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October 28, 2006

Forced Femdom

The Analysis of A Forced Femdom Story - Jackson’s War

Jackson’s war is a forced femdom story written by frankg. It tells a story in which Jackson was captured by a sexy female interrogator. He tries to resist and is tortured using cruel and unusual methods. We shall try to analyze the plots of the story so that you will get a understanding why submissive males normally are turned on when reading this story.

Normally, a submissive male starts to get a faster heart beat after reading the following paragraphs:

Jackson woke up with a spotlight in his eyes, blinding him to all but the light. He tried to move but found he was tied down in a chair. His head throbbed with every motion. He ignored the pain and tried to survey his surroundings. It was useless. He was tied firm and the light was just too bright.
“Are you comfortable?” a voice from behind him asked.
Jackson’s heart lept. It was a woman’s voice. It was mysterious, soft, sexy, and very frightening all at the same time. He heard the distinct clicking of a woman’s high heels on the floor approach him. She reached out and grabbed his hair pulling his head back into a painful position. Her angelic face came into view just as she was saying, “I asked if you were comfortable!”

What could happen next? Jackson is captured and he is captured by a female with a mysterious, soft, and sexy voice. Then, the submissive male’s heart beat goes faster,

She had dark hair that cascaded in soft waves effortlessly across her shoulders. Her skin was tanned and porcelain smooth. Her cheeks were high and seductively defined. Her eyes were a hazel green color and burned a hole right through Jackson’s heart. Her mouth was perfectly formed and her lips made Jackson want to pull her in tight and give her a long, deep, passionate kiss.

She grit and bared her teeth as she pulled back even harder on Jackson’s hair. He couldn’t help but to moan out in protest.

She is beautiful and sexy… and any male would like to get close to her… and be with her… and possibly pursue her and to have sex with her…. yet she is also very dangerous…

As Jackson refuses to answer her questions,

She struck out with a front kick to Jackson’s sternum, knocking him, and the chair he was tied to, to the floor…. …


His sentence was cut short by a soccer style kick to his temple. Jackson was immediately knocked out. … …

He heard the sound of high heels clicking on the floor as they approached. Jackson counted the steps as he waited, almost holding his breath. A silken hand reached out and grasped his throat. It was soft and warm and smelled of roses but none of that mattered as it started to squeeze and crush his trachea.

“Are you a little more willing to talk now my little soldier boy?” The voice was soft and sweet but it held an undertone of pure wickedness that made Jackson feel alone and small. … …

Actions of kicking with high heels or boots are always a turn on for submissive males. Submissive males normally not only have a fetish to high heel shoes or boots, they also fantasize the sexy legs of females… the action of kicking involves both… it’s sexy yet powerful… maybe in the action of the kicking, the submissive male could fantasize in getting a glimpse of the female vagina area…

“You’re just so determined to be a brave little soldier aren’t you?” she asked. “That’s perfect! I love to break a strong, willful man.”

She released Jackson’s throat as he took in a deep breath and began to cough. She laughed at his reaction. She circled the table slowly always touching Jackson with one hand.
“You’re body is strong. I can feel your muscles even under your uniform.” She said.
“Why don’t we take a closer look at those muscles?” she said playfully.

Jackson heard the unmistakable sound of a K-Bar being pulled from its sheath. He stiffened in anticipation. She held the knife over Jackson’s face twisting and turning it as she did. The blade was polished silver and reflected even more of the harsh light into his eyes. She slid the tip of the blade down his chin and across his throat. It slid effortlessly under the collar of his OD shirt and even more easily popped the first button from the thread that held it in place. The second and third were as smooth and easy as the first. She continued down his torso slicing each button cleanly off until they were all gone, dancing across the floor as they fell. She dragged the blade back up his torso and held the tip right at the dimple at the base of his throat below his Adam’s apple. She pressed it in just enough not to break the skin. She leaned in, letting her hair fall over Jackson’s face. He tried to resist inhaling the intoxicating aroma but it was futile. She whispered into his ear as she twisted the tip of the cold steel blade.
“I could kill you now with just a flick of my wrist.”
She slowly pulled away purposefully letting her hair tickle his face as she drew back to a standing position.
“Oh my.” She said. “You really are a strong one.”
Jackson’s body was young and strong. He made an effort to keep his physique as trim and lean as possible. Every muscle on his body rippled as he strained against the straps that held him down.
“Are you as well built down here?” she asked playfully as she jabbed the blade into his groin.
Jackson let out a startled yelp even though she stopped short of causing any real pain.
“Oh don’t worry, I’ll be paying very special attention to it before I’m done with you.” She said with a seductively evil tone.

Now she is using a knife… she is sexy and seductive…and she speaks in a seductive evil tone… She will pay special attention to Jackson’s groin area… and what will she do? Will Jackson have to chance to get close to her? Opposite sex attracts… and She has the absolute control… Will Jackson be able to touch her and even to have… with her?

