered her thing in me, I suddenly felt two things that time, 1 of course the pain but the 2nd thought was just the opposite it was a feeling for which I’d never expected, it turned me on. My girlfriend was having major fun killing my ass, oh man it was painful. But it turned me on, how could that turn me on?

She knew that the whole fucking thing had turned me on. She knew that I would come to her requesting her to fuck me again, she was prepared. Two days later I went to her to ask her if she would fuck me again but she kept on refusing knowing that I was too desperate and would make a deal to make her fuck me again. The deal was ‘Femdomism’; I was made the total slave in the house. I did not make this decision only to make her fuck me, I made this decision because somehow after she fucked me I had become one slave of her already, I wanted her to rule over me which she already did but this time in a more kinky way.

She made me her total slave that very same day. The first thing I was ordered to do was to make coffee for my ma’am. (I addressed her as ma’am or madam or sometimes mistress from that day on), I remember that day; I brought coffee and was made to massage my mistress’s legs. That was the last day I ate breakfast with ma’am on the table while at home, after that day I ate all my meals while at home FROM the floor beside her boots and sometimes from her boots like a dog. Every morning she makes me lick her boot soles before we go to work and every night when she returns and I am there I get to sniff her stockings or socks, oh heaven!

A few months following the insertion of the dildo in my asshole, my girlfriend brought new tools for her pleasure, a riding crop, a cane, a pair of nipple clamps, a ball gag, a spider gag, a collar and a leash, and 2 or 3 more dildos. She used them all on me that very night. I was stripped all day long. First she caned me and cropped me the whole day just for fun then after dinner she spanked me which she did if I had messed up anything I did for her and that day it was the cleaning (she had already spanked me for fun too with her slippers or her hair brush). My ass was as red as a nose of a clown, she made me bow down to waist height and tied my hands to something and took pictures of me. She then inflicted the most pain in our whole love history, she clamped my nipples and added weight on them, it was so painful for my delicate nipples, she then tied the collar and the leash on my neck while I was moaning in pain and said, ”Now whenever we are in the house together you will always wear this collar, is that understood?” I replied as a yes of course. My moaning was irritating her so she gagged me with the ball gag. She then took more pictures of my gagged face and clamped nipples. Now she went back of my ass and inserted a brand new dildo, a lot thicker than the first one but a bit shorter on the length without lubricating it. Oh man that killed me; she fucked me with that thing for 2 minutes. She then came up front, opened the gag and pushed the new dildo in my mouth, it was so huge that I couldn’t properly suck it, she took pictures of that too. She said, ”You are not ready for this one.” She opened it leaving it in my mouth. She then came back with the first dildo which we had used the first time and made me suck that for fifteen minutes, and then she tried a new torture on me. She put that spider gag on my mouth, and then she fucked that hole for another fifteen minutes, man she was great at this.

It was a bad night. But the very next day was 31st December when we did our role reversals final part, she dressed me as a maid during the day and as sissy slut at tnight, the whole day she teased me, I got to worship her heavenly feet 5 times during the day and at night I got to worship her ass for the first time. Ma’am beat me up badly that night and then made me give her oral pleasure while my cock was in chastity, and she used a pecker penis again for her pleasure, one end in my mouth and the other into her pussy. She had sex five times with that artificial dick while I was sucking its other end. Two times she made me go back and forth while she was making noises that were turning me on but I couldn’t have sex with her. I got the reward of worshiping her ass for 2 minutes for what I did.

Now I wear bras and panties instead of vests and underwear, I get to have sex with my mistress barely 4 times a YEAR and she uses her whole stuff on me for at least 4 times a WEEK. Now even in public sometimes I have to sit beside my madams’ feet and now I have to call her ma’am everywhere. Now we are married. She once made me worship her boots in public while we were on our honeymoon in Moscow; she even took me for an early morning stroll in the streets of Moscow, I was in my bra and panties with a collar on my neck and the leash in my madams’ hands and yes I was walking like her BITCH. She fucks me, beats me, make me lick her boots but I love her and that’s what matters.

Submitted by: michale the slave


September 17, 2010

Extra-marital punishment

She repeated what she said before, “I can’t wait to fuck you”. Now inside the dimly lit motel room with the woman who I had had a previous extra-marital fling with about a year ago. She broke it off at the time saying she wasn’t sure if she was really into me… She seemed slightly different this time though, more aloof, less forth-coming. But with those words, I felt confident again. I had passed the test. She wanted me once more. I pulled her close to me and kissed her hard, my hands fondling her ass cheeks the way I knew she liked. She let me do it. But her body did not respond the way it used to. Gradually, she pulled back. “Sweetie, lay down and let me rub your back”. She always gave the most amazing back rubs. They truly felt great. And with her hands wandering wherever they pleased, they always ended with great sex.

I took of my tee shirt and started to remove my underpants. With her hand on my wrist, she said “leave them on, I think they’re hot”. After a pause, I laid down on the bed, face down. She rubbed my back for a few minutes and I started to relax again. She was laying beside me and kissing my ear gently. “Wait here a minute, don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

She left the room and returned with a gym bag. Coming over to me and lying beside me again, she said, “Close your eyes, i have some surprises”. I did. After a few minutes, I felt her hands tying a rope around my ankles. I knew we were going to get a bit kinky. I also knew I’d look like a total wimp if I objected. So I let her tie me caressing my ankles and my hands. Her touch was gentle. The whole time she scratched my back tenderly and cooed. She was so into it and I was anticipating it more and more.

When she was done, she went to the gym bag again. My anticipation started to turn to concern when I saw her put on a strap-on. Our sex life had always had a kinky element, including some light bondage, but this was nothing we had discussed. “I thought we were going to fuck”, It was a lame protest but it was all I could come up with. “Oh baby, I never said that. I said I can’t wait to fuck you, that’s different”.

She came around in front of me. Her tone was very different. It was still sweet and sultry, but somehow less accommodating. “You might want to make this wet”, she said staring directly into my eyes. I did not like where this was going. After I recaptured my composer, I said “I don’t want to do this”, as gently as I could. She laughed. I had never seen that laugh. It wasn’t particularly mean or threatening. It was the laugh one gave a child who threatened to run away. “Suit yourself”, she finally said. She laid on top of me, her arms looped under my chest and gripping my shoulders. Slowly she began pushing into me. It hurt. I began to buck and twist. She held on tight and she laughed again. She laughed like someone on one of those bar-room broncos. Enjoying the thrill of nearly being thrown off.

Eventually I got tired, as I stopped moving she cooed and caressed me some more. “Shhh”, she said, “that’s right, relax”. There was a moment of calm and I tried to catch my breath. Then, without warning she made one strong final thrust and entered me. Pain, is not the right word. It was more like burning. With each of her movements I felt myself on fire. “It will hurt less if you relax”, she said. I tried. It did hurt less but it still burned. After a few more minutes of thrusting, she said, “Are you sure you don’t want to make it wet, it’ll feel much better”. Sensing the chance for some relief, I said ok. She let out a soft giggle. “Oh baby, you can do better than that. How about, ‘Please let me suck your cock’?”. She emphasized her demand with several particularly hard thrusts. I said it. She made me say it again “with more conviction”. Tears were in my eyes at this point. The burning was getting more intense and I started to wonder about permanent damage. Finally, she gave a smug laugh and came around in front of me and offered her cock to me mouth. “If I were you, I’d make it real wet”. Still remembering the pain from before, I took her cock in my mouth and did my best to make it wet. Then there was a flash. I looked up to see her cell phone over my head. I’m sure the picture was a classic. Me, with a huge strap on in my mouth.

