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March 24, 2008

Realised A Dream

Since puberty I have always had fantasies about being a slave and after 25 years of highs and lows it has been my greatest fortune to meet a dominant women who understands.

On top of having a slave collar and an agreed contract of ownership Mistress has also had her personal tattoo put on my buttock as well as fitting a CB 3000 which she removes only when she has need of my body for her pleasure.

My slave diary and punishment book is regularly updated. Punishments are varied and often severe.

People panic when they hear the word “sadist” but ours is a mutually beneficial relationship which has been built on mutual respect for each others needs and total trust.

Whilst we don’t live together her domination is 24/7 especially the mental aspect of knowing what lies ahead on your arrival at home.

E-mail is often used to extend her control and I am expected to call her when we are apart at her Country Home in East Anglia. If I am late in calling I often receive 6 punishment strokes from her rattan.

When In London I am expected to keep her London flat clean, tidy, well stocked and comfortable, and often made to do housework in a maids outfit and high heel boots.

I am an extremely luckY man to have realised a dream after years of nightmares.

Submitted by: Paul - UK

3 Responses to “Realised A Dream”

  1. John said:

    rough fantasy!!

  2. jessica said:

    can you please tell me more about different ways you are punished? i am trying to be a better Dom, but am not very inventive. Thx!

  3. empathy said:

    I am very keen to learn more about your “slave diary and punishment book”. Is this published online via a personal blog? If so I would could you please inform us of the address?

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