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| My Punishment


July 14, 2008

Master Linda

My wife and I had always had a normal sex life until, about a year ago, we got drunk at a party. When we got home and into bed, I blurted out that I wanted her to fuck my ass. She replied that one of her close friends had recently told her that she had used a strapon on her husband and it had been a real turn-on for both of them. Since then, my wife had frequently thought about that conversation and she was finding the idea exciting. We did plenty of research, started with fingering and soon worked up to the first time we would try using a strapon. We decided on a 7inch model with a realistic head, which I selfconsciously bought from our local sex shop.

That night, we put plenty of lube on my ass and I waited excitedly in our bedroom while my wife donned her strapon in the bathroom. She walked in and asked nervously, “Well, what do you think?”. I could hardly believe that I was seeing my beautiful feminine wife standing naked, sporting a 7inch penis. I put my arms around her and, as I kissed her, her strapon touched my leg. I said, “Darling, you look fabulous and I have to say I’m envious of the size of your cock.” She laughed and looked at her reflection in one of the full-length wardrobe mirrors along the length of one wall. By this time, I had an erection, so she grasped her strapon with one hand and held it fully horizontal as we stood together. I said, “Your cock’s bigger than mine, so you’re the boss and you decide what you’re going to do with it.” She put her arms around my neck, brought her lips close to mine and said, “I’m going to put my cock up your ass.” She kissed me hard on the lips, then said, “Lie face down on the bed and get your ass up, ready for me.” I obeyed her and soon felt her cock probing at my ass, quickly followed by the sensation of it entering me. She began slowly and rhythmically, but she was soon thrusting hard into me. I’d never felt so randy in my life, and my excitement was heightened by the thought that this was my wife raping me with her cock. I couldn’t hold on any longer and blew my load into the towel I’d placed beneath me. My wife was oblivious to what I had done and she continued to fuck the hell out of me for several minutes more, before she slowed down and withdrew her cock.

When she’d calmed down she told me that she’d been watching herself in the mirror and she’d experienced such a sensation of power when she saw her cock enter me that she’d almost fainted. The strapon had given her pleasurable stimulation, but the huge turn-on for her (and which had given her multiple orgasms) had been the power she felt as she was fucking me and the kinky thrill that she was dominating a man. She looked me straight in the eye and asked me whether I was prepared to accept that, in future, she intended to be the one calling the shots. I replied that I’d never had such fabulous sex with her before, and I was turned on by being dominated by her, so she could henceforth fuck me when she felt like it. She patted my cheek and said,”I intend to do just that.” And, believe me, she has done so since then!

After our first strapon session, my wife and I could hardly wait to do it again, so the following Saturday night was earmarked for session number 2. My wife (by the way, her name is Linda) spent many hours on the internet during the weekday evenings leading up to Saturday, learning more about the pegging “scene”. She told me that, among other things, she wanted to know the correct language to use and she had discovered with great pleasure that she could refer to me as her “bitch”. In fact, while she was researching, I brought her a coffee and she looked at me, smiled and said, “Thanks, bitch”. My mouth fell open at the casual way she said it, so she patted me on the cheek and said, “I’ll be calling you that on Saturday night, so I’m giving you the chance to get used to it”. On another occasion, I noticed that she was examining femdom websites, so I asked if she was finding it interesting. She stood up, kissed me hard on the lips and said, “It’s more than interesting, it’s fucking mindblowing”. That really surprised me, because I’d never heard her use the F-word except during sex, and I rather weakly said, “Oh, I didn’t know you liked it that much, darling”, to which she replied, “When I fucked you, you told me that you were turned on by being dominated by me, and I told you that I was turned on by the power I felt as I was dominating you, so it seems we’ve discovered a mutually ideal situation and I fully intend to explore this further. Don’t forget, I’m the one who’s calling the shots now!”

On Saturday, Linda went shopping to the city, while I eagerly anticipated the evening to come. When she returned home, she announced that there were several bags of shopping in the car and I should carry them upstairs to the master bedroom. She then told me to wait in the spare bedroom until she summoned me. I guessed she was getting undressed and putting on her strapon, but it seemed to take her a long time and I wondered what she was doing. Eventually, she called to me to go into the master bedroom and lie face down, naked, on the bed. She had gone into the bathroom and it seemed to me that she was deliberately keeping me waiting and building up the tension. My cock was hard, as I relished the thought of seeing my wife and HER cock!

I heard the door being opened, but I could see nothing because I was face down. Then I felt a searing pain on the cheeks of my bottom, which made me jump and turn round quickly. What I saw was beyond my wildest dreams: my beautiful wife was now a whip-wielding goddess in black leather. She was adorned in stiletto-heeled thigh boots, a military-style peaked cap. an eyemask, a choker, a studded bra and a short skirt, and she was flexing a riding crop (which had given me the searing pain) between the hands of her shoulder-length gloves. All in black leather! The entire outfit was so thrillingly bizarre that I didn’t know what to look at next, but my gaze soon fell on the bump in the front of her leather skirt. She saw what I was looking at and laughingly said, “So you can see my hard-on under my skirt, can you? My cock’s erect and it wants man-pussy, but it’ll have to wait until I’ve whipped your ass into shape. Lie face down along the edge of the bed!” I did as she ordered and I felt the sole and heel of her boot pressing on my neck as her whip hit my ass and I jumped involuntarily. “Lie still while I whip you!” she commanded, and I did my best to obey her. After several strokes, I began to whimper and she stopped, saying, “That’ll do for the first time. Turn over and lube my cock; I don’t want to soil my lovely leather gloves.” I put plenty of lube on the 7inch strapon, as I had the feeling that she wouldn’t penetrate me as gently as the first time she’d fucked me. When I’d finished, I asked if I could put some lube on my ass. She sighed and said, “All right, but be quick about it. I’m ready to fuck you now, bitch!” I was still applying the lube when she suddenly knocked the jar out of my hand. “That’s enough!” she barked, her eyes steely-hard behind her leather mask. “Get your ass up, you fucking wimp, or I’ll whip the shit out of you!” I started to tremble, partly because I was afraid of the powerful dominatrix I scarcely recognised as my demure, feminine wife, but mainly in excitement at the ass-fucking I was about to receive. And my penis was throbbing, too. Linda was in no mood to care about what my body was doing, as she was intent only on her pleasure. I gasped as she penetrated me roughly and began to ravish me with her cock. “Hey, bitch!” she said mockingly, as her thrusts grew faster, “I’m watching myself in the mirror as I fuck your male cunt, and this is the biggest turn-on of my life. This is how it’s gonna be from now on!” Her cock was doing unbelievable things to me and it was even better than the first time. My ass was sore from her whipping, and now it had her cock in it, and it was WONDERFUL! I had the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced in my life, as my wife rode me like the she-stallion she had become.

Linda kept going for ages after that, until she was totally satisfied and withdrew from my ass. She rolled onto the bed beside me and lay there, resplendent in her leather and with her cock jutting upwards. “That was fucking fantastic, my little bitch-husband,” she said, “and I have lots of ideas to try yet.”

As we lay in bed on the following morning, we discussed where our relationship was heading. Firstly, we talked about our “role-reversal”, with my wife taking the man’s role of being dominant and doing the penetrating, while I was in the (supposedly) woman’s role of being submissive and penetrated. Linda made it clear that, although she had plans to develop the role-reversal theme, she had no desire to use her strapon in a lesbian relationship; no matter how submissive or even feminised I would become, her thrill came from knowing that it was a man she was fucking and dominating. As for me, I said that my pleasure emanated from the knowledge that I was being plowed by a woman and, even if she took the role-reversal idea further, she would still be a woman. I hated the thought of being fucked by a man and I couldn’t even consider “lady-boy” transsexuals because, although some of them look beautiful and have boobs, I wouldn’t be able to get it out of my head that each of them has a real penis and is therefore basically a man. Furthermore, neither of us was interested in threesomes.

Secondly, the type of sex we were to have in the future was decided: Linda told me that she would decide, as the whim took her, whether she would peg me or whether we would have conventional sex. If the former, she would be too busy enjoying herself to care about what I was doing so, if I wanted to, I could jack myself off while she was fucking me. If she chose conventional sex, she would be on top and I would be expected to do whatever she wished to maximise her satisfaction.

