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October 17, 2009

My Pleasure/Pain

SHE wraps the cling film around my body starting from the shoulders, leaving space for my nipples and then continuing down to my belly, encasing my arms in a silken cocoon. i am trapped, willingly.

SHE places clover clamps on my nipples and tugs on them briefly to ensure that they are firmly fixed. SHE pulls my foreskin outwards, stretching it out so that SHE can place a clothes peg on it, affectively trapping my penis and ensuring that any sign of an erection will be rewarded with pain.

But, at that point in time my pleasure/pain switch is still set to pleasure.

My legs are slapped apart and my testicles bound tightly with twine to which a weight is attached. Still there is no pain yet but a slight ache, a sign of things to come.

Then SHE orders me to kneel and lean over a low coffee table so that my unprotected anus is slightly raised. The clover clamps on my nipples press against the table, increasing the pain. But the pleasure/pain switch is still set to pleasure.

SHE stands in front of me so that i can see her pulling on a thick rubber glove over HER right hand. Once in place she pours a liberal amount of lubricant over it, massaging between the fingers and back of the hand. Then SHE comes to kneel down behind me. SHE stokes my anal opening with one well lubricated finger and the pleasure in intense. Slowly, she inserts a finger, i don’t know which one, into my anus and the bliss that hits my brain is amazing. SHE moves it in and out, massaging my sphincter; I am in heaven. SHE continues like this for a few minutes, reaching in to massage my prostrate and my penis responds accordingly. As it grows larger so does the pinch of the peg gripping my foreskin. But the pleasure/pain switch is still set to pleasure.

Then SHE slowly inserts another finger into me. i feel the stretch of the anal opening but it is still bliss. SHE pumps the fingers in and out of me more vigorously and i moan with pleasure. SHE runs the fingernails of HER free hand up and down the length of my penis, digging them into my balls. i want to tell HER how much i love HER, but have been instructed to remain silent. The pleasure/pain switch moves slightly towards pain. Then I feel HER inserting a third finger. I feel the stretch now and the switch moves ever closer to pain. But then i feel her inserting more lubricant over the fingers and into my body and I know that SHE loves me; worthless as I am.

I can barely feel HER inserting the fourth finger. SHE pauses, and uses more lubricant. Then slowly but steadily SHE pushes HER hand into my anus; stretching, stretching but not tearing, until HER hand is in all the way up to the last knuckles of HER hand. There is very little pleasure now as she stretches my anal opening. SHE pumps HER hand in and out with increasing speed and it is all i can do not to cry out.

Then, blissfully, SHE extracts HER hand slowly, leaving my tortured anus to slowly close up. There is no pleasure, the pain of the clamps and the pegs, but that is bearable. I close my eyes and rest my forehead against the table, only to feel something pushed against my mouth. It is my LADY’S riding crop. SHE has presents it to my mouth so that I might kiss it and I do so, readily, knowing full well what is to come.

SHE moves back behind me and positions HERSELF. I barely hear the swish as the crop descends on my buttocks. Again and again, five, seven, ten, eleven, fifteen, eighteen and then finally, gratefully, the twentieth time. Then it is over.

Now I am weeping openly with the pain. SHE presents the warm crop to my mouth for another kiss of gratitude. Then SHE helps to sit upright and shuffle backwards so that SHE can position HERSELF in front of me. There is HER beautiful cunt before my face, and I do not need to be told what to do……….

Submitted by: Stewart