What she said next terrified me. She said it slowly, emphasizing each number. It was my wife’s cell phone number. The implication was clear. She could send that picture directly to my wife’s cell phone. “Now baby”, she started, “I enjoy a good wrestling match when I’m in the mood. And trust me, we’re going to have some of those. But right now, I want you to cooperate completely. I want you to be my perfect little slut. I’m going to fuck you until I’m bored with it. Your going to tell me how much you love it. Is that OK with you?” A rush of emotions flooded over me. Anger, fear and yes, excitement. Finally I was able to say, “Yes, I’ll do what you want”. “Good baby, I’m going to have fun tonight. But this is just the beginning. We’re going to have a long exciting relationship now that the ground rules are established”.

With that she got back on top of me and pushed gently inside me. I did my best to relax and the burning subsided. I knew it was going to be a very long night.

Submitted by: Mike


October 17, 2009

My Pleasure/Pain

SHE wraps the cling film around my body starting from the shoulders, leaving space for my nipples and then continuing down to my belly, encasing my arms in a silken cocoon. i am trapped, willingly.

SHE places clover clamps on my nipples and tugs on them briefly to ensure that they are firmly fixed. SHE pulls my foreskin outwards, stretching it out so that SHE can place a clothes peg on it, affectively trapping my penis and ensuring that any sign of an erection will be rewarded with pain.

But, at that point in time my pleasure/pain switch is still set to pleasure.

My legs are slapped apart and my testicles bound tightly with twine to which a weight is attached. Still there is no pain yet but a slight ache, a sign of things to come.

Then SHE orders me to kneel and lean over a low coffee table so that my unprotected anus is slightly raised. The clover clamps on my nipples press against the table, increasing the pain. But the pleasure/pain switch is still set to pleasure.

SHE stands in front of me so that i can see her pulling on a thick rubber glove over HER right hand. Once in place she pours a liberal amount of lubricant over it, massaging between the fingers and back of the hand. Then SHE comes to kneel down behind me. SHE stokes my anal opening with one well lubricated finger and the pleasure in intense. Slowly, she inserts a finger, i don’t know which one, into my anus and the bliss that hits my brain is amazing. SHE moves it in and out, massaging my sphincter; I am in heaven. SHE continues like this for a few minutes, reaching in to massage my prostrate and my penis responds accordingly. As it grows larger so does the pinch of the peg gripping my foreskin. But the pleasure/pain switch is still set to pleasure.

Then SHE slowly inserts another finger into me. i feel the stretch of the anal opening but it is still bliss. SHE pumps the fingers in and out of me more vigorously and i moan with pleasure. SHE runs the fingernails of HER free hand up and down the length of my penis, digging them into my balls. i want to tell HER how much i love HER, but have been instructed to remain silent. The pleasure/pain switch moves slightly towards pain. Then I feel HER inserting a third finger. I feel the stretch now and the switch moves ever closer to pain. But then i feel her inserting more lubricant over the fingers and into my body and I know that SHE loves me; worthless as I am.

I can barely feel HER inserting the fourth finger. SHE pauses, and uses more lubricant. Then slowly but steadily SHE pushes HER hand into my anus; stretching, stretching but not tearing, until HER hand is in all the way up to the last knuckles of HER hand. There is very little pleasure now as she stretches my anal opening. SHE pumps HER hand in and out with increasing speed and it is all i can do not to cry out.

Then, blissfully, SHE extracts HER hand slowly, leaving my tortured anus to slowly close up. There is no pleasure, the pain of the clamps and the pegs, but that is bearable. I close my eyes and rest my forehead against the table, only to feel something pushed against my mouth. It is my LADY’S riding crop. SHE has presents it to my mouth so that I might kiss it and I do so, readily, knowing full well what is to come.

SHE moves back behind me and positions HERSELF. I barely hear the swish as the crop descends on my buttocks. Again and again, five, seven, ten, eleven, fifteen, eighteen and then finally, gratefully, the twentieth time. Then it is over.

Now I am weeping openly with the pain. SHE presents the warm crop to my mouth for another kiss of gratitude. Then SHE helps to sit upright and shuffle backwards so that SHE can position HERSELF in front of me. There is HER beautiful cunt before my face, and I do not need to be told what to do……….

Submitted by: Stewart


April 12, 2009

Queen Malaika

Serving Queen Malaika is an honour she has bestowed upon this slave, kneeling at her heavenly feet is without doubt something I find most fulfilling and it gives me a sense of purpose. The mighty Queen is a sight to behold, a single look can render breathless and enslave any man who is fortunate enough to worship at her feet. I have the eviable privilege of being Queen Malaika’s personal slave.. Oh how many men would die for such an honour. When serving her I’m in ecstasy, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my mistress, I am entirely her property, her plaything, her servant… her slave.

I awake every morning in eager anticipation of what my mistress has in store for me. I bathe, put on my slave uniform (a loin cloth and a slave collar with a leash) and prepare my mistress’s breakfast. At 8 am I present myself at the door of my mistress’s room and knock. Upon gaining permission to enter I place the breakfast tray on the bedside table, the tray also contains a freshly picked out flower in a vase to signify my undying devotion to my Queen.

I then kneel at my mistress’s feet in silence awaiting my mistress’s permission to speak. According to Queen Malaika, a slave should remain silent until given permission to speak, failure to obey her commands result in a severe punishment, whipping,caning or an extremely exhausting chore. My Queen fixes me with a look that sends pleasurable shivers down my body “You may speak slave” she says “Good morning my Queen, I hope you had a good night’s sleep?” I reply, “I did, though the same can’t be said for you slave I’m sure, when was the last time I let you loose?” I gaze into the eyes of my mistress, my frustration building, the knowledge that my long imprisonment is a source of entertainment to my Queen only heightens my excitement and pleadingly ask “May I please be granted a release my Queen.It’s been so long since the last time”. The Queen responds with a stinging slap, grasping my hair, she pulls my head back and responds “That is entirely my decision slave, it’s not your place to tell me how long its been”. “I’m.. I’m sorry my Queen,I….. I didn’t m..mean” I stammer. “Silence!” she cuts across my apology “You will be whipped for this later” I shiver with partial fear and also a sense of anticipation at the thought of my Queen standing over me wielding a whip. “Worship my feet slave” my mistress commands, I hasten to obey and set my tongue to work licking My Queen’s gorgeous feet with a passion while she enjoys her breakfast. My Queen throws scraps of food periodically for me, reminding me while I eat them that I’m nothing more than a dog at his mistress feet. After breakfast my mistress dismisses me with the command to wait for her to summon me. I bow low and leave with the breakfast tray.

At 9.30 am I hear the tinkle of the slave bell, I once again present my self at my mistress’s feet while she sets me a list of chores to perform, these chores mainly involve shopping, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring around my Queen etc. Sometimes Queen Malaika is in the mood for some fun she sets me chores like scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush, failure to perform the task up to her satisfaction of course results in punishment.

Sometime Queen Malaika summons me while I’m performing some task and slaps me without reason, she then asks me the reason as to why she slapped me, and when I do she reminds me that I’m her slave, her property, she can do as she pleases with me and needs no reason to punish me. I of course love the power she exerts over me. At around 11 am Queen Malaika gets ready to step out of the house telling me I can rest when I finish my chores until she returns. I finish cooking and cleaning and I return to my slave quarters (the smallest room in the house) awaiting My Queen.

At 1.30 pm my mistress returns with a couple of friends and I’m instantly summoned. To most of my mistress’s acquaintances I’m the manservant, only a select few of my mistress’s closest friends know of my enslavement. The two lady friends of my mistress fully aware of enslavement show no sign of surprise on seeing me wearing only a loin cloth and a collar. Once again I kneel at my mistress feet awaiting her orders. My Queen informs my that her friends will be staying for supper and I am to wait on them until they finish. They take their place while I serve supper and I then take my usual place at my mistress feet. Once they have finished with supper Queen Malaika dismisses me and I’m allowed to have my meal.