Finally, Linda said that she had been thinking about our day-to-day married life. Like many women, she had been conditioned into accepting that a man was the head of the house. We had been married for just under 5 years, we had seldom argued and she had always backed down if things became heated, mainly because I’m taller and stronger than she is, and she’d been afraid that I might get physical and hurt her (although that possibility had never entered my head). Now that she’d learned that I wanted to be dominated by her, and she’d discovered the powerful thrill she experienced when she was dominant, she demanded a change in our relationship. We both have well-paid jobs and we enjoy a good social life, with plenty of friends. It would be foolish to jeopardize these, so we would continue to behave as normal in public, as though nothing had changed between us. However, when we came home and locked the door behind us, my wife would be the boss. I said that we live in a detached house with no near neighbours, and we have no children, so what goes on behind closed doors is our business. Linda pointed out that I was almost correct, but I should have said “her business”. I apologised to her.

Just in case anyone thinks that our “role-reversal” activities mean that my wife and I have somehow changed sexes, I think I’d better put the record straight. What I mean is that we both get a kinky thrill from behaving like the opposite sex. As I said, my wife loves playing the man’s role of being the dominant partner and having a “cock”, whereas I adopt the female submissive role. It is a part of our lovemaking, although we like to extend it into other areas of our private life. And my wife enjoys a hard conventional fuck too (frequently after she’s pegged me), with the proviso that she has to be on top. Everything takes place behind closed doors and, as we live in an isolated house, we can be as adventurous as we like without fear of discovery. In actual fact, that means we can be as adventurous as my dominant wife likes.

Linda has bought several strapons of varying lengths and thicknesses. She loves wearing black leather because it heightens her feelings of dominance, and her leather clothing and footwear collection has become extensive, but her favourite trousers are so skintight that a cock has to be worn on top of the trousers. She usually wears a short thick black one (to match the colour of the trousers) and it is quite something to see her striding about the house, with her trousers tucked into high-heeled knee-length lace-up boots and a cock protruding from her crotch! She also bought men’s leather trousers, because they have a more generous crotch size and they have room for a strapon that isn’t rock-hard rigid. She adores posing in front of a mirror, looking at the bulge made by her cock in her leather trousers, and when she occasionally summons me by calling “Bitch! Come and admire my hard-on!”, then I know she’s in the mood for pegging me good and hard. By way of prolonging the pleasure, she has developed some novel foreplay before she fucks me: she sits in a high-backed armchair by the fireside (which is known as “the master’s chair”) and I have to kneel in front of her while she slowly unzips her trousers and takes out her cock. She loves watching me put a condom on her cock, then she applies bright red lipstick to my lips (you’ve probably heard of women wearing “fuck me” lipstick; well, Linda says I’m wearing “suck it” lipstick), then she orders me to suck her cock. She thrusts it into my mouth to ensure that I get the full treatment, while she says things like “My little bitch-husband’s sucking my cock. I like it!” She keeps one of her riding crops beside the master’s chair and, if my cock-sucking performance isn’t pleasing her, she lets me feel her whip touching my cheek, as a warning. She used to take me upstairs to bed after that, but she changed the routine one day. She suddenly withdrew her cock from my mouth, then she commanded me to position myself over the arm of the chair, with my ass at the correct height for her to enter me. As my wife pegged me on the master’s chair, I couldn’t help thinking ironically that there was no doubt that she was now the master! I said that to her when she’d finished doing me, and she chuckled and declared that it was a fabulous piece of gender-reversal: the wife being the master! She pointed out that she’s the boss and her cock is bigger than mine, so it’s only natural that I should acknowledge her as the Master of the house. Until then, I’d called her “mistress” at home, but she now commanded me to address her as “master”. She, meanwhile, calls me “bitch” or “wimp” or “slave” or any other derogatory term she wishes. For example, one Saturday morning I woke up in bed, turned and saw her still asleep beside me, so I kissed her gently on the cheek and said “Wake up, master”. She yawned, slowly opened her eyes and sleepily said “Don’t tell me what to do, you fucking tart. I’m going back to sleep”. Even when she’s half-asleep, she’s dominant!

Master Linda has long straight blonde hair, parted in the middle, and a beautiful face with blue eyes, smooth skin and a little pert nose. She is fastidious about her hair and make-up, and she looks beautifully feminine with shining hair, glossy pink lipstick and lovely eye-makeup. It’s fascinating to watch as she puts on a military-style peaked black leather cap, a black leather eyemask (which she says makes her feel evil) and a black leather studded (or spiked) choker, and she lets her blonde hair cascade over the black leather of a severe jacket or waistcoat. Her feminine little face is transformed into a powerful dominant countenance, with ice-hard eyes threatening behind her leather mask. She’s 5feet 7 inches tall, but in her 4inch high-heeled boots her face is level with mine (I’m 5feet 11inches) and she’s developed the tactic of tilting her head back slightly so that she is looking down her nose at me. In 5inch heels or more, she towers above me and, believe me, when I look up at her leather-masked face, I wouldn’t dream of arguing when she reminds me that she’s the Master. Some time ago, she added one further touch to make her look (and feel) even more powerful, and also to continue the role-reversal theme: she started smoking cigars. She’d only ever smoked cigarettes occasionally, mainly at social events and never at home, because she knew I disapproved as I’m a non-smoker. When she became the boss, she declared that she’d smoke at home whenever she wished and if I didn’t like it, I could lump it. Then, one day when she was surfing femdom websites, she saw a photo of a domme smoking a cigar. Master Linda reckoned that the cigar enhanced the domme’s powerful image, as cigars have always been associated with power and authority. So, she reasoned, as the Master of the house, she had the authority and therefore a smoldering cigar in her mouth or in her hand would be (together with her black leather clothing, whips and strapons) another visible signal to me of her authority. She started with small cigars but found them too bitter, then she moved on to long slim panatellas, which she quite liked but she didn’t think looked sufficiently authoritative. She then progressed to full panatellas, which she enjoys enormously. When she’s smoking a cigar, she wears short black leather gloves, for two reasons: firstly, she doesn’t want tobacco stains on her fingers and secondly, she adores the elegantly powerful look of a woman holding her cigar between her black leather-gloved fingers. During “normal” (ie non-sexual) times at home, Master Linda smokes shop-bought machine-made panatellas and the aroma of her cigars is greatly preferable to cigarettes. In fact, I must admit it’s a thrilling example of role-reversal to see my wife’s beautifully feminine face with a powerful, dark cigar clenched between her lips. I really get turned on by the sight of her at home wearing my favourite of her “everyday” leather outfits (knee-length boots, skirt, tight waistcoat over a white shirt) while she’s smoking one of her cigars. She made it clear that it’s a mere man’s job to light his dominant wife’s cigars, so when she selects a cigar, I have to hurry to her with a lighter at the ready while she smirkingly issues the command “Slave, light my cigar!” I then have to wait until she takes a few cool puffs of her cigar, and I’m then dismissed when she brings her face close to mine and slowly exhales her cigar smoke in my face. It always makes me cough and she laughingly says “What’s wrong? Is your master-wife’s cigar smoke too strong for you, wimp-boy?” She prefers the more refined flavour of a premium hand-rolled cigar for our sex-sessions and she buys Churchill cigars which she stores carefully in her humidor. It’s a turn-on for both of us in the bedroom, to look in the wardrobe mirror and see her sheathed in kinky black leather and smoking a large cigar while she’s shafting me.

