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August 11, 2010

Teacher Training

i hope that all subs out there can be happy for me today. Today is the day and date that have changed my life. Two things have happened to me today, and a fortnight today will be the third that makes the well known saying “Three tries for a Welshman.” i am a Welshman, but i’m also a fuck-boy. Let me introduce myself, and in doing so, hopefully the reason for my euphoria will become clear.

As a soon to be 30 newly qualified teacher (NQT), i was told today that i will be kept on next year as a permanent member of the staff of the small Junior school where i teach in south Wales. In a fortnight, i will have completed my probationary year, and can call myself a fully qualified teacher. i was told this news today by my mentor, the deputy head teacher at a staff meeting at morning break. My mentor also happens to be my Mistress, and when i got home from school this afternoon, there was a text message on my mobile telling me that She had decided to put our relationship on a more formal footing. In effect, i was told that i now belong to Her. I have a fortnight to “mull things over” as Her text put it. Now any teacher will tell you that a fortnight consists of fourteen days. i needed one point four nano-seconds to make up my mind. i’ve always been a fast muller. i respectfully texted Her back and asked permission to enter into Her Presence. My orders came back almost immediately, and i have just returned home after a session which i will describe later. Let me tell you how i found myself in my present position.

i left school with seven grade A GCSE passes and three A levels in Welsh (A); History (B) and Music (C). i could not get into University with these grades, so i joined the National Westminster Bank, where i spent almost six miserable years trying to get my till book to balance. Eventually the penny dropped. Banking was not for me. The only good thing to have come out of my time there was a realisation that i earned enough money to pay a two-monthly visit to a very strict pro-Dom who broke me in gently at first, but with increasing severity. By the time i had decided to quit and study for a degree as a mature student, i considered myself to be a genuine sub pain slut. How little i knew!

My four years in Uni. (3 as an under-grad. 1 post grad to get my teaching certificate) saw me almost permanently broke and unable to afford a good spanking. But good fortune was just around the corner. On my second teaching practice, i was sent to a small village Junior school, where i taught year 5 in the deputy head teacher’s class. From the moment that i saw Her, i was under Her spell, although i did not know, of course that this magnificent Woman held my destiny in Her hands.

Miss Bowen, as i was told to address Her, gave me a hard-on every time She spoke to me. i don’t think that i mentioned that i have a preference for mature Women, and that is exactly what She was! i judged Her to be about 45 - 50. She is in fact going to be 59 in December. Her gorgeous red hair is shoulder length and i have been given permission to describe Her figure as “remarkable for a Woman of Her age”. Her full lips are always immaculately lipsticked a bright scarlet, which together with Her pale blue eye shadow above Her sparkling blue eyes have the ability to make me want to give myself to Her completely. During a staff night out, i mentioned that the gap between Her two front teeth brought to mind Chaucer’s Wife of Bath, but unfortunately, She knew the story as well as i did, and i had forgotten that this character was a wanton slut who had been married five times! However, nothing was said at the time, although much later on, Her retribution was both harsh and lengthy.

i settled down into my teaching practice well, even if i say it myself. i worked hard and took every opportunity to ask Miss Bowen’s advice, usually spending a delicious half-hour of the dinner break in Her company whilst She pointed out shortcomings in my written teaching plans and/or my practical lessons. my twelve weeks sped by, and during the last but one week there, the then deputy head teacher, the only man permanently on the staff was appointed as head teacher at a school several miles away, leaving a vacancy where i was. i asked Miss Bowen if She thought that i had any chance if i applied for the job when it was advertised, and to my delight, She told me that by the time that came about, She hoped to have secured the deputy headship for Herself. If that was to be the case, i was told, She would put in a strong case for my appointment. i left the school at the end of my teaching practice and for the rest of my year in college, which included another teaching practice at a huge Primary school in Swansea, (alas, no-one at all similar to Miss Bowen on the staff.) i went back to my campus flat one night to find a letter informing me that a job was to be advertised at a certain school. The letter contained an application form, and having filled it in, i eventually got an interview where once again the sight of Miss Bowen gave me an almost painful hard-on. Despite this, i got the job, and started in the school in September. To my delight, Miss Bowen, true to Her word and now the deputy head teacher became my mentor. All NQT’s have a mentor during their first, probationary year, but i bet not many NQT’s go home and wank themselves sore thinking about serving their mentor as i did!

