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May 12, 2010

My New Life

My first blog so here goes: My girlfriend now wife have been together for over 20 yrs, we touched on latex fetishwear kinks in the early days, then with the changes in life that family and work commitments create, settled down to a vanilla marriage which suited us perfectly at the time. About 2yrs ago my wife began to show her domme side, normally in foreplay by squeezing my balls, or digging her nails into my cock and balls, forcing me to “go downtown” (which i love!). Sometimes I would resist on purpose which resulted in her squeezing my throat in her forearm or pulling into position by my hair, and then more recently slapping my face. Whilst in one of these initial sessions I asked her what should I call her, to which she replied “Mistress”. This idea of having a domme wife had been in the back of my mind as a fantasy, but I never imagined it could lead to this.

I discovered what my kind, well brought up and sweet wife was really like. I’m unsure what the catalyst was, but I think it started in a particularly long pussy worshipping session. She named me pussyslave thereafter, and I worshipped her pussy and ass up to five times a night. She then specified that I was to pleasure her orally every morning. I started waking up before her and woke her up by pushing my head between her thighs. The morning routine then started to contain piss play after I mentioned to her that I was willing to take all of her fluids. As we have a doorless walk in shower she pissed on me for the first time after a long night of oral pleasuring. I tried to drink all of the warm yellow wine which to be honest was hard to keep up with the spurts shooting out of her fabulous pussy. I can remember shaking in anticipation and afterwards. We discussed using a funnel for the weekend session which we duly tried, God how humiliating, I remember her saying she could see the humility in my eyes as she straddled my naked body. We kept this body worship marathon up for 2 weeks before realising it was wearing us out and, especially as I was finishing work on the dot, driving home at breakneck speed to pleasure my mistress, now known as Mistress Dark. She started spanking me, slapping my face harder and more regular. Around the house I found myself doing more things for her and even letting her sit in my groove in the settee with the remote control!

I am a typical blokey guy, work in car trade, drive fast Japanese turbocharged sports car, like a beer with the lads etc, but for the first time ever found myself writing a 2 page letter to my my mistress telling her how I really felt about her since we had started experimenting with bdsm. I felt a bit soppy when I gave it to her, but her reaction surprised me. We discussed our marriage and found that we both were happier than ever before as we had made time for each other and she liked the idea of owning a slave and sextoy.

She told me about her kinks and for the first time ever went to a sex shop where she chose the films she liked. The bank account started to look empty as we purchased a collar and cuff set and leather spanker ,and after discussion, strap on x2, various pvc outfits for Mistress, thigh boots, butt plug with lockable harness and also cb3000 chastity device. I explained to her that I would show my commitment to her by wearing the cb3000, she said she liked the idea of me being locked in it with her as the keyholder and denying me orgasm gave her a greater level of power exchange. The first time I wore the “device” as we call it was for 1 day, then 3, now building up to 4, as I am currently in lockdown until Sunday. However it has not been without the odd chafage sore and cut but as Mistress says “practice makes perfect!” Most nights my slave uniform is a lockable collar with leash which Mistress has around her wrist and ankle and wrist cuffs which can be clipped together if she is trying to sleep and my hands are wandering!

We seem to have settled down to a less frantic pace with intense sessions most nights for 2 hours or so followed by body worship every morning unless Mistress is running late for work, we even managed to have a “Freaky Friday” off work together which was painful and pleasurable for all the right reasons. God how time flies when you’re bound and spanked!

Mistress seems to derive great pleasure in fucking me with her strap on, she looks magnificent with it on and I’m also called her “bitch” when she is in this sort of mood. Am now in training with plugs and lockable harnesses to allow her to penetrate me more and harder as she says the whole role reversal theme makes her feel even more powerful. She has made me suck her cock after using it in me and applied lipstick to me for this purpose when I asked her. I hoped she would feminise me completely to be her bitch on odd evenings, strange you may say for a blokey guy, I just find women’s clothes more exciting and the fabrics sexier, fetish pvc or mans denim jeans what would u choose! So far my transvestite kink is limited to bra, stockings and suspender belt which she bought me and boy do I feel a whore wearing it especially as she penetrates me.

We watch various porn trailers and clips together and she has started making me cum then smearing it on my face and wiping on my teeth normally followed by “go clean yourself up!”. In fact from an early part in our bdsm relationship if I came when I shouldn’t have I had to taste my bitter cum as I licked it up from whatever surface I had just defiled.

I find myself enjoying pleasing her non sexually too, most evenings I massage her and apply body lotion to her, normally followed by foot worship. In fact if I forget the lotion bottle normally gets flung on the bed to remind me of my place!

We know this sort of lifestyle may not suit everyone but don’t knock it until you have tried it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my wife had such a domme side, our relationship is stronger than ever and agree no 3rd party involvement will keep it this way. With a family etc it is impractical to be domme/slave 24/7 but with racy text messages and discussing our next step/kinks it is easy to keep in the mode.

Our next steps may be to visit local fetish bazaar or even a fetish club,but we are really looking forward to a weekend away soon which I will post up ,the only problem is the suitcase with the kinky gear in is much bigger than the one with the normal clothes in!!

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings love Pussyslave-property of Mistress Dark xxx