When Linda became the Master, she decide to take steps to consolidate her authority, just in case I had thoughts of rebelling against her (as if I ever would). She decided to improve her physical abilities, so she began working out at the gym and she enrolled in a course of unarmed combat. She had the advantage of not having to get rid of any excess body fat when she started at the gym, so she could almost immediately begin developing her muscles, and she worked very hard at it. She quickly progressed to more demanding sessions and both she and her instructor were delighted to see the speed and extent of her progress. Each time she stripped off at home, I could see how her muscles were developing. As I said earlier, her favourite leather trousers were skintight; they weren’t like that to begin with, but her leg muscles have become far more developed. Her arm muscles became solid and she began to test them by challenging me to arm-wrestling contests. At first, I would win using either hand, but she soon began to beat me when we used our left hands (we’re both right-handed), until the left-hand contest became too easy for her. It wasn’t long before she began to defeat me regularly with her right hand, until I was totally unable to match her. She stopped arm-wrestling me after the time that I nearly did myself an injury when straining with all my might and being unable to move her hand even an inch, while she sat there defying me with no apparent effort, as she casually smoked a cigar with her left hand. When she became bored, she demonstrated her supremacy by clutching my hand in an iron grip that made me wince, then she smashed my arm down on the table. As her muscles have become even more powerful since then, I have no wish to challenge her again. I have no interest in body-building, and I don’t understand her references to bench-presses, abs , pectorals and such like, but when she tells me of each new achievement (such as lifting bigger weights than some of the men could manage), I smile, kiss her gently on the cheek and say “Well done, master”. She likes to strike a body-builder pose and order me to feel her muscles, and I’m amazed how rock-hard they are. She’s become highly proficient in unarmed combat and can demonstrate all sorts of martial arts moves. She used to pin me using judo (or some such) holds, but she soon tired of it, saying that I was too easy to defeat. She wrestled me once and, after throwing me around for a short time, she wrapped her legs around my torso and squeezed so tightly that I had to beg her to stop before she crushed my ribs. But her favourite sport is boxing and she’s superb at it, skilful and strong. She suggested that I accompany her to the gym one evening, as she was due to fight another woman for the title of “Best Female Boxer”. She entered the ring looking fabulous, with her hair tied back in a pony tail beneath her headguard, and wearing a black vest and white shorts. It’s quite something to see one’s wife wearing boxing gloves! Although the other woman was bigger, she was also slower and she was really no match for my wife, who knocked her down twice in the first round. The opponent landed a couple of hefty blows early in the second round, but they didn’t bother my wife, who showed her boxing skills by smoothly evading further punches before unleashing a combination of punches that left her opponent dazed and then finishing her off with a dazzling right hand. If I was impressed by that, it was nothing to what I witnessed a few months later. Master Linda had been confined to shadow-boxing, hitting a punchbag, sparring etc and occasionally fighting the occasional new female challenger, but these bouts were too easy for her. One of the men at the gym had made some disparaging comments about women using equipment that he wanted, and my wife heard this and said that the equipment was for everyone to use, on a first-come, first-served basis. He argued back and soon it was a stand-up argument, with the guy shouting that if she wasn’t a woman, he’d give her a thumping. Master Linda retorted that her sex shouldn’t concern him and if he thought he could beat her, why didn’t he prove it in the ring? The gym officials weren’t too happy, but the women said that there would be trouble under sex-equality rules, so the officials reluctantly agreed to the contest late that night, when nobody but interested parties would be present. Master Linda phoned me and told me to come to the gym, as she was about to fight a man and she wanted me to see her in action. I knew how good she was, but I was afraid that a man would overpower her. How wrong could I be? The man was an inch taller than my wife, and weighed152lbs to her 147lbs, so he should have held the advantage, I won’t go through the entire fight, but I will say that she seemed to skilfully evade nearly all of his punches, taking most of the rest on her arms. The few that did get through didn’t seem to trouble her much, and she scarcely moved when he hit her in the midriff with a solid right hand. When he tried a clinch, she simply shrugged him off, causing him to stumble backwards. Meanwhile, Master Linda was catching him with left jabs to the face, which left blood trickling from his nose at the end of the first round. The men in the crowd were anxiously yelling at him to get on with it, because she’s only a woman, while the female part of the crowd were cheering my wife on. During the second round, Master Linda’s superiority over her male opponent became more obvious, as her jabs were turning his face red and blood was coming from both nostrils and a cut beside his right eye. She was also experimenting with combinations of punches that staggered him. Her fists smashed into his face with regularity, then she drove a piledriver right-hand into his midriff that doubled him up. He took a couple of steps back, then threw a swinging haymaker of a punch that caught my wife on the side of her headguard. It snapped her head to one side and I feared the worst, but she simply resumed her fighting stance and launched a jolting jab of her own that drew more blood from his cut eye. The referee looked closely at his face and it looked as though the fight was over, but the guy refused to concede to a woman and insisted on carrying on. Master Linda sat calmly in her corner, not breathing heavily and with an unmarked face. She had taken his best punches and she was reducing him to a pulp. At the start of the third round, the men in the crowd could barely raise any encouragement for their man, as they knew he was beaten. The women were chanting “Finish him, finish him!” as Master Linda strode aggressively towards her male opponent. She punched him in the face, then doubled him up with a body punch. As his head dropped forward, shemashed a right uppercut into his jaw, nearly lifting him off his feet and laying him flat on his back. The referee didn’t have to count, as the poor guy lay there with his eye almost closed, his face covered in blood and all resistance knocked out of him. My wife stood over the man she had knocked out as the referee raised her arm in triumph and declared her the winner. The men drifted away silently, while the women were going wild, and I was still stunned by my wife’s power and her boxing skills. When we arrived home that night, I rushed to bring a victory cigar and her leather smoking gloves to Master Linda. As I carefully cut the end of the cigar and handed it to her , she said that it was a fantastic turn-on for a woman to challenge a man to a fight, then to see her punches doing damage to him and finally for her to knock him out with her fists. She smoked her cigar with great satisfaction, exhaling her smoke high into the air, then she turned her beautiful, feminine face to me and said “I’ll beat the fucking shit out of you if you ever get any ideas about not being my slave. Do you understand?” I was scarcely able to stammer “Yes, master”, as she puffed her cigar smoke in my face.

And, finally, what has happened to me? Well, my wonderful wife has taught me all about female clothing, make-up, toiletries etc. My body hair is shaved, so that I look feminine when I dress in a maid’s costume or in women’s clothes. I’ve become quite an expert at putting on my make-up and I have several wigs to complement my large (and growing) collection of bras, skirts, sheer stockings, corsets, skirts, elegant shoes, frilly blouses and lovely dresses. Master Linda has taught me to act in a gentle way and to become the demure, pretty woman she once was, and she is delighted at how far we have come in our gender-reversal lives at home. Of course, when we are at work or in public or with friends, we have to behave as society expects from our genders. Fortunately, my wife’s boxing remains a secret known only to the boxing community at her gym. She has had no other fights with men since her mixed match, presumably because men are apprehensive about taking her on. Her inter-gender triumph has passed into history and the furore it caused has died down. Nor has she become a muscle “freak”; she has reached a level of muscularity which both she and wider society find acceptable and her friends admire her and say how well she is doing at the gym. Her beautiful face and long blonde hair soften the muscular aspects of her appearance and she now maintains her level of muscular development, rather than trying to increase it. She doesn’t smoke cigars in public and her leatherwear, strapons and whips (which she only uses on me occasionally because of the problems associated with marking me) remain firmly behind closed doors at home. All aspects of our secret life are hidden when friends call at our house (if there is a lingering whiff of cigar smoke, I say that I have one occasionally) and we behave as a “normal” man and wife do, calling each other “darling” and talking to each other “normally”. It’s only when our friends are going, and we’re standing at the door waving goodbye, that Master Linda surreptitiously pinches my bottom and whispers in my ear “I’m dying to smoke one of my cigars, put on some leather and fuck your tight little ass, you litle bitch”.

