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December 24, 2009

Why a sub?

As a mature man, I can’t say I completely understand why I still find pleasure in being a slave to women, but I have to confess that just the thought has always given me intense sexual arousal. I guess I have always felt awed in the presence of a pretty woman but never felt I knew how to please her. That is probably why I get the greatest arousal when a woman takes control and ownership of my body and through a regime of humiliation, rewards and punishments, instructs me on how she wants me to please her.

It is an unexplainable paradox for me that I feel the most manly when I am kneeling naked in front of a woman with my ass burning from the punishment she just gave me and I am kissing and caressing her feet in gratitude.

My question to the dominant women in the group is, what attracts you to be a dominant? Is it simply the power over men (or women), is it erotic, or is it something else? If you do find it sexually arousing, is it visual (like seeing a naked man in an awkward state of arousal or his bright red ass), sensual (enjoying the sub licking your toes or feeling him squirm on your lap as you paddle him) or again something else? Is the experience the same with female subs as it is with male subs?

Finally, what would you say, in your opinion, would be the attributes of the perfect male subordinate? What would be the scenario of the best short term session and for the best long term relationship with a male sub? Would it be different with a female sub?

Submitted by: Guy10