At 3 pm I’m again summoned by my mistress, I am ordered to prepare and serve coffee to her and her guest which I do and kneel at my mistress feet in silence while she’s engaged in a conversation with her friends.

At 5.30 pm,the guests leave and my mistress orders me to draw her a bath. Once the bathtub is ready for my mistress she orders me to help her undress, as I do so my excitement knows no bounds and I’m lost in the wonderment at the sight of her majestic body, my Queen senses this and delivers another powerful slap “Stop drooling slave, maybe a few more weeks of being denied would do you good?” I tremble at her words knowing fully well that she means every word. Once undressed Queen Malaika then leads me by my slave leash to the bathtub and steps into it ordering me to bathe her beautiful body. As I lather the back of my Queen with soap I am transported into the realms of pure joy, Queen Malaika fully aware of how much I love bathing her and smiles a knowing smile. Once the bath is done I help my Queen to towel off. She then leads me once again by my slave leash and orders me to massage her body. This is something every slave lives for, I fetch the massage lotions and get to work starting from the mistress’s legs ,working my way upwards to her back, the mistress moans softly and says “You deserve a reward slave, maybe later………”

At exactly 9 pm I serve dinner and again wait on my mistress at her feet, my dinner consists of scraps from her table which she throws for me again reminding me of my dog like situation.

At 10 pm once I’ve done the dishes Queen Malaika summons me to her bedroom. “Its time for your punishment slave” I stiffen at her words “for your insolence this morning you shall receive 25 lashes of the whip” I resign my self to my punishment in silence, Queen Malaika handcuffs me to the side of her bed and cracks the whip, the sound heightening my fear as I lay kneeling on the floor helpless. The first lash lands on my bare back sending a painful stinging sensation, I let out a low cry which only serves to excite my mistress even more,she delivers a severe whipping as I I am overcome with both pain and pleasure. Once the whipping stops, Queen Malaika grasps my hair again pulling it upwards and whispers “Your punishment is by no means done slave,for your shameful drooling while I undressed you deserve 15 strokes from the cane. “At her words I cannot control myself I try begging “Please mistress”, she lands a stroke on my back in response “shut up slave, did I grant you permission to speak?” I fall silent immediately “perhaps 5 strokes extra will help you follow my orders more efficiently”. There is nothing I can do, I helplessly offer my buttocks for caning. The first stroke sends a painful burning sensation up my ass, as the second stroke lands I can’t control my tears and they stream down my face. My Queen is highly aroused by my tears and intensifies my punishment till the last stroke.

Uncuffing me she sits on the bed and lifts my face towards her with her foot.”Did that hurt slave?” she asks “It did my Queen, but if it makes me a better servant to you I’d gladly accept many such punishments” I reply. She smiles at my reply and says “Your night hasn’t ended yet, for the wonderful massage you can lick my ass for 3 minutes” I am overjoyed at her words can barely express my gratitude in words, I manage to stumble out some words of thanks as she lays on her bed lika a true Queen. “Well get to work slave” she says and I press my quivering lips to her heavenly ass. As I lick Queen Malaika’s ass the pain from my punishment seems to evaporate and I’m lost as worship my Queen’s wonderful behind.

“That’s enough slave” her words bring me back to reality and I get back on my knees on the floor. “You may go now slave, make sure you don’t delay with my breakfast tomorrow” She offers me her foot to kiss, which I do submissively, I then bow low and leave the room. As I retire to my room, the aches from the whipping and the stings from the caning return as I reflect on the day that went by. I am extremely proud of being Queen Malaika’s slave, servant and worshipper and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Submitted by: Slave Jack


September 15, 2008

My Cucked Hubby

My name’s Dawn and I’m married to a guy called Sean. About a year ago he confessed to me that he’d always had fantasies of becoming a cuckold. I didn’t know what one was at first. Sean showed me some websites and videos he had of wives basically screwing around and treating their husband like shit. I thought he was mad and told him so. I was a bit upset really and felt a bit awkward around him after that.

Three months passed and we didn’t speak about it again until one night when I was out at a friends dinner party. The were about 30 or so people there and Sean was working late at the office and couldn’t come. There was this one guy who throughout the evening had been looking at across the room at me a lot. He was very good looking and it was my usual reaction to seem disinterested when a guy notices me as I am a married woman. But suddenly a memory popped into my head, I thought about Sean and how he really wanted me to get together with other guys. I laughed to myself and still found it hard to conceive, but instead of ignoring the guy, I exchanged glances and smiles with him. The night went on and eventually he approached me, I decided I would play a little game to see how far I would take it. We chatted, mostly small-talk and the drink flowed. He was called Daniel. He eventually asked me if I’d like to take a walk around the gardens. I accepted and we chatted some more taking in the cool night air. We stopped near a bench at the foot of the house grounds where it was very dark and sat down. It was then he leant over me and kissed me. I was feeling very brave from my alcohol consumption and a little turned-on by now. I returned his kiss with vigour. We sat snogging like teenagers, exploring each others mouths and entwining our tongues. This was very nice I thought, I hadn’t been kissed like that in a long time. His hands were all over me, reaching up my top and across my bra. I was literally tingling with delight.

I suddenly felt him stiffen and stop while holding my hand. He looked down and felt my third finger “Are you married?” he said. I didn’t know what to say and felt very embarrassed. “Yes” I replied but followed up quickly with a “But my husband is fine with all this!” He looked at me like I’d just asked him if I could shave his hair off and immediately withdrew. “I’m sorry, but this is not right.” he said. He got up and went back to the house. I was left feeling very stupid and I suddenly worried that he might go tell my friends. I gave it 5 minutes and went back to the party. I saw the host Karen and her husband. She seemed fine with me and even asked if I saw when Daniel went. I told her we were chatting but I didn’t know where he was now. I didn’t see him again that evening and left feeling a bit sick and nervous.

Over the next few weeks I thought long and hard about what had happened and began to feel fine about it, even glad that I did it. Me and Sean had another cuckold conversation, this time I was more responsive to what he was saying and I think he was shocked I was listening and taking it all in. He told me of a friend he once knew at college. He once went round to this friend’s parents house and was introduced to his Mum, his Dad and ‘Johnny’. Thinking Johnny was a family friend he thought nothing more of it. One night he stayed over at his friends house and noticed Johnny was there and as he understood was also staying the night. His Mum, Dad and Johnny had headed upstairs to bed about an hour before Sean and his friend decided to call it a night. Sean went upstairs and went into one of the guest bedrooms he thought he was staying in and was a little surprised to find his friends’ Dad asleep alone in the bed. Sean now thought he was going to have to have to sleep on the floor or couch or something as Johnny must have the other guest room. Sean was a little annoyed, he went to his friend’s room to ask what the hell was going on with the sleeping arrangements. He friend looked awkward and said “No it’s fine Sean, the other guest room is free…. Johnny’s in with Mum.” Well needless to say Sean spent the nearly the whole night grilling his friend about his parent’s ’situation’. His friend told him basically his Dad loved his Mum and wanted her to be happy more than anything in the world and part of that happiness meant being intimate with ‘other men’ rather than his Father.

After that night he found he was fascinated with the idea and made excuses to go round as often as possible. He became good friends with the parents and Johnny and loved the idea of their lifestyle. There were sometimes other men round and sometimes his friend’s Mum would go out without her husband and usually be picked up in a car outside by a stranger. Sometimes Sean would stay over and in the morning over breakfast, she would come in from a night out. I think they were glad Sean approved and wasn’t judgmental of their lifestyle.