Submitted by: Her slave

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  1. bitchboy said:

    I loved reading about Master Linda’s cigar smoking, because my wife Sandra also gets a buzz from cigars. When she smokes a cigar, she says she feels dominant like a man. She loves to relax in a chair, wearing a strapon and smoking an 8 inch long cigar. When I’m on my knees sucking her cock, she exhales her cigar smoke down her nose at me and it makes her randy as hell! She recently began to invite two female friends round for a drink on Saturday evenings and she loved to make me light her cigars while she said things like “I’m the cigar smoker here. You find my cigars too strong for you, don’t you?”, which was her way of letting her friends know that she wears the pants in our house. Then she would tell me to run along and fetch some drinks and she’d blow smoke in my face, which made me cough and made her friends laugh. A couple of weeks ago, the two ladies said how much they liked the aroma of my wife’s cigars, so she offered them a few puffs and showed them how to smoke a cigar properly. One of the friends, Anne, was amazed at how smooth the smoke was. The other woman, Donna, said she loved the flavour of the cigar. Sandra said that they could have a cigar each with their drinks the following weekend and the two ladies said they would look forward to it. So, last Saturday, Sandra produced three cigars, carefully selected to ensure that the ladies fully enjoyed their first cigar evening. Sandra soon made it clear that she was going to really enjoy the occasion by embarrassing and dominating me as much as possible, because she snapped her fingers and said to me “Don’t just stand there, you moron. I’m fed up waiting for you to light my cigar”. When I did so, she made a point of coming as close as possible to me before she slowly exhaled her smoke in my face. It made me cough, but she said to her friends “Ignore his cough. He likes it when I blow cigar smoke in his face. You can do it too later on, if you like”. She then turned to me and said “Anne’s waiting for a light for her cigar. Get on with it.” I offered the light to Anne, who listened to Sandra’s advice on how to get the cigar going. Donna watched carefully and she followed Anne. Sandra was a good teacher and the two ladies were soon relaxing with a drink in one hand and a cigar in the other. Anne politely asked me for an ashtray, but my wife quickly said “You’re much too soft with him. It was his job to ensure that we had an ashtray each and he’s failed to do so. Anne, dear, don’t ask him for an ashtray. Order him to get you an ashtray for your cigar, FAST!” Anne looked hesitant but Sandra gave her an encouraging nod, so Anne looked at me and said “Get me an ashtray for my cigar, FAST!” I replied ” Very good, madam” and scurried off to find another ashtray, leaving the three ladies laughing. I don’t know what was said while I was away, but when I placed the ashtray in front of Anne, she told me to kneel in front of her. I did as she ordered and watched in wonderment as she raised her cigar to her lips, took a long pull and leaned forward to blow a seemingly neverending stream of smoke in my face. I said “Thank you, Madam” as she placed her cigar in the corner of her mouth and regarded me mockingly. Donna suddenly addressed me, saying “My cigar’s gone out. Relight it”. She pointed to me then to the floor, so I knelt down. As she dipped the end of her cigar into the flame, she looked me straight in the eye and I waited expectantly for what was coming next. I had enjoyed receiving a faceful of Anne’s cigar smoke, but Donna teased me by opening her mouth so that I could see the smoke swirling inside her mouth, then she ever-so-slowly puffed a series of little balls of smoke in my face. It was fabulous for me, and even Sandra and Anne applauded. Sandra then dismissed me from the room, leaving me with a tantalising last sight of three lovely ladies smoking cigars with obvious satisfaction. After Anne and Donna had left, Sandra could hardly wait to put on her strapon. As I sucked her cock amidst clouds of her cigar smoke, she told me that next Saturday’s ladies’ cigar evening would be even better. I can hardly wait!

  2. Her slave said:

    My wife (Master Linda) and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bitchboy’s account of his wife Sandra’s cigar smoking and how it makes her feel dominant like a man. Master Linda points out that a man will like to show that he is a “real man” by smoking a large cigar, as well as bragging about the size of his cock. Cigars have therefore always been regarded as for men, so a woman smoking a cigar feels that she’s doing something masculine. When the Master’s smoking one of her cigars, and fully savouring the strong smoke, she loves to tell me how she feels equal to any man, and greatly superior to nearly all men, who simply wouldn’t be able to match her cigar smoking power. As for the size of a cock, when the Master’s sporting a 12inch strapon, she reckons that HER cock is bigger than any man’s.
    Master Linda has the best of both worlds: she is beautiful, and can be utterly “feminine” when she chooses; she is also strong and dominant, and can be forcefully and frighteningly “masculine” when she chooses. She once said to me that she’d love to be in a room with 100 men during a competition to determine the most “masculine” person in the room. Who can defeat men in combat? She can! Who is known as “The Master”? She is! Who is the most accomplished and powerful cigar smoker? She is! Who has the biggest cock? She has! She’d love to hear all the men acknowledge that she, as a powerful woman, could be the most “masculine” person in the room!
    We’ve just returned from a holiday in the south of France, where I witnessed the most exhilarating display of Master Linda’s power since she defeated a man in the boxing ring. One evening, we were having a quiet drink in a small bar, where there were only a few tables, so she decided that we would sit on barstools. She looked gorgeous in a black leather pencil skirt/waistcoat combination and a classy white blouse. When our drinks were served, she opened her handbag and took out a packet of panatella cigars, selecting one, unwrapping it and placing it between her lips (she doesn’t smoke cigars in public in our home town, but she felt confident that nobody who knows her would be likely to walk in to that particular bar at that time). I waited until she had put on her short black leather smoking gloves, then I flicked the lighter and lit her cigar. I had to visit the men’s room, so I asked her permission to go, and she waved me away with a dismissive flick of her cigar. When I returned a few minutes later, I was surprised to see a large guy (who spoke with a Scots accent) obviously attempting to chat her up. As I’ve said before, she is lovely to look at, with a beautiful face, smooth complexion, a pert little nose and long soft blonde hair parted in the middle, flowing over her leather waistcoat. As I approached, I heard her tell the guy to get lost. He looked at me and said that she could do better than me, so she should ditch me and go with him. Master Linda quietly pointed out that I was her husband and he should leave the bar now if he knew what was good for him. He laughingly said that if I wanted to make him leave, I was welcome to try. Master Linda said “My husband won’t make you leave, but you’ll leave all the same”. The big guy sneered at her and asked who was going to make him leave. Master Linda casually raised her cigar to her lips, took a long draw and blew her smoke slowly in his face. “I will”, she said. He momentarily looked stunned, then he laughed long and hard. Meanwhile, Master Linda calmly took another draw on her cigar, before placing it carefully in the ashtray. She slipped gracefully off her barstool, exhaled her cigar smoke through her nose and said to the guy “This is your last chance to leave. I strongly advise you to do so.” He contemptuously replied “Fuck off, bitch.” My wife adopted a boxing stance and I have to say I was seriously worried that she’d bitten off a lot more than she could chew. This guy had obviously had a few drinks, but he was by no means drunk and he stood at least 6feet 2inches tall. Furthermore, he was well built, although he did have a noticeable beer paunch. He certainly weighed considerably more than my wife. Master Linda was wearing low-slung court shoes with about 3inch heels, so she was about 5feet 10inches tall, about 4 inches shorter than her male opponent, who was laughing at her boxing stance. She taunted him by saying that not only was he ugly (which he was) but he was also frightened to fight a woman (which he definitely wasn’t). She then said that, judging by the tiny bump in the front of his trousers, he had the smallest cock in the world, and she started to laugh at him. That did it, and he charged at her, throwing a punch that threatened to take her head off. I gasped, but I needn’t have worried, because she side-stepped and ducked, leaving him unbalanced as his punch hit only thin air. Master Linda was now below him, crouched and ready to strike. Her leather-gloved right fist thumped into his side, making him shout in pain. Truth be told, it was probably a (very illegal in boxing circles) kidney punch, but my wife was unlikely to be concerned about the niceties of boxing rules at that time, as she was engaged in a fist-fight with a man who was bigger than her. He grasped his side with his right hand and he turned, with his left fist raised. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t have a chance to use it because Master Linda swung a left cross that caught him on his left cheek and spun him sideways. She was far more agile than he was, and she knew how to use that to her great advantage. She also had boxing skills, which he evidently didn’t, and as he turned round again, she smashed her right fist into his beer paunch, which really hurt him. He came to a stop, which gave my wife the perfect opportunity to plant a solid left jab on his nose. As he staggered back, she launched a right-left-right combination that sent him backwards over a table, scattering furniture everywhere. As he struggled to his feet, I saw blood streaming from his nose and he was obviously beaten. Master Linda, however, had no intention of letting him off lightly, so she belted his right cheek with a solid cross and drilled her left fist into his stomach again. He doubled over and I could see my wife relishing the prospect of finishing him off with her favourit coup-de-grace: the right uppercut. She smashed her leather fist into his chin and he went backwards against the door, before sliding down to the floor. Master Linda strolled nonchalantly to the bar , picked up her cigar and ordered me to relight it. I did so and she took a satisfying smoke before she turned to face her victim. He was groggily getting to his knees, so she strode over to him, placed her cigar in the corner of her mouth and stood over him, her hands on her leather-skirted hips and her feet apart. She grabbed his hair and snarled into his face “When I advised you to leave, you should have listened to me. Fuck off NOW, asshole!” He stood up unsteadily, his face heavily bloodied, staring uncomprehendingly at the beautiful petite woman who had beaten the shit out of him. As I helped him to his feet, Master Linda quietly said to him “You dared to address me as bitch. If I ever see you again, I’ll put on my strapon and make you MY bitch. If you think you’re in pain now, just wait until you feel my cock up your ass!” I can’t even begin to describe the fear in the poor guy’s face as he gasped and stumbled as fast as he could out of the bar. The bar owner looked in amazed admiration at Master Linda as she calmly returned to her barstool, sipped her drink and imperiously smoked her cigar!

