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April 12, 2009

Queen Malaika

Serving Queen Malaika is an honour she has bestowed upon this slave, kneeling at her heavenly feet is without doubt something I find most fulfilling and it gives me a sense of purpose. The mighty Queen is a sight to behold, a single look can render breathless and enslave any man who is fortunate enough to worship at her feet. I have the eviable privilege of being Queen Malaika’s personal slave.. Oh how many men would die for such an honour. When serving her I’m in ecstasy, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my mistress, I am entirely her property, her plaything, her servant… her slave.

I awake every morning in eager anticipation of what my mistress has in store for me. I bathe, put on my slave uniform (a loin cloth and a slave collar with a leash) and prepare my mistress’s breakfast. At 8 am I present myself at the door of my mistress’s room and knock. Upon gaining permission to enter I place the breakfast tray on the bedside table, the tray also contains a freshly picked out flower in a vase to signify my undying devotion to my Queen.

I then kneel at my mistress’s feet in silence awaiting my mistress’s permission to speak. According to Queen Malaika, a slave should remain silent until given permission to speak, failure to obey her commands result in a severe punishment, whipping,caning or an extremely exhausting chore. My Queen fixes me with a look that sends pleasurable shivers down my body “You may speak slave” she says “Good morning my Queen, I hope you had a good night’s sleep?” I reply, “I did, though the same can’t be said for you slave I’m sure, when was the last time I let you loose?” I gaze into the eyes of my mistress, my frustration building, the knowledge that my long imprisonment is a source of entertainment to my Queen only heightens my excitement and pleadingly ask “May I please be granted a release my Queen.It’s been so long since the last time”. The Queen responds with a stinging slap, grasping my hair, she pulls my head back and responds “That is entirely my decision slave, it’s not your place to tell me how long its been”. “I’m.. I’m sorry my Queen,I….. I didn’t m..mean” I stammer. “Silence!” she cuts across my apology “You will be whipped for this later” I shiver with partial fear and also a sense of anticipation at the thought of my Queen standing over me wielding a whip. “Worship my feet slave” my mistress commands, I hasten to obey and set my tongue to work licking My Queen’s gorgeous feet with a passion while she enjoys her breakfast. My Queen throws scraps of food periodically for me, reminding me while I eat them that I’m nothing more than a dog at his mistress feet. After breakfast my mistress dismisses me with the command to wait for her to summon me. I bow low and leave with the breakfast tray.

At 9.30 am I hear the tinkle of the slave bell, I once again present my self at my mistress’s feet while she sets me a list of chores to perform, these chores mainly involve shopping, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring around my Queen etc. Sometimes Queen Malaika is in the mood for some fun she sets me chores like scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush, failure to perform the task up to her satisfaction of course results in punishment.

Sometime Queen Malaika summons me while I’m performing some task and slaps me without reason, she then asks me the reason as to why she slapped me, and when I do she reminds me that I’m her slave, her property, she can do as she pleases with me and needs no reason to punish me. I of course love the power she exerts over me. At around 11 am Queen Malaika gets ready to step out of the house telling me I can rest when I finish my chores until she returns. I finish cooking and cleaning and I return to my slave quarters (the smallest room in the house) awaiting My Queen.

At 1.30 pm my mistress returns with a couple of friends and I’m instantly summoned. To most of my mistress’s acquaintances I’m the manservant, only a select few of my mistress’s closest friends know of my enslavement. The two lady friends of my mistress fully aware of enslavement show no sign of surprise on seeing me wearing only a loin cloth and a collar. Once again I kneel at my mistress feet awaiting her orders. My Queen informs my that her friends will be staying for supper and I am to wait on them until they finish. They take their place while I serve supper and I then take my usual place at my mistress feet. Once they have finished with supper Queen Malaika dismisses me and I’m allowed to have my meal.

At 3 pm I’m again summoned by my mistress, I am ordered to prepare and serve coffee to her and her guest which I do and kneel at my mistress feet in silence while she’s engaged in a conversation with her friends.

At 5.30 pm,the guests leave and my mistress orders me to draw her a bath. Once the bathtub is ready for my mistress she orders me to help her undress, as I do so my excitement knows no bounds and I’m lost in the wonderment at the sight of her majestic body, my Queen senses this and delivers another powerful slap “Stop drooling slave, maybe a few more weeks of being denied would do you good?” I tremble at her words knowing fully well that she means every word. Once undressed Queen Malaika then leads me by my slave leash to the bathtub and steps into it ordering me to bathe her beautiful body. As I lather the back of my Queen with soap I am transported into the realms of pure joy, Queen Malaika fully aware of how much I love bathing her and smiles a knowing smile. Once the bath is done I help my Queen to towel off. She then leads me once again by my slave leash and orders me to massage her body. This is something every slave lives for, I fetch the massage lotions and get to work starting from the mistress’s legs ,working my way upwards to her back, the mistress moans softly and says “You deserve a reward slave, maybe later………”

At exactly 9 pm I serve dinner and again wait on my mistress at her feet, my dinner consists of scraps from her table which she throws for me again reminding me of my dog like situation.

At 10 pm once I’ve done the dishes Queen Malaika summons me to her bedroom. “Its time for your punishment slave” I stiffen at her words “for your insolence this morning you shall receive 25 lashes of the whip” I resign my self to my punishment in silence, Queen Malaika handcuffs me to the side of her bed and cracks the whip, the sound heightening my fear as I lay kneeling on the floor helpless. The first lash lands on my bare back sending a painful stinging sensation, I let out a low cry which only serves to excite my mistress even more,she delivers a severe whipping as I I am overcome with both pain and pleasure. Once the whipping stops, Queen Malaika grasps my hair again pulling it upwards and whispers “Your punishment is by no means done slave,for your shameful drooling while I undressed you deserve 15 strokes from the cane. “At her words I cannot control myself I try begging “Please mistress”, she lands a stroke on my back in response “shut up slave, did I grant you permission to speak?” I fall silent immediately “perhaps 5 strokes extra will help you follow my orders more efficiently”. There is nothing I can do, I helplessly offer my buttocks for caning. The first stroke sends a painful burning sensation up my ass, as the second stroke lands I can’t control my tears and they stream down my face. My Queen is highly aroused by my tears and intensifies my punishment till the last stroke.

Uncuffing me she sits on the bed and lifts my face towards her with her foot.”Did that hurt slave?” she asks “It did my Queen, but if it makes me a better servant to you I’d gladly accept many such punishments” I reply. She smiles at my reply and says “Your night hasn’t ended yet, for the wonderful massage you can lick my ass for 3 minutes” I am overjoyed at her words can barely express my gratitude in words, I manage to stumble out some words of thanks as she lays on her bed lika a true Queen. “Well get to work slave” she says and I press my quivering lips to her heavenly ass. As I lick Queen Malaika’s ass the pain from my punishment seems to evaporate and I’m lost as worship my Queen’s wonderful behind.

“That’s enough slave” her words bring me back to reality and I get back on my knees on the floor. “You may go now slave, make sure you don’t delay with my breakfast tomorrow” She offers me her foot to kiss, which I do submissively, I then bow low and leave the room. As I retire to my room, the aches from the whipping and the stings from the caning return as I reflect on the day that went by. I am extremely proud of being Queen Malaika’s slave, servant and worshipper and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Submitted by: Slave Jack