He was very upset a couple of years later when they moved out of state and found he was often left thinking about them and having fantasies of his own based around their situation.

I listened to Sean intensely and found I was very feeling very worked up and flushed at this story myself. I chose not to tell him about the party and Daniel and we really left the conversation positively.

Over the next few months the thoughts were swimming around my head, I found I was masturbating more when Sean was at work. Feeling more sexy in general, thinking about men finding me attractive. I brought myself a few toys of the Internet and every so often I’d look at a cuckold forum, website or Yahoo group on the subject. There were wives posting messages to meet other guys. Sometimes there were husbands posting messages to ask men to come and have sex with their wives. I couldn’t believe how much of this was actually going on. I was starting to get into it and thinking about it more and more.

One night over dinner with Sean I brought the subject up. “So, this cuckold thing Sean? You’d be happy if I became more dominant in our relationship?” he looked at me with excitable eyes and nodded. “And you’d be happy for me to have sex with whoever I like?” again he nodded “You’d also be happy if I deprived you of sex in favor of other men?” He didn’t answer this time but had stopped eating and was looking at me intensely. I was starting to enjoy the conversation “What about if I made you do things? What if I humiliated you in front of other guys?” He got up “Oh Dawn, you’re making me so hot!” he went to kiss me, I immediately pushed him away. “No, no, no! you’re not allowed to touch me without permission.” I teased and walked away leaving him all hot and bothered.

The next few weeks were filled with similar games. I wouldn’t let him touch me sexually. I forbid him from masturbating as well. I stopped making his meals. I made him sleep in the spare room. I started giving him things to do, like domestic chores, cleaning the house and doing my ironing. He was loving the new game and so was I.

It wasn’t too long before he confessed that he was desperate to cum. He hadn’t had sex with me for a month and was fit to burst. He said he was walking around every day with a permanent stiffy. I had an idea, I got him to fix us both a salad one lunchtime. When he’d prepared it, I made him watch while I ate mine first. When I finished I asked him if he still felt sexually frustrated, he said he was finding it very hard. “So what if I give you a little hand relief before your lunch?” He immediately looked keen. I stood him up, told him to close his eyes and undid his trousers and slowly started to rub his cock. He was moaning his thanks to me. I told him to let me know when he was about to cum. He didn’t take long, about 2 minutes later he gasped he was cumming, I immediately placed his plate of salad under his jerking cock. He tensed and released stream after stream of a months worth of saved up cum across his lunch. The lettuce and egg salad got the most of it, there was a hell of a lot of it. I placed the plate back down and pulled a napkin from the table. I asked him to open his eyes while I made out I was cleaning his cum off my hands. He thanked me again and said he felt so relieved after that. I then told him to sit down and eat his lunch. I sat opposite and watched him. He certainly didn’t notice by the look of it as he already had a lot of salad dressing on it. I put my fingers in my panties as I watched him eat. It was so hot to see him eat his own cum. He did look a bit funny as he was chewing, like there was a strange taste but said nothing. When he was half done I just said “Are you enjoying that?” he nodded with his mouth full. “Do you enjoy eating your own cum?” he stopped dead and looked at me. “I thought you’d like a little extra dressing on it. Now eat up like a good boy. You’re going to have to get used to that taste. Every time you feel like relieving yourself it must be in my supervision and only onto the food you eat.” He gasped “Wow Dawn, this is fucking great. I’m loving the new you!”. I looked at him bored “Well I don’t care either way, in fact I’m really enjoying this new role too, having less to do and getting you to do these things. I’m going to enjoy myself and it’s for me and if you get off on it fine.” Sean looked confused like he didn’t know if I was role-playing or what, he looked nervous as well, like he’d brought out the devil in me. I think he had.

It took me four weeks to find another man to fuck. A couple of weeks before I placed an ad on one of the Yahoo groups I frequented. I put a body shot picture up and got over 100 responses. One of the replies was from a black guy who happened to live in a neighbouring town. After emails flying back and forth (he called himself Big Mac - ;) ), explaining my situation. I agreed to meet him for a coffee, first on neutral ground and when I was sure he was ok and the man for me I asked him to call round for me the following evening when Sean would be home.

The night came and I felt sick with excitement. I’d got Sean to make me a lovely meal and buy some special champagne which I explained was for later. He looked excited. Then the door bell went. He looked at me, like he was thinking who the hell was that. He went to answer and I heard Mac’s voice saying he was invited, I called into the hallway “Oh let him in Sean, he’s a good friend.” Sean came back into the room with Mac looking very confused. I looked at him and said “This is Mac, he’ll be fucking me tonight Sean, now go and open that champagne for us will you.” I could see an instant erection in Sean’s trousers, he looked like he was completely knocked for six. He just went straight out and poured us some champagne. I told him to sit on the other side of the room while I sat on the sofa with Mac, who was completely relaxed and acted like this was a regular thing for him. I got cosy with Mac and we drunk our champagne and chatted generally. I kept glancing over at Sean and he was visibly sweating. “Hey, darling” I said “Don’t worry, this is what you always wanted isn’t it?” He nodded, not that convincingly. I met his eyes “Well as I said before that doesn’t matter to me now, this is what I want!” and with that I put my champagne glass down and leaned forward and kissed Mac. He responded fast and pushed me back kissing me hard and feeling my legs and breasts. He then paused and pulled my t-shirt over my head, I reached round and unclasped my bra. My breasts fell onto him and felt amazing naked against that mans foreign dark skin. I pushed him back, undid his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled out a monster cock. It was doubled over in his trousers but free from restraint it was massive. I got to work with my tongue and mouth and it grew even further. I glanced at Sean and he was rubbing himself through his trousers. I stopped and immediately told him that he was going to get a major punishment for that. He stopped and looked even more uncomfortable. I got back to sucking Mac, he looked over at Sean and said “You like seeing your wife sucking on some black cock yeah?” Sean didn’t respond. “Well you know what I’m gonna do now? huh? I’m going to take that white pussy and make it mine.” and with that pushed me to the floor and flipped me over onto my knees, roughly pulled my panties down and slid his cock into my cunt. I was in heaven, I’d never known it so deep. Every stroke was sending the most amazing tingling feelings from my pussy to my head. I was cumming big style. A few minutes later in a state of delirium I was aware of Mac grunting “There you go baby, have some of that. Hey fellow, I’m filling your wife right up. Every time you taste her pussy for the next month, you’re gonna taste my cock.” and with one final gasp he fell back on the sofa.

I was still shiivering with desire, coated in sweat and looked over at Sean, he looked like he’d died and gone to heaven, looking on and seeing his wife having just been fucked good and proper by a black man, the ultimate cuckold fantasy. Well I hadn’t finished with his fantasy come true just yet. I saw one of the champagne glasses just beside my knee. I picked it up and placed it under my pussy. I pushed with my muscles and managed to squeeze out three massive globules of cum. The cum dripped down the side of the glass and came to rest of the top of the alcohol. I gave it a little shake and it frothed up. I got up and gave it to Sean. “Here you go, let’s toast your new cuckold status.” I watched as he drunk it all down “Now Sean I want you to go upstairs to my bedroom and lay out your Armani suit on my bed. Then you can get to bed yourself in the spare room. Me and Mac are going to be having some fun tonight. I want you to wear that suit for work tomorrow. I’ll make sure you’ll get to see lots of messy evidence on it throughout the day tomorrow. Let’s hope no one notices.” I kissed him on the cheek and felt fantastic. What a great new life this was going to be, what fun I was going to have and how lucky I was to have Sean as a husband who would be behind me (well underneath me) all the way.

Author - Trash


November 18, 2007

Black Woman Pleaser

I am a white male but I always wanted to serve a group of black women oraly . And eat all their pussies after they piss in my mouth while on the rag. And lick their clit and have them cum in my mouth. I love eating pussy and a group of black women demand I eat their pussy and drink their piss would be great. Pussy is great ant the aroma only enhances the taste.