  3. GIL SZARA said:

    Thank you for this story.
    Reading this, I thougth my couple life was translated into english.
    It is amazing.

  4. Her slave said:

    To:- Gil Szara. Master Linda (my wife) and I are intrigued by your comment. Would you like to provide more details?

  5. Cigar slave said:

    I am trying to get my Wife to be like Master Linda. She smokes Castella Panatella cigars. We live in england.
    It would be an honour to meet Master Linda and of course to sample her cigar smoke and her punch.
    Yours in absolute adoration.

  6. Master Linda said:

    Hello, cigar slave. This is Master Linda. My husband says he read your post several weeks ago but forgot to tell me. I’ll deal with him later.
    Tell me more about you and your wife. You say you’re trying to get her to be like me. Does she want to? Is she dominant? Does she use strapons, whips, fetish clothing etc? Does she smoke cigars for her pleasure or because you want her to? This is a femdom site so let’s hear your story.
    Master Linda

  7. Her slave said:

    To:- Cigar slave. I’m really sorry that I haven’t replied to your comments of April 17th. I meant to let my wife (Master Linda) know that you had written, but there were so many other things happening at the time that it completely slipped my mind. When I had a look at this site yesterday, I saw your entry and realised that I was in big trouble. I thought “better late than never” so I confessed my mistake to her. To say she was not best pleased would be an understatement. She informed me that she would reply to you herself, then she would teach me the error of my ways. When the Master says that, she means she’ll hurt me.
    As I’ve said before, Master Linda likes to smoke a Churchill-sized cigar when she fucks me; apart from enhancing her powerful image, it lasts longer than her usual panatella cigars, which means that she can enjoy a lengthy sex session, including preliminaries, on one cigar. Yesterday evening, when she issued her customary command “Slave, light my cigar!”, I felt my hand trembling as I held the lighter to the end of her cigar. As she slowly took several puffs to get the cigar going, I could sense her icy stare. Instead of taking her usual additional few puffs, she performed a beautifully long french inhale and kissed me hard, opening my mouth with her tongue as she exhaled her strong cigar smoke into my mouth and throat. I couldn’t pull back because she had grabbed the hair at the back of my head and was using her superior strength to hold me against her mouth. The smoke made me cough uncontrollably and my eyes filled with tears, which began to roll down my cheeks. I couldn’t see anything, but I heard her usual laughing comment “What’s wrong? Is your master-wife’s cigar smoke too strong for you, wimp-boy?” When I had stopped coughing and wiped the tears away, Master Linda ordered me to stand at the foot of the stairs. I obeyed her without question. She then ordered me to turn round and face her, and I did so. She placed her cigar between her lips and strode towards me. As she reached me, her right hand drew back and she smashed her fist into my stomach, sending me backwards to land on the stairs. She’s a superb boxer and her punches are like sledgehammers, so I was doubled up in agony. She leant forward, yanked my head up, took her cigar out of her mouth and yelled “You fucking wanker. When you see something of interest to me on the computer, you tell me pronto. Do you fucking understand?” I gasped “Yes, master. Please don’t hit me again.” I was seriously worried because, as I’ve related before, although she has a beautifully feminine face with a cute little nose, I’ve actually seen her beat the shit out of two men with her fists. Fortunately, she seemed to realise that she could do some serious damage to me while she was in a rage, so she stopped in her tracks and drew long and hard on her cigar. “Alright”, she said, “crawl upstairs and get undressed. Wait in the spare bedroom.” I obeyed her command and could hear drawers and cupboard doors opening and closing in the master bedroom as my wife donned her chosen black leather outfit.
    If you’ve never experienced huge sexual anticipation and excitement mingled with an element of fear, I can tell you that it is a fantastic feeling. I knew that my dominant wife was going to hurt me some more but I would also be taken to sexual paradise. It seemed like an age before she entered the spare bedroom, but the wait was worth every second. Master Linda had chosen a plunge-necked thigh-length dress with full sleeves, knee-length lace-up boots with stiletto heels and sharply pointed toes, studded gauntlets, an officer’s peaked cap and an exquisite eyemask. She was holding a coiled bullwhip and, clenched between her teeth, she had a fresh cigar which was even bigger than her Churchills (she informed me later that it was a double-corona, 7 3/4 inches long and 49 ring guage!), so she was ready for a lengthy session. She stood in the doorway, with her hands on her hips and her leather-booted legs apart, and she looked every inch a fearsome female Lord and Master. I was delighted to see a pronounced bump at crotch level as her strapon cock strained against her leather dress. As usual, she noticed what I was looking at and she told me triumphantly that she’s superior to men because her hard-on never subsides no matter how long she ravishes me with her cock. Furthermore, she finds it incredibly empowering to point out that, in our house, the woman’s cock is bigger than the man’s. I have to admit that, while I was standing close to her to light her cigar, the sensation of her erect cock against mine almost made me cum (thank heavens I’ve learned restraint because she’d beat me up badly if I came before she ordered me to).
    I’ll have to abbreviate what happened during our lengthy session, because it would take a long time to relate everything that was said and done. Briefly, Master Linda armwrestled me for her own amusement and hurt both my arms and hands with her power; she threw me around for a while, throwing occasional punches, which she said were little more than light smacks, although her punches felt like piledrivers to me; I kissed and licked her boots, then I kissed and licked (and sucked on) her cock; she whipped my bottom while I wore shorts, thereby avoiding whipmarks; finally, she mounted me and she fucked my man-pussy for ages and left me sore and exhausted. During all of that, she taunted me about her mastery over me and she called me her slave, her bitch, her fucktoy etc; she told me forcibly that she will always be my Master, my owner, my commander; she smoked her cigar dominantly, with great relish; and finally, she enjoyed numerous powerful orgasms as she ravished me and revelled in her dominance. At the end, she let me cum by masturbating into a towel, while she laughed and called me a pathetic little wanker.
    Now I’ll surprise you by describing to you the final scene: Master Linda kissed and cuddled me and said that when she feels dominant, our role-reversal means that she is effectively the husband and I am her wife. But she also sometimes enjoys being “girly” and feminine, and she likes it when I treat her like a lady and I am gentlemanly to her. She let me know that, whatever we do, she loves me and she thinks that we have a very happy marriage, even though it’s kinky! So, Cigar slave, if you think your wife would be prepared to embrace a similar lifestyle, then go ahead and broach the subject with her. You did not say what your wife thinks of Master Linda’s exploits, but perhaps if you let me know, I can help you further.

  8. Cigar slave said:

    Hello Master Linda
    My apologies for the delay. I checked for several days after my post but then assumed you no longer visited the site. I am so grateful you have replied, it means a lot to me to be in communication with such a formidable and powerful cigar smoking Master.
    My wife is very Dominant and regards herself as the man of the house. She agrees that you are a good role model for her. A few years ago she discovered as we armwrestled that she is a lot stronger than me and ever since has taunted me with it. At the time I suggested a fist fight and was amazed that she handled her fists like a man and punched so much harder than me. After weakening me with stomach punches, she punched me on the jaw, lefts and rights until my arms dropped. She then gave me several more belly shots and a few more face punches before knocking me down onto an armchair and informing me that future arguments would be resolved with her fists on my face.Since then I have learned to obey her fully and she beats me up for her amusement from time to time and works my belly over more often.
    She can now drop me with a single belly punch and owns several sets of boxing gloves.