The beginning of my life change began at the time of the staff Christmas party, which we celebrated at a vey nice country club a fortnight before the end of term. i have never been much of a drinker, and i was determined to be on my best behaviour in front of my new colleagues. Apart from one Female teacher who is younger than I am, all my colleagues are either about my age or younger. Having replaced the only male member of staff, i found myself in great demand when the cabaret had finished and the dancing started. i hoped to be able to dance with Miss Bowen, but She rebuffed my offer with a scornful look, and returned to Her task of trying to drain the establishment dry of brandy and soda.On my return to our table, i needed to pee and it so happened that i was on my way out at the same time as Miss Bowen. i opened the door to the foyer and She went out without acknowleging me. Forgetting my throbbing bladder, i followed her outside, and by the time i got outside, She was smoking, something that She never did in school. As She caught me looking at Her, She licked Her still perfectly lipsticked lips before sucking deeply on her cigarette and exhaling the smoke distainfully in my direction through her nostrils. i know that the sight gave me such a thrill that i actually grabbed hold of my prick because i thought that such a sight had made me cum in my pants. i hadn’t, but my action hadn’t been missed either, and i caught Miss Bowen’s thoughtful enigmatic smile as She turned away to finish Her smoke in peace. i went back in to piss, but ended up in the cubicle wanking furiously. By the time i got back inside, Miss Bowen was seated again and as i sat down, She said quietly, “I hope you washed your hands, young man!” i blushed furiously, and even though the room was too dark for Her to see my discomfort, i knew that She knew what i had been doing.

Eventually it was time to go home. Most of my colleagues were drunk to a greater or lesser degree. As i stood in the carpark waiting for the mini-bus i couldn’t say that i was looking forward to the journey home. Three quarters of an hour in a cold, smelly mini-bus (the only one that was available due to the fact that we had left the arrangements for the staff Christmas night out too late) did not appeal. And now they were all in the toilet together. Why do some Women take so long to have a piss and get their coats, i remember thinking to myself.

Suddenly i was aware of Miss Bowen standing next to me. She winked at me and slurred, “Give us a kiss!” i was terrified! i wanted nothing more than to take her in my arms and taste Her. i wanted Her to fuck my mouth with Her tongue. But could i trust myself to be content with such a kiss? Might i not try and touch Her beautiful tits, or rub my throbbing prick into her cunt area. i decided that i couldn’t trust myself, and gave Her a chaste peck at the corner of Her mouth, daring to slip my tongue against those beautiful lips. As i pulled away, i realised that She was quite drunk, and had not, as i had hoped, fancied Her chances with me.

The journey home was as bad as i’d feared and not even a pre-sleep wank as i struggled to recall every detail of our “kiss” was really satisfactory. Following an almost sleepless night, i got up on Saturday determined to put things right. By ten o’clock i was knocking at Miss Bowen’s door. She answered, looking every inch as if She had gone to bed at ten not having drunk a drop.

“Oh, it’s you,” She said before i had a chance to open my mouth. “I wondered how long it would take you to come around. Come in. I have visitors at the moment, but they are on the point of leaving. Don’t mention last night until they’ve gone.” She turned on Her heel and went inside, leaving me to follow Her into the sitting room of Her small semi-detached house.

i was greeted by the sight of a young lady standing with her back to me in the far corner of the room. Seated on the leather settee was, to my surprise, the head mistress of the Infant school that fed our Junior school. The fact that this Woman lived openly as a lesbian with a much younger companion was testament to Her ability as a teacher to overcome the prejudices that still remain, i fear, in many small Welsh communities. The attitude of calling Her names behind Her back, but being perfectly charming to Her face is still widespread. Anyway, i must have shown my shock, because Miss Bowen clicked Her fingers at me and pointed to a small armchair without a word. i sat as directed listening to Her say “This is ieuan, Nancy. he joined the staff in September when Martyn left. I have mentioned him, haven’t I?”