Submitted by: Larry


October 28, 2006

Forced Femdom

The Analysis of A Forced Femdom Story - Jackson’s War

Jackson’s war is a forced femdom story written by frankg. It tells a story in which Jackson was captured by a sexy female interrogator. He tries to resist and is tortured using cruel and unusual methods. We shall try to analyze the plots of the story so that you will get a understanding why submissive males normally are turned on when reading this story.

Normally, a submissive male starts to get a faster heart beat after reading the following paragraphs:

Jackson woke up with a spotlight in his eyes, blinding him to all but the light. He tried to move but found he was tied down in a chair. His head throbbed with every motion. He ignored the pain and tried to survey his surroundings. It was useless. He was tied firm and the light was just too bright.
“Are you comfortable?” a voice from behind him asked.
Jackson’s heart lept. It was a woman’s voice. It was mysterious, soft, sexy, and very frightening all at the same time. He heard the distinct clicking of a woman’s high heels on the floor approach him. She reached out and grabbed his hair pulling his head back into a painful position. Her angelic face came into view just as she was saying, “I asked if you were comfortable!”

What could happen next? Jackson is captured and he is captured by a female with a mysterious, soft, and sexy voice. Then, the submissive male’s heart beat goes faster,

She had dark hair that cascaded in soft waves effortlessly across her shoulders. Her skin was tanned and porcelain smooth. Her cheeks were high and seductively defined. Her eyes were a hazel green color and burned a hole right through Jackson’s heart. Her mouth was perfectly formed and her lips made Jackson want to pull her in tight and give her a long, deep, passionate kiss.

She grit and bared her teeth as she pulled back even harder on Jackson’s hair. He couldn’t help but to moan out in protest.

She is beautiful and sexy… and any male would like to get close to her… and be with her… and possibly pursue her and to have sex with her…. yet she is also very dangerous…

As Jackson refuses to answer her questions,

She struck out with a front kick to Jackson’s sternum, knocking him, and the chair he was tied to, to the floor…. …


His sentence was cut short by a soccer style kick to his temple. Jackson was immediately knocked out. … …

He heard the sound of high heels clicking on the floor as they approached. Jackson counted the steps as he waited, almost holding his breath. A silken hand reached out and grasped his throat. It was soft and warm and smelled of roses but none of that mattered as it started to squeeze and crush his trachea.

“Are you a little more willing to talk now my little soldier boy?” The voice was soft and sweet but it held an undertone of pure wickedness that made Jackson feel alone and small. … …

Actions of kicking with high heels or boots are always a turn on for submissive males. Submissive males normally not only have a fetish to high heel shoes or boots, they also fantasize the sexy legs of females… the action of kicking involves both… it’s sexy yet powerful… maybe in the action of the kicking, the submissive male could fantasize in getting a glimpse of the female vagina area…

“You’re just so determined to be a brave little soldier aren’t you?” she asked. “That’s perfect! I love to break a strong, willful man.”

She released Jackson’s throat as he took in a deep breath and began to cough. She laughed at his reaction. She circled the table slowly always touching Jackson with one hand.
“You’re body is strong. I can feel your muscles even under your uniform.” She said.
“Why don’t we take a closer look at those muscles?” she said playfully.

Jackson heard the unmistakable sound of a K-Bar being pulled from its sheath. He stiffened in anticipation. She held the knife over Jackson’s face twisting and turning it as she did. The blade was polished silver and reflected even more of the harsh light into his eyes. She slid the tip of the blade down his chin and across his throat. It slid effortlessly under the collar of his OD shirt and even more easily popped the first button from the thread that held it in place. The second and third were as smooth and easy as the first. She continued down his torso slicing each button cleanly off until they were all gone, dancing across the floor as they fell. She dragged the blade back up his torso and held the tip right at the dimple at the base of his throat below his Adam’s apple. She pressed it in just enough not to break the skin. She leaned in, letting her hair fall over Jackson’s face. He tried to resist inhaling the intoxicating aroma but it was futile. She whispered into his ear as she twisted the tip of the cold steel blade.
“I could kill you now with just a flick of my wrist.”
She slowly pulled away purposefully letting her hair tickle his face as she drew back to a standing position.
“Oh my.” She said. “You really are a strong one.”
Jackson’s body was young and strong. He made an effort to keep his physique as trim and lean as possible. Every muscle on his body rippled as he strained against the straps that held him down.
“Are you as well built down here?” she asked playfully as she jabbed the blade into his groin.
Jackson let out a startled yelp even though she stopped short of causing any real pain.
“Oh don’t worry, I’ll be paying very special attention to it before I’m done with you.” She said with a seductively evil tone.

Now she is using a knife… she is sexy and seductive…and she speaks in a seductive evil tone… She will pay special attention to Jackson’s groin area… and what will she do? Will Jackson have to chance to get close to her? Opposite sex attracts… and She has the absolute control… Will Jackson be able to touch her and even to have… with her?

… …

“Well,” she started, “You’ll make the misses a very happy woman.” She paused as she used the tip of the blade to lift his penis into the air. “If I let you keep it that is.”
Suddenly she jabbed the tip of the knife into Jackson’s thigh. He screamed out in pain. She seductively opened her mouth and inhaled deeply as she cut a 4-inch long gash in his leg. The blood flowed freely. It was warm and thick as it made its way down his thigh and unto the table. Jackson trashed wildly under his restraints.

She is sexy yet dangerous… she likes his manhood… but … she jabbed Jackson in his thigh… as she does this, she is yet still very seductive and sexy… Jackson is so lucky to be with such a sexy and beautiful female interrogator… and he has the opportunity to be close with her… Of course the pain is to the extreme and Jackson is with rage… but she says…

“Oh come on now, I think in a different place and time, you would fall in love with me.” She said with a smile.
Jackson clinched his teeth so tightly that his face trembled with rage.
“That’s right,” She started. “Hate me! Hate me with a passion so strong that you want to kill me! It’ll make my job so much more fun!”
She laughed at him as she pulled away and started back in on the suturing of his leg.

Yes, she is absolutely correct. In a different place and time, Jackson would fall in love with her. To a male submissive, he would fall in love with her even in a situation like this because a male submissive likes sexy yet dangerous woman. She is cruel yet beautiful…

The analysis ends here, but the story does not. The story continues with Jackson’s rage and the woman’s cruel methods of torture and domination. This is one of the best stories we have ever seen, and thank you for the author for writing such an excellent story.

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September 11, 2006

My Australian Goddess

I walk into your house and you are wearing black pair of stockings, garters, thong and push up bra. you see my hardon pop up in seconds. you smile and say to me: “You weak fucking bitch. I can fuck you over in so many ways and you keep coming back for more because you and your cock crave the way I humiliate you and let you know that you are my inferior.” You walk toward me and smile as you squeeze my balls, hard!! I moan and jump a little as you laugh and say: “mmmm take it bitch, take that pain…..its good for you.” I take it as you squeeze my balls and laugh.

You finally let go and push me onto the bed…then you grab my hair and pull my head to your pillow. Once there, you cuff me to your bed and you sit on my face, wiggling your sexy ass on it as you order me to rim you. I start licking all over your asshole as you rub your pussy and feel my wet tongue on your asshole, wiggling in circles over your tight, hot ass. My cock and balls are throbbing as I am forced to submit to getting you off first. I lick your asshole until you tell me to stiffen my tongue up….and when I do you lower your pussy onto it so I can taste your pussy too.