    She smokes Castella Panatella cigars, taking long powerful drags and inhaling deeply and she makes a point of exhaling thick jets of her strong cigar smoke into my face wherever she is. She enjoys smoking cigars in public so everyone knows she is the cigar smoker in our marriage and clearly the Master.
    She has decided to get a crop to further punish me and as I am in fact limp dicked she says I must amuse her in other ways including being whipped , beaten up and arse fucked. I am currently training my arse for her large strap on.
    She is careful not to damage me but admits she’d love to knock me out with an uppercut to my chin.
    I hope you approve of my situation and I would welcome any advice you feel would be good for us to live the Master Linda lifestyle.
    You are a true Cigar Master and I will strive to implement whatever guidance you deign to offer.


  9. Cigar slave said:

    Hello Herslave
    Thankyou for the reply. I am envious of you receiving Master Linda’s punch to your stomach .I would love to receive that. Suzanne began smoking cigars at my request 10 years ago but now she loves them. She is also toying with interrogating me as she exhales cigar smoke in my face.She calls me a weak pathetic wimp and loves to bully me and is gradually making me more and more submissive and uses “cigar training” to make me obedient. She exhales cigar smoke in my face and follows it with a punch so I associate her cigar smoke with pain. She says she loves the way I now shit myself when she lights up a cigar and tells me she will soon have me looking afraid of her in front of her family and friends as she wants them to know what a wimp I am. She has told her mother that she beats me and her mum appproves! Her mum has told me she is pleased I obey her daughter and that I am lucky to have such a wonderful wife. Suzanne’s aim is maximum control, cigar training and humiliation for me…all because she enjoys it.

  10. Her slave said:

    Dear cigarslave,
    “Her slave” here. I’m sorry that I can’t use my first name on this site, but my wife is concerned that disclosing both her name and mine could enable someone to identify us, despite the fact that I give no really identifiable information about us. Also, this site is excellent, but there is a delay between posting and the post actually appearing on the site. Unfortunately, this means that I can only reply to you briefly as your posts dated June 24th have come to our attention just as we are preparing to go on holiday, with the inevitable rush to fit everything in before we set off.
    Both my wife and I thank you for telling us about you and your wife. Master Linda pointed out that, even although you are a slave, it hardly seems fair for you to be obliged to correspond with both of us, so she has decreed that all comments from her and you shall pass via her slave, namely me. She has ordered me to inform you that she is delighted with the broad similarity in our lifestyle and yours, particularly your wife’s dominance and her cigar smoking. Master Linda doesn’t understand why, at a time when feminism is so widespread, so few women smoke cigars or even seem to appreciate the terrific effect female cigar smoking has on everyone. For men, a woman smoking a cigar looks self-assured, confident, powerful: she has entered male territory and men will treat her with the respect they would accord to another man but, because she is a woman doing something “masculine”, men are confused by this and are wary of her. And, if she shows the merest hint of authority, men will invariably regard her as superior. All women instinctively notice the effect they have on men, and a woman smoking a cigar soon realises the change in men’s attitudes towards her. When that change becomes deference to her, she invariably finds it exciting and empowering. Judging by what Master Linda has told me and by what I have read and heard elsewhere, women who smoke cigars with authority find that it makes them feel very powerful. And a woman feels tremendously powerful when she puffs her cigar smoke in a man’s face, just as your wife and mine do. Master Linda is especially impressed by your wife’s feeling of power when you shit yourself as she lights a cigar. The Master also likes the idea of following her cigar smoke exhale with a punch, so she is going to start doing that as soon as we return from holiday. In fact, the Master says that she wants to experience the thrill of seeing a man crap himself as soon as she picks up one of her cigars. Furthermore, Master Linda is now considering emulating your wife by smoking cigars in public. So, although you say that your wife regards my wife as a good role model, it can be a vice-versa situation too! By the way, does your wife exhale her cigar smoke in your face in public, or in front of your friends and family?
    Do you address your wife as Suzanne all the time, or do you have a special name for her in private? My wife doesn’t like to be called “Mistress”, because she says that a mistress is a kept woman, a “bit on the side” who is “owned” by a man. She thinks that a dominant woman, who owns a man, should be entitled to be called “Master” as it should be a unisex word nowadays, just as a woman is now a “manager” (not a “manageress”) or her profession is “actor” (not the out-of-date “actress”). Besides, with a large cigar clenched between her teeth and her erect cock protruding from her crotch, my wife ( like yours) regards herself as the man of the house, so she is in fact the Master. She said that you show proper humility by describing her as a formidable and powerful cigar smoking Master. Apart from what you call your wife, what does she call you? A few days ago’ Master Linda called me a new name, when I was bending down to straighten a cushion and she came up behind me and matter-of-factly kicked my ass with her leather-booted foot. I went headfirst into the back of the chair, then shakily turned round and asked “Why did you kick me, Master?” She smirked and said “Because I felt like doing it, cuntface.” I was stunned because she’d never called me that before, and she must have seen the look of surprise on my face because she came right up close to me, with her beautifully feminine butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth face, and said in a high-pitched little-girly voice “Does the big man not like the little girl booting his ass and calling him cuntface? Does the big man want to make something of it and run the risk of the little girl beating the shit out of him with her fists and fucking him up the ass until he cries? What does the big man say to the little girl?” I didn’t know what answer she was expecting, and I stammered “Thank you, Master”. She sneered, patted my cheek and said “Good boy”, then she turned on her heel and strode off!
    We’re also pleased that your wife can beat you up. Does she use her bare fists on you, or does she prefer to use her boxing gloves? Does she own several pairs of boxing gloves because she boxes in a gym and, if so, how well has she done? We’re fascinated to learn about a female boxer who smokes cigars, as we thought my wife was pretty much unique in that respect.
    Would we be right in thinking that your wife hasn’t used her strapon yet? We’d love to hear how your first session goes, as I found it immensely exciting when I first saw my wife sporting her cock and it was unbelievable when she fucked me for the first time. As I’ve said before, the Master likes to sheath herself in black leather. Does your wife? Do tell us more about yourselves (your ages, weight/height, any children, keeping your activities from ptying eyes/ears etc etc), as you seem to be a fascinating couple. We look forward to your next post.
    Best wishes from one slave to another,
    Her slave.

  11. Cigar slave said:

    Hi HerSlave
    Thankyou for your last post. If Master Linda has decreed that I am to converse with you then I would not dream of disobeying her by having the insolence to address her personally. I have never disobeyed a superior cigar smoking Master and never will.
    I agree with Master Linda that women smoking cigars affects men. I go weak at the knees when I see a Lady lighting up a cigar and feel compelled to serve her although this is rarely possible.
    My wife certainly smokes cigars with authority and has imposed that authority on women as well as men, including my ex wife who was very intimidated by her smoking cigars. Suzanne would purposely exhale her cigar smoke in my ex’s face and smirk as she just took it and looked down submissively.I had met Suzanne and almost immediately asked her to try cigars and she took to it instantly and as she liked me, she visited us often and took full advantage of my ex’s submissiveness. My ex would be told to light her cigars and soon Suzanne had her fully under control and began bullying her and flirting with me in front of her. She told my ex that any interference would earn her a slap and later a punch. My ex just submitted to this humiliation and within a few weeks Suzanne moved in as Master of the house, putting my ex to work as a domestic servant and administering slaps and punches to keep her in line.At that time I did not know that She was in fact more than capable of beating me up either.Suzanne allowed my ex to stay in the spare room and informed her that she would be marrying me. She always used her cigar to intimidate my ex and to this day she purposely lights up in my ex’s home just to remind her who is the boss.
    Daily life at home now is based on a regime of bullying and violence. Suzanne advocates domestic violence and although she loves me, she loves knocking me around and says that she loves watching the fear in me grow and feels complimented when friends and family comment on how much of a doormat and a wimp I have become.I am pleased that Master Linda intends to begin a routine of following a facial exhale of her cigar smoke with a punch. Suzanne mainly ties me to a chair to administer her punches but has begun delivering a punch around the house when she smokes a cigar. She says the hit I get from her fist should match the hit she gets from inhaling her strong cigar smoke.On occasion when I’m bending over to pick something up I smell her cigar smoke. I look up into a cloud of her smoke and then..Smack..her fist descends onto my jaw and I hit the floor , head spinning and seeing stars…her laughter echoing in my ears. She calls me a puny little runt and a pathetic wanker at home. Also shitface and cocksucker.
    As regards in public, Suzanne makes a point of exhaling her cigar smoke in my face, during walks, in front of shops, in the car and in front of family and friends. She tells them I like it and that it is a fetish that she indulges…extremely humiliating.
    I address her as Suzanne in front of friends and family, Ma’am in shops and in front of strangers and Sir when we are alone.
    I am pleased that Master Linda recognised my humility to her. In fact I would gladly serve her with total obedience. I consider Master Linda to be my superior in every way. If Master Linda ever requires me to seek a particular type of beating from Suzanne I will ask for it exactly as Master Linda requires.
    Are you in the uk? If Master Linda ever wanted to meet me to beat me up I will attend as required.I actually feel more submissive to Master Linda than to my Wife.
    Suzanne uses her bare fists as well as her boxing gloves on me as her mood dictates.I have to break off now and will post again soon to complete my replies to your last post.

