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November 14, 2010

My life as her slave

“Uhhh!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”, it isn’t my girlfriend or my wife or a whore it’s me, ya that’s right it’s me with my girlfriends long dildo in my asshole.

She thought it would be kinky if for just one night she gets to fuck me, I of course said no at the first but she is so charming that you can’t do anything, if she wants anything she’ll get it anyhow, she cried this time, ”You don’t want me to be happy.” “You only want your pleasure you never think of Me.”, she had convinced me with only a little effort.

The next night I was blind folded and was naked then she told me to open my blindfold, I saw her standing in front of me with a long thick artificial dick tied to her waist. ”Suck it!”, she said instantly and I gave an instant reaction, ”WHAT!!” “Ya you heard me right, you make me give you blow jobs don’t you and besides I haven’t lubed it and if it isn’t lubed it would hurt you not me.” “So why don’t you use some lubricant?” “Because I want you to suck it! Now suck it.” I knelt in front of her and got started on the thing that was gonna enter my ass. I sucked it for like 2 minutes and when I was gonna take that thing off my mouth she pushed my head back in, ”Did I tell you to take that out!” What had happened to her? I was on the verge of vomiting when she released it. I asked her, Then she said, ”You know how you like me to have my make up on when we are making love?” I said yes. “So I want to put some make up on your face too.” I was like ‘WHAT!’ but knew that she would convince me so I let her put make up on me. I was looking like a slut.

”Now you are ready for some fucking you whore.” “You what!?” “Ya you ‘WHORE’ you are my whore tonight. Now stop making faces and kneel on the bed. Now go on all fours like a dog.” I did although I did not like the words she was using. “It’s gonna hurt my love and it’s gonna hurt bad.” She stretched my butt cheeks as far as she could and then slowly entered her thing in me, I suddenly felt two things that time, 1 of course the pain but the 2nd thought was just the opposite it was a feeling for which I’d never expected, it turned me on. My girlfriend was having major fun killing my ass, oh man it was painful. But it turned me on, how could that turn me on?

She knew that the whole fucking thing had turned me on. She knew that I would come to her requesting her to fuck me again, she was prepared. Two days later I went to her to ask her if she would fuck me again but she kept on refusing knowing that I was too desperate and would make a deal to make her fuck me again. The deal was ‘Femdomism’; I was made the total slave in the house. I did not make this decision only to make her fuck me, I made this decision because somehow after she fucked me I had become one slave of her already, I wanted her to rule over me which she already did but this time in a more kinky way.

She made me her total slave that very same day. The first thing I was ordered to do was to make coffee for my ma’am. (I addressed her as ma’am or madam or sometimes mistress from that day on), I remember that day; I brought coffee and was made to massage my mistress’s legs. That was the last day I ate breakfast with ma’am on the table while at home, after that day I ate all my meals while at home FROM the floor beside her boots and sometimes from her boots like a dog. Every morning she makes me lick her boot soles before we go to work and every night when she returns and I am there I get to sniff her stockings or socks, oh heaven!

A few months following the insertion of the dildo in my asshole, my girlfriend brought new tools for her pleasure, a riding crop, a cane, a pair of nipple clamps, a ball gag, a spider gag, a collar and a leash, and 2 or 3 more dildos. She used them all on me that very night. I was stripped all day long. First she caned me and cropped me the whole day just for fun then after dinner she spanked me which she did if I had messed up anything I did for her and that day it was the cleaning (she had already spanked me for fun too with her slippers or her hair brush). My ass was as red as a nose of a clown, she made me bow down to waist height and tied my hands to something and took pictures of me. She then inflicted the most pain in our whole love history, she clamped my nipples and added weight on them, it was so painful for my delicate nipples, she then tied the collar and the leash on my neck while I was moaning in pain and said, ”Now whenever we are in the house together you will always wear this collar, is that understood?” I replied as a yes of course. My moaning was irritating her so she gagged me with the ball gag. She then took more pictures of my gagged face and clamped nipples. Now she went back of my ass and inserted a brand new dildo, a lot thicker than the first one but a bit shorter on the length without lubricating it. Oh man that killed me; she fucked me with that thing for 2 minutes. She then came up front, opened the gag and pushed the new dildo in my mouth, it was so huge that I couldn’t properly suck it, she took pictures of that too. She said, ”You are not ready for this one.” She opened it leaving it in my mouth. She then came back with the first dildo which we had used the first time and made me suck that for fifteen minutes, and then she tried a new torture on me. She put that spider gag on my mouth, and then she fucked that hole for another fifteen minutes, man she was great at this.

It was a bad night. But the very next day was 31st December when we did our role reversals final part, she dressed me as a maid during the day and as sissy slut at tnight, the whole day she teased me, I got to worship her heavenly feet 5 times during the day and at night I got to worship her ass for the first time. Ma’am beat me up badly that night and then made me give her oral pleasure while my cock was in chastity, and she used a pecker penis again for her pleasure, one end in my mouth and the other into her pussy. She had sex five times with that artificial dick while I was sucking its other end. Two times she made me go back and forth while she was making noises that were turning me on but I couldn’t have sex with her. I got the reward of worshiping her ass for 2 minutes for what I did.

Now I wear bras and panties instead of vests and underwear, I get to have sex with my mistress barely 4 times a YEAR and she uses her whole stuff on me for at least 4 times a WEEK. Now even in public sometimes I have to sit beside my madams’ feet and now I have to call her ma’am everywhere. Now we are married. She once made me worship her boots in public while we were on our honeymoon in Moscow; she even took me for an early morning stroll in the streets of Moscow, I was in my bra and panties with a collar on my neck and the leash in my madams’ hands and yes I was walking like her BITCH. She fucks me, beats me, make me lick her boots but I love her and that’s what matters.

Submitted by: michale the slave

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  1. tom said:

    Its a hard life being a devoted bitch. But the rewards are short and sweet. The humiliation part is what it suppose to be. But she is Proud of you for submitting to her. You are well train. Be happy.

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