I start moaning as you fuck my tongue….pumping and grinding on my wet face as you get yourself off on my whimpering, slobbering tongue. your pussy muscles start clutching my tongue as my face moves up to meet your downward moving pussy. we now move in unison as your pussy juices, ass taste and my saliva all join for an intoxication mixture. I feel you begin to tremble on my face and then you start screaming as your moisture pours out and onto me. I am lapping it all up as you moan like an animal….feeling my probing wet tongue between your thighs and over your thighs. You finally lift up and sit on my stomach.

You are still shaking from your orgasm as you look at me and say: “I’m not going to touch your fucking cock. That is your punishment for not eating my ass and pussy every day.”

You sit there smiling as you watch my frustrated eyes from my cock throbbing. You say to me “What’s the matter Rob? Is your dick hurting and aching for me? Do you need me and my beautiful pussy? Do you need my ass and tits? Do you need * pause* my feet?” With that you stick your feet on my face and order me to lick them. I start licking on your feet…whatever you put on my mouth. Your toes, your heel, your arches, your bottoms….whatever it is….I lick it. Devouring your sexy feet as my cock and balls throb in pain.
You keep moaning as I lick your feet. Moaning, yet you keep calling me bitch and telling me to beg for more. I alternate my pleases with licks as I follow your order.

Finally you pull your feet away and uncuff me. “Jack off,” you order. I start to beat off in front of you as you watch me. You watch my thrusting hand wrapped around my cock….my cock head soaking wet as I build toward cumming. You time it just right and as I am about to release you put your hands out and catch my cum in the palms of your hand….. so thick, white, hot and creamy. You smile as squirt after squirt lands in your hands.

Once I stop squirting cum, you smile with an evil glint in your eye. “Get on all fours” you whisper to me. I get on all fours. You whisper: “very good bitch… and now you are going to be my horse and eat cum from your Goddesses hands…. just like a real hose eats sugar cubes.” You have me on top of your bed on all four and you are standing on the floor next and you put your cupped right hand under my mouth and say: ‘Eat it horsie.’ I move my mouth and tongue into my own sticky mess in your beautiful hand and licking it clean for you. Then you move your left hand under and say “Cntinue.” I repeat and lick my cum from your hand….all of it. My entire load now in my own stomach, throat and lips. You say: “Good horse” as you push me onto my back and tell me to tongue fuck your ass now. I start to tongue fuck your ass as you push yourself onto my face and finger your pussy until you cum again.

Finally you lay there and take your panties from the floor and make me put them on. I do as you order and then you tell me to wash your dishes as you take my credit card from me and order 5 new matching sets of panties and bras from Victoria Secrets over the phone. I can hear you laughing from the next room as you tell the woman taking the order.

Submitted by: Rob


March 6, 2006


She smiled, indulging in the cracking sound of flesh against stone. He’d been bad, she knew that, seen it with her very own eyes, deliberately fondling another in front of her. She knew he wouldn’t understand the root of her anger, she never showed him that side of her before but tonight was different, tonight, and he needed to be taught.

“W-what was that for?” his voice held the slight quiver of a scared rabbit.

“Who was that?” she jerked her chin in the general direction of the other room where she’d pulled him from, her eyes furiously gazing at him, “And prey tell, What did you think you were doing?”

“T-that… T-t-t-… Mistress, I….” The feeble voice trailed off into nothingness and he bowed his head.

“I’m jealous boy, and I don’t like feeling jealous. Now you will tell me who that filthy little whore you had your hands all over was.” She tapped her foot, her hands clenching and opening.

“I… Mistress….”


He shook, his brown eyes turning up to look into hers’, holding something akin to true fear, “That was baby Ma’am. She’s… she said… that….”

“So a new little cunt walks into your life and you think you can neglect the collar that you wear about your neck and DISSOBEY direct orders given to you? I thought I taught you better than that.”

Jerking back against the wall he looked small, shaking her head she reached down picking up her duffle bag.


“Don’t say another word, you will follow me, be silent and not look at anyone into the next room. Is that clear?”

He nodded and bowed his head, shivering. She knew he loved it when she was forceful in her commands, in fact that’s what she loved about him, his willingness to submit to her; but now it was different. The anger boiled deep within her. He directly disobeyed her commands for when they went out. He did not ask permission, even though he knew she would not grant it. This time her words held a bit of ice instead of the stern love they usually did. She hoped he could feel it.

Turning she walked with a purpose into the room from which they came, the walls strewn with chains and whips, pictures of naked woman and men leashed and on their knees. The dungeon of the local club held a casual atmosphere that most did not have.

Stopping in the middle of the room she let her eyes wonder around, passing over the couples walking about. She was trying to judge the best possible place to take him, somewhere that he could be chained for all to see, and see everything not just the back or front. That was the hardest part. Shaking her head a little she tilted her head up and smiled as she caught sight of the suspender bar just above her. Quickly her smile changed to one of dark pleasure. They would be perfect; it was in the middle of the room and light enough to draw everyone’s attention.

“Stop here boy.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He halted behind her. Then he gasped a little as he once again realized that he broke another command.

“I shall let that slid this time boy. Remember I want you silent, and if you do not comply, I will take out the gag.”

The shiver ran through his body so visibly that a near by Dominate stopped tilting his head. He sauntered forward a bit and paused so that he stood right beside her. Looking over her boy he whispered just barely into her ear… “Why Mistress Red, young Wallace looks ghastly afraid.”

“By rights he should, Master Robert.” She couldn’t help but grace him with a smile.

Master Robert was well noted as one of the most sadistic yet gentle dominates that frequented the club. His hand could wield such pain or pleasure as one might want, ultimately turning the most horrible submissive into the most beautiful songstress they have ever heard. She hopped that he would be staying long enough to watch.

“Oh and what has he done?” Master Robert spoke louder so that Wallace could hear, making sure to place a small glance in his direction.

“Broken the cardinal command given to him when we come to these dungeon functions.”

“Oh heavens. I do hope you plan on administering something here.”

“Yes, of course, I must teach the boy, and for that I must do it here, where the command was broken. A private punishment would do nothing.”

He smiled at her then, lifting a finger to trace her right ivory cheek, then smooth back a stray auburn tress, “Hmm yes, and might I add you look lovely this evening.”

“Thank you,” her smile graced him again as he turned to walk back to his sub, a lovely girl with manners and a mind like a hawk.

Letting her smile fade away she turned back to him, narrowing her eyes, “Leesha.”

He groaned, there in public, groaned, it infuriated her more, causing her to reach out and slap his face soundly catching everyone’s attention.

“You dare to humiliate me, in front of my friends boy? I gave you a command and I expect You to do it. NOW LEESHA!”

Startled he dropped to the ground, moving on hands and knees forward to her. Once right at her feet he rocked back to rest his butt on his heels, placing his palms on his thighs. Raising his chin up so that his collar was exposed to her the metal d-ring shining in the half-light.

Before she could turn and grab her duffle she heard a feather light whisper, “Ma’am, Master sent me over to help you in anyway possible.” It was Master Robert’s little one, beautiful in her black leather collar and slave bells. Smiling she reached over and caressed a cheek.

“Thank you little one, please could you get me the nylon leash from my duffle.”

She watched as the girl dipped then kneeled next to the duffle, carefully unzipping it. After a short rummage she arose with the item.

Grabbing it Mistress Red turned around and snapped it into place, pulling Wallace’s face toward her own, “Are you prepared for the punishment, or do you want to beg for my forgiveness?”

His eyes turned up to hers with a whimper he moved forward even more. She let out an exasperated sigh and growled, “SPEAK”

“M-Mistress, please, forgive this one, he did not mean to anger or disobey…” “What a pathetic excuse, do you really think me to believe that you did not want to fondle and fuck that little slut?”