  12. Cigar slave said:

    Hello again Herslave
    Taking up where I left off.Suzanne doesn’t box in a gym but works out on her home gym equipment for 2 hours every day. She has had a few casual boxing matches but will only fight smaller women and one man. She doesn’t want her face marked so will only pick victims who she considers weak or puny. In every case, as soon as Suzanne delivered either a right hook or a straight right to the chin, she scrambled their brains and she then punched them around for her amusement before giving them her finishing uppercut which knocked them silly. One exception was the man whom she hit in the stomach…he just crumpled and she had to be very quick to hit his chin as soon as she realised he was going down. She is at heart a Bully and in reality I think Master Linda would have no trouble toying with her before knocking her out. That is one reason why I feel more in awe of Master Linda than my own wife.Your master has actually mixed it with bigger opponents and battered them senseless.. such amazing power!
    We have been busy recently so as yet she hasn’t fucked me with her strap on and I hope it doesn’t hurt too much when she does it the first time. I will post when she breaks me in.
    Iam 52, 5.9 and 13stones 8lbs, Suzanne is 44,5.7 and 11st 6lbs.We have kids from previous relationships but not living with us. Suzanne doesn’t care who hears me getting a beating. In fact she likes the thought that the neighbours know I’m a battered wimp husband. She says it helps make me docile and obedient in front of them. She often leaves the house with a cigar in her mouth and makes a point of ordering me around for the neighbours to see as we leave the house. She just love to see me humiliated in front of others and enjoys the admiration for her and the smirking faces as the neighbours see me bullied by my wife.
    I have to say I would love to be under Master Linda’s control, and be her online slave if it is impossible to serve her in real life. It would be good to know she could interfere in my marriage for her amusement and know that I am following her orders. If she wanted this I would obviously accept instructions from you if she decided that was preferable.
    I am addicted to Master Linda’s cigar smoking power and her punching power.

  13. Cigar slave said:

    OOps I posted that before it finished.
    I would also like to ask Master Linda if she feels men controlled by cigar smoking women should be allowed to smoke cigars. It was something I was toying with. Or alternatively should they be forced to smoke cigars in an enforced smoking situation so they cough and feel sick because cigars are so strong. Suzanne exhales in my mouth sometimes and tells me to breathe it in and it makes me feel dizzy.
    Suzanne has also considered using me as a suspended human punchbag. Should I ask for this?
    Please let me know how you and Master Linda feel about my posts.

  14. Cigar slave said:

    Hi Herslave
    I hope that Master Linda does start smoking her cigars in public. It will draw admiring looks from both males and females and it will make you feel self conscious and awkward. If she smokes cigars in her car people will notice and if she can smoke at work, her colleagues will become more respectful to her.
    If she has subordinates she could use cigars to make reprimands and discipline more memorable by having chats with her juniors in her car where she can light up a cigar and exhale her cigar smoke casually in their faces. Obviously works best on mouse like types who wouldn’t dare complain.
    Many years ago a cigar smoking lady at work who was supposedly my equal and sat on the other side of the desk opposite me exhaled her cigar smoke towards my face and told me in advance that I had better get used to her cigar smoke. As you can imagine, the more I said nothing the more she did it just to show me that she could. Needless to say she behaved as if she was my boss and although she was several years younger than me, she was comfortable bullying me with her cigar smoke. I recall that she had me spending my saturday mornings cleaning her car at her home while she strutted round with her cigar, pointing out bits that weren’t up to scratch. I loved it of course and she must have known that I was submissive. There was nothing overt at work but she gave me tasks to do for her in a friendly but firm tone and sent me to fetch her coffees and even sent me to buy her cigars when she ran out. I always played with myself thinking about her. Master Linda will cause many men to do likewise if she smokes cigars in public.

  15. Master Linda said:

    This is Master Linda. My slave husband’s been ill since halfway through our holiday so I’m having to type this. I’ve had to stop dominating him while he’s so unwell because he can’t defend himself not that he can do that very well even when he’s healthy. I do love him and it’s worrying that he’s not improving even although we’re back home. Maybe that’s the difference between your wife and me because it looks as though she doesn’t really love you because she’s really just a sadist. Don’t get me wrong. I can be sadistic too and it turns me on tremendously but most of our time together we’re a normal couple. It’s just when I feel randy I like to kick ass. Correct me if I’m wrong but your wife seems to dominate you all the time. I can understand her feeling dominant when she lights a cigar because cigar smoking has to be one of the biggest turn ons for a woman. I feel so powerful when I’m enjoying strong cigar smoke knowing that I can smoke better than men. And I feel like bursting with power when I puff my cigar smoke in a man’s face knowing that if he objects I am strong enough and skilfull enough to beat him to a pulp. Not that many men object because even though i have a sweet face they can see I’m a woman of steel. One smartass bartender on holiday thought it was funny seeing me smoking cigars but by the end of my holiday I had him lighting my cigars and addressing me as Madam while I slowly exhaled cigar smoke in his face. You asked if a slave husband should be allowed to smoke cigars. Don’t be stupid that pleasure is only for dominant wives. It’s your job to make Sir Suzanne’s cigar smoking as pleasurable for HER as possible! In fact I have an instruction for you. The next time Sir Suzanne lights a cigar at home, I want you to get on your knees in front of her and offer to be her ashtray. Thats right you tilt your head back and open your mouth so she can tap her cigar ash on your tongue and you swallow it. I dont suppose it’s pleasant so maybe you need to have a drink handy to help you get it down your throat, but at least you’re showing your submissiveness to your superior lady master. I like you calling your wife Sir and i think the name Sir Suzanne has a nice sound. How does she feel when you call her Sir? Probably as turned on as when my husband calls me Master. After all we women are the real men in our homes. Heres another instruction for you. I want you to address your wife as My Lord and see what her reaction is then tell me. One problem I have in boxing is protecting my nails. It’s even more difficult when I’m punching with my bare fists and I hate having split nails. Being a fighter means I have to keep my nails shorter than Id like them to be but I keep them pretty with lovely nail varnish. Wearing leather gloves when I’m punching helps as well. Hey, does Sir Suzanne like leather? especially black leather? God I nearly cum when I see myself in the mirror dressed in skintight black leather with a cigar between my lips. I feel SO fucking powerful! I wish I had 5 or 6 men lined up in front of me so I could punch the shit out of them with my leather gloved fists. Then Id have them kissing my leather boots while admiting that their Master is a beautiful woman. ME! Anyway I’ve thought of another instruction for you. If Sir Suzanne doesnt own a pair of high heeled thigh length black leather boots I want you to buy her a nice pair. Not a cheap pair! You can be on your knees in front of Her Lordship polishing her leather boots while she relaxes in her chair smoking a cigar. And you can buy her a black leather eyemask. I have several and I feel SO evil when I put one on just like a highwaywoman. I want you to confirm to me that youve obeyed my instructions and then tell me about Sir Suzanne’s reactions and what happened next. Have you got that? I dont think it’s a good idea having you as a suspended human punchbag. It takes too much setting up and it’s dangerous too. I’m sure Her Lordship can punch you often enough and happily enough for her without having you hanging from the cieling. I like how her favourite punch is the uppercut. Mine too. It’s lovely for a woman to punch a man in his stomach and see him double up and his chin drops to the right height so she can put his lights out with one powerful uppercut. God I’m dying to fight a man again. Ther should be more women’s boxing so that plenty of women can get themselves in shape and become real boxers. Then there could be more properly organised mixed bouts wher a man and a woman of roughly equal ability can fight each other so that the woman can experience the thrilling sensation of her fists punching the crap out of a man. Woman power! I ‘ve just remembered something else. You said earlier that you’re limpdicked. Can’t you get it up at all? Not even admiring Sir Suzanne smoking her cigar so dominantly? No wonder she calls you a fucking wimp. Or a nonfucking wimp LOL. Why has she not fucked you before now? Why did you not buy her a strapon before now? How the hell has she had any sexual pleasure if you’re impotent? No wonder she’s become the man of the house. Anyway you’d better get used to the fact that she’ll be the one with the cock from now on. I want you on your knees kissing your wife’s cock and telling her how well hung she is. And I hope she intends to smoke a cigar when she penetrates you for the first time. And every other time as well! Make it happen soon because I want to know how she feels when she mounts you. I’ve got to go now but 2 other things have occured to me. Does Sir Suzanne crossdress you? if not, suggest it to her. Secondly, she presumably reads this correspondence, so I’d like to hear from her, especially her reaction to you calling her a bully! I bet she beat the fuck out of you for that! Get on with all the instructions I’ve given you and give me your reply quickly. That’s an order.
    Master Linda

