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November 14, 2009

Girls Abusing Guys

Here’s a picture update from Girls Abuse Guys.

Daniel goes to see his bank manager because he needs a loan for a new business selling sex toys. Manager Renata looks at his business plan but isn’t impressed. Daniel is desparate though and starts showing her the fantastic sex toys he is going to sell. He shows her a strap-on which he says is the best on the market and Renata’s eyes light up. She calls her assistant Natali in and then tells Daniel that if he can take the strap-on up his ass from both of them then she will give him the loan. As he is desperate he agrees and the girls strip him naked before getting him on all fours. Natali tries the strap-on first and Renata holds his asshole open as she slides it inside. The girls laugh as they take turns to fuck him. Natali finds a second strap-on in Daniel’s bag and they spit roast him while laughing their heads off. They then turn him over and Renata fucks him again while Natali wanks his cock until he spunks on her hand.

Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys

Check out the video clip of Daniel here

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6 Responses to “Girls Abusing Guys”

  1. Laura said:

    Stuff like this is silly. To pretend this is anything but a male fantasy is to ignore what female domination should be. From your write up the only one having an orgasm is him. Unless those ladies just love poking plastic into him I don’t see that they are getting anything at all out of this scenario. When does he please them? Could he at least be tied up and made to beg for it first.

  2. Laura said:

    If you think about it, which I am now, he should be punished just for bringing out sex toys in her place of business. Hardly respectful towards her. If you look at the pictures they look like two sluts servicing him. Which, being porn, is exactly what it is. It’s annoying that men think this kind of thing is female dominaton.

  3. Jj said:

    Does it make you gay if you want this( as a man)

  4. Clint said:

    Hi Laura.. First time on this page so forgive me for being forward… The whole “look like two sluts servicing him.” turns me on immensely. I have fantasised bout being tied up and forced to orgasm time after time, whilst pleasuring my “Mistress” to orgasm in between.

  5. michael g.b. said:

    i personally find the Clothed Female/naked male interaction to be the most dynamic . .it makes the male the “sex object” rather than the Female Who becomes the “Power” . .

  6. jack bauer said:

    hot girls.. love it..

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