“M-Mistress…I…. didn’t mean to disobey—-”

“But you completely forgot the rules I gave you before leaving the house tonight right. Boy you must learn that the rules I set forth are for your benefit. Did you even consider coming to ask me?”

He bowed his head ashamed for the first time tonight, “No Mistress, this one didn’t.”

“Then I believe your begging is over with boy.”

Wallace raised his eyes to her again; staring back she did not show him any mercy or forgiveness. It was time he learned what a true bitch she could be, by the end of tonight she was certain he wasn’t going to be putting his hands on anything that they didn’t belong on.

“Stand boy.” Yanking hard on his leash she brought him to his feet, his eyes watering a little from the loss of air for a moment. “Melinda, please hold this for me.” She gave the end of the leash to Master Robert’s sub and walked around behind Wallace, grabbing his hair pulling his head backwards. “I want you to feel every once of hate I have in me tonight, I want you screaming out for your own life. Maybe then I will consider bringing you along with me again on an outing. Do I make myself perfectly clear boy? Answer.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Releasing his hair she grabs his arms pulling them above his head with such force that it causes him to rock on his feet and whimper a bit. With a glance Master Robert stride forward lowering the suspender bar down, and offers over a pair of wrist restraints from her bag. Smiling evilly she takes them up, strapping them in place. Wallace’s continued whimpering a drum beat to fuel her anger.

“Will you help me lock him in place?” He question didn’t need to be asked, Master Robert was already locking his fingers around one of the boy’s wrists, slowly bringing it to the bar and attaching him, she doing the same with the other. Quietly she steps back gazing up. “Thank you Master Robert.”


“Milinda you may drop the leash. Thank you, you can go sit with your Master now.”

“A pleasure to serve you Ma’am.”

As the girl drops back into the shadows, Mistress Red turns her dark eyes upon her boy, taking in his body from stern to tail, the leather harness giving no hiding places to his naked body. She liked the way he looked in it, trim and cut well almost like an Adonis at the right times. She could hardly image him disobeying her at the club, but he had and now, now she had to figure out what to do with him.

Tapping her bottom lip with her index finger she turns and walks to her duffle, grabbing up her crop, “Now boy, the thing is, pain is your forte, so it’s hard for me to find something that would ring the truth of the punishment in.”

Wallace muffled a snort of laughter, which caused her to spin around and flex the crop. Whizzing through the air in landed with a resounding whap, across his skin.


She growled low in her throat and let out three more whaps against his sides, driving the pain of the first away with harder strokes. “What did I say boy” the fourth stroke came down over his semi-stiff cock, which drew forth a loud scream from him. “Tell me what I commanded of you! Now boy.” The fifth and sixth came down swiftly licking his balls with a harsh whapping sound.

“I… ow…. Was ….OW… not to speak, Mi-sssssssssss-tress.” The last came out with a hiss as the seventh stroke landed across his chest.

“And what are you doing? Answer now!” An eighth stroke snapped across his face, just barely missing his left eye.

“Speaking, Mistress.” His knees buckled and he hung from the bar by his wrists.

“Do you want me to gag you boy? Or will you refrain from your screaming?” she looked at him closely, her eyes taking in his form and the nice red welts rising from his penis and balls.

He didn’t answer, so she took that as a yes and glided back to her duffle. Reaching in she took out her favorite gag to use on him. It was a little wonderful leather device; light enough to not bite into the sides of ones mouth, but heavy enough to muffle the screams. The best feature on this gag though was the miniature dildo that was attached were the ball would be. It filled the whole mouth so that the person could not possibly slip the gag off.

Turning she showed it to him, allowing him to speak one last time and decline the use of the gag, but he stayed silent and that was the only answer she needed as she sauntered around behind him.

Yanking on his hair again, pulling his head back so as she could just slide the mouth piece between his lips and lock it down. Securing it with the tiny silver lock she coos, stroking his forehead. Leaning in she lets her breath just tickle his ear, “You know boy, this all could have been avoided if you learned to keep your hands off of the first available Punta that smiled at you.”

Shoving his head forward she rakes her nails down his back, hearing him try to shriek against the gag, laughing as she watches a little tiny blood droplet form. Striding back to her duffle she bends into the task of setting out her toys, with intent to make him learn obedience.

When each instrument is lain out with proper care, her hands slowly moves over them, her fingers caressing the leather, latex and metal, her mind getting a mental picture of the boy with each being applied to him. Before long, her fingers stop, lying over the bulldog clamps. Tiny things they are, they pack a powerful bite, with teeth that dig into the skin.

Picking them up she turns to her boy, eyeing him with a slow careful glance, her dark smile grew. Stepping to him she raises the clamps before his eyes, the small chain dangling from her fingers, her lips once more caressing his ears, “Mmm you like these don’t you boy?” She felt his nod against her shoulder. Smiling more her fingers draw open one clamp, letting the teeth graze against his already puckered nipple, “Oh you would like them there wouldn’t you?” again his nod of confirmation, his breath steadily gaining speed behind the leather. Carefully she tails the teeth down over his chest and then belly, “But boy, that’s not where they’re going… Would you like to know where they are going?” they were over his penis now, and still moving down around it. His gulp was audible to everyone. With a snap the clamp caught his tender right ball and latched into place making him jerk against his restraints and let out the most muffled scream she’s ever heard.

Quickly reaching down she latches the other to his left ball, her eyes never leaving his face. He jerked again and struggled whipping his body against the leather cuffs, his legs trying to close and brush off the little instruments of pain. To no avail though, because the more he struggled to get them off the tighter they became.

Grinning her hands reach behind her and pull up the slapper. Deftly she applies five good whaps to his balls, hitting the clamps without thought, watching him writhe, his face white with pain. Five slaps later she exchanged the instrument for another, a long rod with a glass ball at the end.

Again she showed it to him, watching his eyes widen with fear as to where she was going to apply it. This was his favorite toy as well, now it was going to be used to teach him, she liked the irony. Flicking the switch, the humming filled a now totally silent room. Waving it before his eyes once more she brings it down to run just barely over his belly, “You like this don’t you boy?”

He nodded but with a muffled sound that could have been a yes.

Stepping away from him she lets the wand glide over his belly, letting it stimulate him before lifting it away and bringing it down on his balls. The shock the wand sent coursed through his body very visibly causing him to scream out against the gag, balling his hands into fists. She could not have wanted a better reaction.

“Is it your favorite still boy?” her words held a hot edge of malice. She watched his head nod a yes, and again she applied the glass ball to his calls, catching this time the clamps there.

Pain racked through his eyes, and his legs clamped shut on her, causing the wand to press hard and jolt him again and again. Growling she pulls the toy back to her, switching it off, setting it down. In one step she was there, her hand pulling his head back her breath hot and angry.

“Open those legs boy.” He didn’t move, his breath was erratic against the gag, his eyes white around the edges, “DO as your told boy or else.” He whimpered, shaking his head pulling his own hair tighter and tighter in her grasp.

Snarling she tossed him aside, letting him slump in his cuffs. Angrily she strides to the wall, taking up two more restraints big enough to fit on his ankles. Gesturing to Master Robert, they both walk to Wallace.

“Open your legs.” Waiting with no response, Mistress Red kicked them open, getting a violent pleasure out of it. Once they are properly spread she and Master Robert secure him to the floor eyebolts.

Stepping back she’s surveys her boy spread eagle in the semi-darkness of the play dungeon, his balls a nice red, his face tear streaked and frightened. Tapping her lip once more her mind races for different ideas.

Touching the little weight set she has… tracing her fingers over the cool metal she takes up the hundred gram, putting a little hook in it, she walks to him, kneeling. Raising his penis out of the way she hands the weight squarely from the middle of the chain, cooing as he hisses behind the gag. Standing she goes back to the table.