… …

“Well,” she started, “You’ll make the misses a very happy woman.” She paused as she used the tip of the blade to lift his penis into the air. “If I let you keep it that is.”
Suddenly she jabbed the tip of the knife into Jackson’s thigh. He screamed out in pain. She seductively opened her mouth and inhaled deeply as she cut a 4-inch long gash in his leg. The blood flowed freely. It was warm and thick as it made its way down his thigh and unto the table. Jackson trashed wildly under his restraints.

She is sexy yet dangerous… she likes his manhood… but … she jabbed Jackson in his thigh… as she does this, she is yet still very seductive and sexy… Jackson is so lucky to be with such a sexy and beautiful female interrogator… and he has the opportunity to be close with her… Of course the pain is to the extreme and Jackson is with rage… but she says…

“Oh come on now, I think in a different place and time, you would fall in love with me.” She said with a smile.
Jackson clinched his teeth so tightly that his face trembled with rage.
“That’s right,” She started. “Hate me! Hate me with a passion so strong that you want to kill me! It’ll make my job so much more fun!”
She laughed at him as she pulled away and started back in on the suturing of his leg.

Yes, she is absolutely correct. In a different place and time, Jackson would fall in love with her. To a male submissive, he would fall in love with her even in a situation like this because a male submissive likes sexy yet dangerous woman. She is cruel yet beautiful…

The analysis ends here, but the story does not. The story continues with Jackson’s rage and the woman’s cruel methods of torture and domination. This is one of the best stories we have ever seen, and thank you for the author for writing such an excellent story.

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October 1, 2006

Femdom Violence Can Be Sexy

Scouse B’Stard, when writing his femdom fiction “The Thrill of Violence”, added the following comments:

“To a certain degree, I have based this story on a relationship I was in at the age of seventeen. I will call the girl I was going out with Andrea, for that is not her real name. Andrea looked, to me, like the most sweet and innocent girl in the world. But she had an annoying habit of leading other guys on, claim she had been insulted when they made a pass at her, and insist that I defend her honor. I would invariably end up fighting with the poor bastard who had been set up, just to defend her honor. Call me naive, but it took me several months to switch on to the fact that she had planned it all along because she got off on watching men fight over her.

Whether you like this story or not, it is a fact of life (certainly in my youth, anyway) that some girls like to watch men fight. I personally find the idea a bit of a turn on, and am intrigued enough to take it a stage further, and write a story on the subject. My imagination has taken the scenario to its most extreme case, where the young woman of the story gets off on watching her boyfriend beat up and kill people, and she also secretly tortures and murders people for kicks. So no surprises there, then.

In most bars and nightclubs you will see fights break out, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when alcohol consumption is higher. I am sure you will agree that most people who witness them hold their hands up in horror, glare disapprovingly, and even attempt to stop them. But next time you’re in a place when the fight breaks out, look around you at the other people, and you may be surprised. I guarantee that a fair proportion of the audience will have vindictive half smiles, there will be lips being licked with relish, laughing, cheering, encouragement and some rather nasty suggestions on how one guy should maim or kill the other. In short, they enjoy watching people fight. I am also willing to bet that some of the most eager encouragement will come from young women, even the ones that look as though butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth. Because, as the ancient Romans knew when they put on the public gladiator displays, violence can be a turn on to some people. The chances are, you wouldn’t be on this web page if you didn’t think that too.

If the fight involves a doorman, or bouncer, or whatever you call him in your own country, pay even closer attention. When he has beaten the weedy little drunken guy to a pulp and thrown him out, take a look at how many girls try and score with him. In fact, has anybody ever seen a bouncer with an ugly girlfriend? That’s the natural selection process kicking in, and like I said, violence can be sexy.

Whilst writing this story over the last few weeks, I discussed the general subject of violence with seven different girls, either through E-Mail or in “Innocent” conversation over a beer. It may interest the reader to know that five of the women were thrilled at the idea of watching men fighting over them. One of the others said she did not need to see the actual violence, but the thought that a man was capable of it was a turn on to her.

Amongst friends of both sexes, I also canvassed opinion on one of the scenes in the story, which uses the idea of a girl forcing a guy at gunpoint to lick sperm out of her pussy prior to killing him. The reason for this being (apart from the murderess having a nice time as she gets her pussy eaten) that the murder would be blamed on a homosexual rape when the post mortem revealed the contents of the victims stomach. I found the results of my very limited survey to be quite amusing – Every man expressed disgust to varying degrees, whereas every single woman thought it was a pretty neat idea, in fact two of the girls who saw the rough drafts selected the scene as the best part! I should add that my intention was never to offend homosexual readers by including such a plot in the story, as in my view they already take enough unjustified criticism from society. I suppose I must also take into account that some of the women were into sites like this, and so my “Survey” results were therefore not totally representative of the public in general. It makes you think, though, doesn’t it?”

To validate this, we’d be interested in the views of you the reader on any of the above points, even if it’s to tell us that you think Scouse is talking crap. We love reading the small amount of mail we do receive, and try to reply to them all. Criticism, new ideas for stories and quick little notes just to say hello are also most welcome from anyone. Please contact us.

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