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September 11, 2006

My Australian Goddess

I walk into your house and you are wearing black pair of stockings, garters, thong and push up bra. you see my hardon pop up in seconds. you smile and say to me: “You weak fucking bitch. I can fuck you over in so many ways and you keep coming back for more because you and your cock crave the way I humiliate you and let you know that you are my inferior.” You walk toward me and smile as you squeeze my balls, hard!! I moan and jump a little as you laugh and say: “mmmm take it bitch, take that pain…..its good for you.” I take it as you squeeze my balls and laugh.

You finally let go and push me onto the bed…then you grab my hair and pull my head to your pillow. Once there, you cuff me to your bed and you sit on my face, wiggling your sexy ass on it as you order me to rim you. I start licking all over your asshole as you rub your pussy and feel my wet tongue on your asshole, wiggling in circles over your tight, hot ass. My cock and balls are throbbing as I am forced to submit to getting you off first. I lick your asshole until you tell me to stiffen my tongue up….and when I do you lower your pussy onto it so I can taste your pussy too.

I start moaning as you fuck my tongue….pumping and grinding on my wet face as you get yourself off on my whimpering, slobbering tongue. your pussy muscles start clutching my tongue as my face moves up to meet your downward moving pussy. we now move in unison as your pussy juices, ass taste and my saliva all join for an intoxication mixture. I feel you begin to tremble on my face and then you start screaming as your moisture pours out and onto me. I am lapping it all up as you moan like an animal….feeling my probing wet tongue between your thighs and over your thighs. You finally lift up and sit on my stomach.

You are still shaking from your orgasm as you look at me and say: “I’m not going to touch your fucking cock. That is your punishment for not eating my ass and pussy every day.”

You sit there smiling as you watch my frustrated eyes from my cock throbbing. You say to me “What’s the matter Rob? Is your dick hurting and aching for me? Do you need me and my beautiful pussy? Do you need my ass and tits? Do you need * pause* my feet?” With that you stick your feet on my face and order me to lick them. I start licking on your feet…whatever you put on my mouth. Your toes, your heel, your arches, your bottoms….whatever it is….I lick it. Devouring your sexy feet as my cock and balls throb in pain.
You keep moaning as I lick your feet. Moaning, yet you keep calling me bitch and telling me to beg for more. I alternate my pleases with licks as I follow your order.

Finally you pull your feet away and uncuff me. “Jack off,” you order. I start to beat off in front of you as you watch me. You watch my thrusting hand wrapped around my cock….my cock head soaking wet as I build toward cumming. You time it just right and as I am about to release you put your hands out and catch my cum in the palms of your hand….. so thick, white, hot and creamy. You smile as squirt after squirt lands in your hands.

Once I stop squirting cum, you smile with an evil glint in your eye. “Get on all fours” you whisper to me. I get on all fours. You whisper: “very good bitch… and now you are going to be my horse and eat cum from your Goddesses hands…. just like a real hose eats sugar cubes.” You have me on top of your bed on all four and you are standing on the floor next and you put your cupped right hand under my mouth and say: ‘Eat it horsie.’ I move my mouth and tongue into my own sticky mess in your beautiful hand and licking it clean for you. Then you move your left hand under and say “Cntinue.” I repeat and lick my cum from your hand….all of it. My entire load now in my own stomach, throat and lips. You say: “Good horse” as you push me onto my back and tell me to tongue fuck your ass now. I start to tongue fuck your ass as you push yourself onto my face and finger your pussy until you cum again.

Finally you lay there and take your panties from the floor and make me put them on. I do as you order and then you tell me to wash your dishes as you take my credit card from me and order 5 new matching sets of panties and bras from Victoria Secrets over the phone. I can hear you laughing from the next room as you tell the woman taking the order.

Submitted by: Rob

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  1. Ezra Pound said:

    Can I join you in submitting to your godess?

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