Each moment that went by she could hear him breathing, heavily against the gag, it was loud in the still silent room, she felt the eyes of the other dungeon goers on her back, wondering what she would do next. It wasn’t easy to administer a public punishment, to judge what would get peoples attention and what would make them turn away. She didn’t want to offend anyone, but she did want to drive home the reason. Sighing slightly she reached out and picked up the four foot whip.

Caressing its black braided surface she turned, fixing her eyes into an angry gaze upon him, “You don’t like this do you boy?”

His reaction was clear as day, the way his body jerked back, the creak of the leather, the white starting to rim around his eyes. She sighed and tapped it upon the palm of her hand, continuing to watch and she strode behind him.

Her fingers just barely grazed his back. She took three steps back and judged the distance; her eyes took in the weight hanging the angle he was leaning to, everything… Raising the whip she flicked her wrist slightly feeling the tail whiz through the air and the soft crack against his flesh.

“maaah” was all you could hear from behind the gag. She shook her head and again raised the whip.

Stroke number two landed nicely, sounder than the first, leaving a bright red line horizontally across his skin. Relishing in the second groan he produced she flicked her wrist three more times in a row, leaving nothing to keep him from feeling the pain. She closed her eyes briefly as she let the last lash fall. Six was enough to have him limp forward, the weight handing from his testicals swinging painfully.

Walking around to his front, she used the butt of the whip to lift his chin. The tears spilled down his cheeks, making him almost look innocent. It got to her, she wondered briefly if she should stop, wondered if she was driving it home a little too much but then shook her head, her auburn locks falling into her brown eyes.

“No boy. You and I both know that I cannot stop,” her whisper was for him only, she saw his slight nod and his eyes start to have a soft determination in them. “I’m very sorry for it hurts me a lot more than it is hurting you.”

Turning away she picks up the feather, bringing it forward running it all along his chest, watching him buckle with laughter. Keeping up her torture she reaches around and picks up a very small whip, and starts to lash it across his torso and thighs, pleased in hearing his choking gasping screams behind his gag.

For fifteen minutes she kept up the on slot… watching him like a hawk, the turn of his body, every minute twist to get away from either instrument. She made sure that her whip never landed on a vital area of his body, that she didn’t hurt him too badly. Each stroke puckered up along his skin. She watched, as his front became a latticework or red stripes.

Slowing to a stop she sets the feather aside, taking a good look at his face, the tear streaks and pain evident. She flicks him two more times before setting the little whip down. Striding to her toy table again she takes up the serrated blade.

Lifting it to the light she admires the shine. He cared for the blade, he cleaned it daily, making sure it was in top shape and sharp enough to give him the right amount of sting. Twisting it in the light she sighs, turning to him. Steadily walking forward she rests the cool metal against his reddened flesh, just drawing the tip down just barely touching him.

Circling about him, she lets the blade bit deeper, the sharp tip digging in and drawing out a chorus of hisses. Every time his body jerked back she draw the blade a little deeper, watching with interest at the tiny droplets forming along the line left from her blade.

Just as she reached his back a soft moan comes from the crowd, causing her to take her attention away from her boy, and fall directly upon a girl. Fair complexion, her sun yellow hair pulled into little pigtails. Dressed in a baby doll outfit of sheer pink, she looked radiant. Perky breasts, lush red lips, and eyes of the deepest blue; she was gorgeous, and at that moment she was fingering herself.

Another soft moan escaped those lips of hers. Mistress Red could not believe it; in the midst of her punishment someone was getting delight, this someone rudely interrupting her.

“Ahem,” she cleared her throat, watching as the girl started and gazed up from below her painted lashes. The blush crept from her cheeks down over the tops of her breasts making her utterly beautiful.

Behind her the moan of her boy made her note that the girl was new, growling deeply she twisted his face around to make him look, “Is that the little cunt.”

His nod was all she needed, letting go of his face she slashed out, feeling the blade dig deeply into his back, from shoulder to the middle of the back she went, her eyes focused and furious. The girl had returned to her loud wet noises, fueling another slash across his back, this one criss-crossing.

“See what this little bitch does to you boy, feel what she is doing to you,” snarling it out she slashed straight downward, not listening to his screams, nor feeling the slickness of his blood, “Do you really want her? Do you really want to feel this every time you touch her?”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” the girls’ orgasm rained down upon the stunned silence, and as the boy fell limp against his bindings, the weight swung in a soft crescendo, only to stop as well and fall dead as well.

Slipping around to the front of him she lifts his chin watching as his eyes flicker open, landing on the bloody knife, a distinctive shiver courses through him behind her fingertips. He was starting to bruise, and the intricate web of cuts and lashes made his handsome figure look like a tormented soul from hell.

Reaching up she quickly releases the bindings watching him fall to his knees before her. Deftly she takes off the gag, and allows him to get his voice back before delicately whispering, “Now boy, tell me what I ordered you to do this morning.”

“I was got dress in my best attire, be on my best behavior, and come to the club with you. I was to be kind and courteous, and above all I was not to touch another submissive or dominate.”

“Very good,” She looked down and inspected the cuts. They weren’t deep enough to need stitches; in fact they were already starting to scab up. She was proud of her work, he had the point driven home to him, but one thing remained, “And boy, what do you do if you really want to play with someone?”

“Ask first Mistress,” his whisper was monotone.

“Turn on your knees and look at the slut you admired so earlier. Look at how she touched herself during your pain. Look hard sub and study. Gaze at everything around you, for this is the last time you will be allowed to come with me.”

He looked, and made a face that she couldn’t distinctly describe. It was a combination of horror and terrible hurt. He looked at how the girl let her juices flow from herself, over her thighs, took in how she glowed from watching him. Then the look turned to something like shame, she felt her heartache at the decision she had made, but it was for the best.

“Unlock yourself.”

Once he had his feet free he made to rise up to stand and she halted him, her hand taping her neck. Sighing he rested back on his heels, parting his thighs slightly as his hands turned palms up upon the tops of his legs. Raising his chin he leaned forward so that the d-ring of his collar showed.

The leash latched on with a solid click and she pulled it taunt to her so that his face was almost in her crotch, “Kiss”, and he did so, pressing his dry lips to her leather clad valley and bowed his head.

Hearing someone move behind her, Mistress Red looked over her shoulder. Milinda had placed all her toys back in the duffle, leaving two out yet by the command of her Master. Smiling Red knew why Master Robert was renounded for his sadistic mind.

“Bring me the belt please little one.” With the whisper of silk the male chastity belt was placed in her free hand, giving the girl a warm smile she focused back in on her boy.

“Kneel” he rose up high on his knees and parted his thighs. His eyes were glued on the belt in her hand. Slowly she put it on, happy that the harness didn’t come down and around his waist, pulling off the clamps before pulling the belt tight. With a little tiny silver lock that she clicked into place the belt was on and secure. Tugging the leash again, “Kiss”, she watched his movement in it. Satisfied that it wasn’t too tight she reached out, feeling the handle of the zapper hit her palm.

“Milinda dear, come here now.” Master Robert’s voice broke the loud silence, it sort of heralded the end of the punishment, and others raised their voices once more into conversation.

“Sheen, and lead.” She waited for him to start walking on his hands and knees before turning on the electrified tennis racket.

All the way out and even in the car, she spanked him with it, enjoying the little tiny zaps and sparks that flew, and the soft hisses that followed.

Upon the next week, Mistress Red locked the door to her apartment. Striding to out of her complex to her car her smile could not have been brighter, for back inside her dark home Wallace was chained, in the bathroom. His lead was hooked to the toilet and upon the floor were two dishes, one with water in it, and the other with a happy meal from McDonalds. He was being the obedient little pup she always knew he could be.

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