Nancy Simpson’s “Oh yes!” spoke volumes, i thought, as she got to Her feet and embraced Miss Bowen warmly. “We’ll see you soon, Myra,” She said and turning to the young lady Her voice changed. “Come along, Susan! Don’t dawdle, you slovenly girl!” They went out and as Miss Bowen returned alone i got to my feet.

“i want to appologise for last night,” i began, rushing the words out before i became too frightened to carry on. “i realise that what i am about to say may well be the end of my career not only in the school, but as a teacher altogether. You see…”

“Shut up and sit down,” commanded Miss Bowen in a voice that i had never heard before, but which i have come to love. “You are a submissive who wanks at the thought of me. I know, I’ve smelled the spunk on you. Aren’t you lucky that I am a Dominant Bitch who is looking for a fuck-boy. You will be that fuck-boy, and I amgoing to train you to my satisfaction. You subs are all the same with your pathetic wanking and worshipping glances. At least you passed the test last night. If you’d come anywhere near me with that stiff prick last night, I’d have ripped it off and chocked you with it!”

“Now listen. This is how we are going to do things from now on!”

i sat and listened for almost an hour. Then as ordered i stripped naked and pulled at my prick until it stood stiff and proud away from my flat stomach. Miss Bowen reached over and cupped my balls in Her hands. She looked at me and squeezed gently, causing me to squirm uncomfortably.

“These are fucking pathetic,” She said disdainfully. “How many times a week do you wank?” She continued, tugging hard at my balls when i did not answer quickly enough.

“At least once a day, Mistress,” i said eventually, causing Her to twist and sqeeze my balls really hard.

“I didn’t give you permission to call me Mistress,” she said quietly. “I think that whenever you are in My Presence from now on, you will adddress Me as Aunt Myra. I am about to become your strict Aunt, and believe you me, I’ll punish you if you don’t come up to my expectations!”

i thanked Aunt Myra and following Her instructions to give Her details of my life as a sub, She pushed me away and settled down to listen. It took all of ten minutes, at the end of which, Aunt Myra stood up and beckoned for me to follow Her. We went into Her study where She presented me with a set of rules, which i read and immediately agrreed to. These are my ten commandments, and i’ll post them up at a future date. Aunt Myra has told me that any Dom who wishes to add to my list of commandments is welcome to do so.

As i come to the end of my first effort, i need to report that this year has flown, not only in the classroom, but in the bedroom too! Aunt Myra has been very patient with me, building up my ability to take the cane, Her slipper, the crop and a very nasty wooden paddle. My nipples are regularly clamped and Aunt Myra is working to stretch them with a view to putting rings in them. She has also mentioned locking my prick to my balls via two hoops, one through my prick head and the other in my taint. When i asked what my taint was, She replied that it is the area behind my balls and in front of my arsehole. As She so daintily put it, “It’s called a taint because it ain’t cock and balls and it ain’t arsehole!” i look forward to being locked up for Her.

Talking about arseholes, i cannot finish without mentioning the special treatment that i am so lucky to receive from Aunt Myra. As well as keeping my arse cheeks well bruised and striped, Aunt Myra is training me to be a proper fuck-boy. i have graduated from butt beads and butt plugs to being the recipiant of Aunt’s vibrating dildo. i am, of course, forbidden to wank as and when i please now, and when i am milked either on orders from Her or by Aunt Myra Herself, my spunk always ends up in the same place - in my mouth. my preferred method of tasting my own spunk is either to lap it out of Aunt Myra’s glistening and freshly fucked cunt, or to open my mouth and accept it as She dribbls it from Her mouth into mine. Such treats need to be paid for, of course, and i am inevitably dismissed from Her Presence with a plugged arsehole and throbbing cheeks.

But i love Her for deigning to punish me, i cannot wait for the long sumer holidays, when “by coincidence” Miss Bowen and i have both booked a visit to the U S of A. i am hoping that the land of the free does not include owned slaves, because this one just doesn’t want to be free!

Deepest thanks to Aunt Myra for Her patience, strictness and training. i go to bed, Aunt Myra, plugged and gagged as ordered, and the taste and aroma of You fills my unworthy mouth and nostrils as i drift off into sleep with only You on my mind.

Nos da Aunt Myra.

fuck-boy ieuan