  16. mark said:

    I have loved reading about your decent, or elevation, (depending on how you interpret it) into your new role, and the way your relationship has evolved. I would like to share my experiences in being dominated by my wife, (former wife).
    As you we began with a fairly normal sexual relationship. I loved sucking on her ass. She had this perfect ass. We also found that I had very sensitive nipples. In order for me to come she would suck on them as we fucked. We always liked her being on top, it worked for the two of us. As time went on I began to like sucking on her Ass more and more. We would make love for hours, she would sit on my chest, put some pillows on my legs and make me into her seat. I loved it. I would suck on her ass for hours. We had a bottle of wine next to the bed. She would sip on the wine, and I would suck on her ass, putting my tung completely in her beautiful ass hole, having her ass cheeks wrap around my face. As the months went by this became an established method of our love making. The only time she had to leave was to get up to pee. I finally got up the nerve to suggest she pee in my mouth. The first time she tried she had 3 orgasms, It was really great. I would suck on her ass, and when she had to pee she would lean forward, pick my head up slightly and place her beautiful cunt over my mouth and put in a steady stream of her pee. I had to learn to swallow it without closing my mouth. I learned fast, and I loved it. It became a normal part of our love making.
    She went from sucking on my nipples to biting them. The more she bit them the more I wanted. We got some clothes pins, and finally went to alligator clips. The more nipple pain I got the more I wanted and needed. We smoked at the time. One evening we were fucking, her on top, and she had a cigarette as we fucked. She started fooling around waving it over my nipples which were already sticking up in 2 clothes pins on each nipple. I pleaded, ” please do it, please”. She touched the tip of my nipple with the glowing cigaret. I loved it, it was a great feeling, my cock stood straight up. This also became a normal part of our love making. The more I received the more I needed. The more she did it the more she enjoyed watching what it did to me. She was taking control of me. I loved giving her complete control. I was not able to take my shirt off in public for weeks at a time until my nipples would heal. I will write more tonight

  17. mark said:

    As time went by we would openly discuss me being her slave. She seemed to like the love making, me servicing her, but she was not into changing our roles, not into any of the role playing that you discuss which turns me on so very much. She started to use a dildo on me. At first it was a hand held one, than later we went to a 2 way strap on so she had one end in her and she would fuck me with the other end. I enjoyed being stretched out. She would tell me that she was going to stretch out my ass and it would never close. This really turned me on. We went shopping together and purchased larger dildos and a series of Butt plugs. When she was not fucking me I was made to keep a butt plug in. These got larger all the time, and my ass hole continued to stretch. Some evenings she would fuck me all night long, and burn my nipples as she fucked me. Over the course of 10 years the tips of my nipples were completely burnt off. I would look at them and it excited me at what she had done. I am forever branded. I loved belonging to her. The thing that finally ended our relationship was other people. At the beginning we would invite a second woman to join us. She liked to share the experience, and she also enjoyed making love to an other women. It was great when she had her friend riding on my cock, she would be sitting on my face, me sucking on her ass, and she would lean forward to kiss her friend, and she would pee in my mouth. NO one else knew what she was doing, peeing in my mouth. That really excited her. Eventually this led to having other couples going in bed with us. This began to cause problems. A good deal of the time I was not into the other women, and she was having fun screwing the guy, and if the reverse happened she would insist I not have sex with the other women. I wanted to return to just the two of us and build on that but she said she needed to be free to fuck any one she felt like. This did not work for me, and we eventually divorced.
    I have married since then but never have been able to have this full sexual relationship that you are having. Keep working at it, you are lucky…..

  18. Master Linda said:

    Cigarslave! I spent a lot of time on my entry (most of which was for your benefit) that was published on August 3rd 2009. You could at least have the decency to give me a reply. Or does your wife object to you corresponding with another woman, even a dominant one like me?

  19. cigarslave said:

    Hello Master Linda

    I apologise for not replying but things have been a bit difficult.

    I did as you instructed and apart from the cross dressing which Sir Suzanne tried for a bit before she tired of it, she told me she was not going to pander to my pathetic perverted desires and started knocking me around even more.

    She did however also begin fucking my arse and it hurt and made me squeal like a pig and she did indeed smoke a cigar as she took me and laughed as I made sheep like noises after the initial squealing.

    A couple of other things have happened.

    Sir had her 18 year old niece stay with us. She is a spoilt selfish girl and also a skilled kickboxer.
    I was worried because she always called me Suzanne’s slave and when she was 14 she beat up one of her uncles.

    Suzanne made no effort to change how she treated me in front of her niece and the girl obviously had no respect for me. The girl took charge of my favourite chair and laughed at me when I asked her timidly to let me sit there.

    Suzanne suggested a boxing match to sort out the pecking order and I was then thoroughly beaten up by an 18 year old girl who made it clear that she thought I was a pathetic wimp.

    After the fight Suzanne told her to feel free to beat me as much as she liked and offered her a cigar. She made me light her niece’s cigar and the girl took long powerful drags, inhaled deeply and exhaled thick clouds of her strong cigar smoke into my face.

    I was bullied mercilessly for the rest of the week.

    Also Suzanne beat me up in front of one of her ex boyfriends who she invited to stay. She then told me that the man would be sharing her bed from now on and I have had to come to terms with being treated badly by them both.

    I was too upset to come online much but I am now getting used to being just a slave to my Wife and her boyfriend.She has even had him fuck me and he loves seeing her beat me up.

    Hopefully she will tire of him and I will once again have her to myself.

    Apart from the emotional side, I am addicted to Female Fists and would never be interested in any woman who didn’t smoke cigars, dominate me and use punches to rule me.


  20. Linda said:

    My husband has been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving treatment. I dont know how it will turn out but I love him dearly and it makes me cry when I think of the worst. Of course we dont think of femdom stuff just now. We want you to know why we wont be writing again on this blog. God bless you all.

  21. Cigarslave said:

    Sorry to hear of your husband’s illness.I hope things work out well Linda.

  22. Majo said:

    All the prayers in the world to you both.

  23. Smoking said:

    Maybe blowing all that smoke to your husbands face wasnt such a good idea afterall.. Unless this is what you were trying to get to? Passive smoking kills you now..

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