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July 30, 2009

Humiliation For Bob

I am 22 and recently introduced to Fem Dom by my boyfriend Bob. I love it! I never realised how Dom I am nor how important FD is to people generally. In my view FD in a relationship should be 24/7 and it’s not so much a game as a Statement. I am interested in putting Bob into some sort of chastity device. What is best for long term use? I imagine it does have some dangers - good! What are they?

Bob loves FD and he adores me. He gets very excited by our talk but gets scared when I really give it to him hard. I imagine most guys are like that? A lockable penis cage would make it easier for me to take control of him but what other ways do people suggest? I’m keen to show him up for what he is in public, not on the High Street but to friends and things. I soon discovered that he doesn’t enjoy that one little bit - so that’s interesting.

We went to a party last weekend and I wore a pretty revealing latex type outfit and he went in a sort of loincloth. He literally begged me not to make him go and I got really angry. Of course in the end he came; it was either that or “goodbye, its been fun knowing you”! It was a party where people did dress up but not quite like us and everybody saw it as “S&M”. The girl who was giving the party gave me her riding crop to complete my “look” and late on in the garage I used it on Bob in front of two of my friends and one of their boyfriends. The next day everybody knew about it because I had apparently done it “really really hard”. And I had. Bob was wincing as he got texts from his mates making jokes about it. Because he didn’t want to do it I found I got very wet and excited and ended up having sex with a guy I’d never met while Bob had to wait downstairs in his loin cloth and slashed arse until I was ready. That story is doing the rounds of my friends and it wont be long before his know. What they don’t know but maybe I’ll tell them, that I put a knot in the condom off the guy after he’d cum and back at my place I told Bob to swallow the contents. He seemed to find that! easier than being publicly exposed as a submissive which is very interesting. I’m already thinking of other ways to expose him. Anybody with any bright ideas?

Love Linda

12 Responses to “Humiliation For Bob”

  1. saher said:

    i would suggest buying him female underwear and make him wear them to work/ parties…etc…and maybe tell the people at the party he’s wearing some! my GF did that to me early in our relationship and that made me feel so humiliated and ashamed, but more important, made me understand my position in the relationship!
    Get a bull whip and maybe whip him in public (in parties for example).
    make him serve You everything in public….even kiss Your feet

  2. Sensual Femdom said:


    It is normal for your sub to be nervous, especially at first. Once you have had some time together, he will become more familiar with what to expect and some of the fear will go away. Of course, a little bit of fear and trepidation is a good thing! Have fun!

  3. slave mark said:

    Try getting some various size butt plugs. Start making him keep them in for hours @ a time. Make him have them in his ass when you are going out. This will give you control of his body. The two of you will know that his ass is always stuffed, and you are in control of his body. He can only remove it with your permission. As time goes by you will be able to use larger plugs having stretched out his ass hole. This is also a feeling of control having altered his body.
    You can also make love and forbid him from coming for days at a time. My mistress had worked up to 2 weeks at a time. I would awaken very turned on, willing to do anything she wanted. She would start the morning by having my drink her pee, than I would give her head until she was satisfied. She was done with me, leaving me needing her more than ever. At night I was able to fuck her, but not come. after I could no longer stand it she would torture my nipples, which I loved, and allow me to masturbate, making me always consume my come. when I was allowed to come in side her she kneels over me and I must suck all of my come out of her.
    Get creative, deprive him of satisfaction, you are in control

  4. mark said:

    Start taking control of his body. Make him ware a butt plug. Keep extending the time he has to keep it in, and keep buying larger plugs. this will give you control of his body. He will need to ask you if he can remove it. Take him out with it inside him, out to parties, and out to restaurants. It will be a turn on for the 2 of you. You will be the only one knowing you have it inside him, in control of his body. As you make him use larger plugs you will be stretching out his ass hole, slowly changing his body. This is a great feeling of control. He is now yours.
    You can also have him service you, give you head, or fuck you and not allow him to come. start off with one day, and slowly raise it to a week, than several weeks. He will always be in a state of sexual excitement, willing to do anything to please you in hope of being allowed to come. When you allow him to come make him agree to lick it up if you make him jerk off, or if you allow him to come inside you kneel over him and have him suck it all out of you and swallow it all. He will begin to do what ever you want, he will be yours

  5. Hank said:

    Make him shave his genitals….or his whole body, especially if he goes to the gym. If he isn’t a gym rate, and he’s gotten a little bit out of shape, then insist the he goes. Wearing those panties to the gym will keep him in line, too.
    Get a pair of ladies flat, that aren’t too feminine but unmistakeably women’s shoes and make him wear them out to dinner. Even better if you can get him into stockings so they show between his pant and shoes when he sits down.

  6. Darling Waterloo said:

    There’s the possible consideration that he doesn’t quite know what he’s getting into. As you said, he’s quite new, and some of the stuff you’re mentioning is on the heavy side for someone so new to it. From the sounds of it, what’s the point of dating someone for the express purpose of screwing around on them?

  7. dennis said:

    Completely mindf*&# him and make him get a boobjob. That will make him owned by you forever.

  8. slave william said:

    My Mistress started in a somewhat similar way except I was ordered to be present as well as ordered to lick her clean afterwards (no condom). This led eventually to her getting her gay friends to “use” me for her entertainment; she watches and laughs. This of course is in addition to her punishing me regularly with a strapon (plus whips, etc…) and whenever she takes a lover I’m on cleanup duty.

  9. WTF said:

    omg..wtf..its sad but alot of people do get into D/s relationships and hell prodomming without even bothering to do a bit of a read. heres a hint. you arnt being a dom ..your being an abusive bitch.
    the mandoms have to know the difference why the hell cant girldoms get it thru their heads?

  10. peaches said:

    It’s true his newness is a challenge, however it sounds like the suprises you are springing onhim and the lack of control he sees that he has on how he is exposed will deepen his subjugation. The feminization suggestions given You will help in that area as well. The more You replace his male sexuality with female sexuality, the more control You will gain. he will become dependent on You out of fear that he can no longer be anything else…the more people who know and acknowledge his altered sexuality and his station, the more real it will become. It is a good idea to be selective about who knows and who doesn’t…some people can handle it and appreciate it…some people can’t.

  11. mark[margret] said:

    Mistress - as an unowned slave - may i suggest making him take your morning urine to work in a coffee like cup that will keep it warm and make him drink it there. Then ensure he brings you an empty cup at the end of the day.

  12. CB-6000 said:

    I love chastity belt too.

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