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December 27, 2005

Mean Xmas

The fantastic Women at Mean Bitches sent me a lovely card for the Holidays which I thought I’d share with you all.

Happy Xmas from Mean Bitches

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December 26, 2005

Cocktail Hour Sluts

They could hear the rush-hour traffic noises outside the hotel room window as the five o’clock sun streamed in the window. The heat in the room was stifling and she threw open a window; not caring who looked up and saw her in her black-lace bra, black fishnets and spike heel pumps, running her manicured hands through her dark hair, which made her look more sexy and wild than ever. She had to deal with the window, since he was naked and tied to the bed, his tall strong body spread out flat on his back, his arms and legs secured to the wooden bedposts with strong white ropes that had been tightly knotted by her expert hands.

She walked back to the rickety bed and lit a cigarette, “Want a light, babe?” taking a long slow drag, and slowly exhaling the smoke across his face.

“Yes, please…” He craned his neck desperately towards her, straining against his bonds, as she teasingly waved the lit Dunhill in front of his parted lips before letting him take a puff, knowing how badly he wanted it and more. He took a grateful drag, slowly exhaling the smoke

He gazed at her full red lips as she took a long swallow of whiskey out of the bottle, and let him taste it out of her mouth, plunging her tongue into his mouth along with a cold shot, forcing it down his aching dry throat. She took the chilled bottle and poured an icy stream down his chest making him twist from the shock, straining his wrists and ankles, as the frigid liquid ran down his chest and stomach down to his swelling cock. She followed it down with her tongue, licking slowly, taking her time, sucking it out of his belly, pouring more over his cock and watching him moan from the burning, try to wriggle away, laughing.

“You want me to stop?” she purred in her low, husky voice, looking up into his pleading eyes.

“No….don’t stop….” Squirming uncomfortably, he couldn’t help but start to feel incredible pleasure and warmth spreading from his wet sticky cock. He felt himself growing from her attention, swelling as she licked the burning sweet whiskey off him.

Leaning over his whiskey soaked-cock, she plunged it down her throat as her fingers gently worked their way underneath him. She feverishly licked his uncut shaft inside her hot mouth while her hands lifted his ass towards her face, pushing his cock deeper in her throat as his breathing got faster, harder. He could barely stand it, but didn’t want her to stop. He felt her sticky hands separating his quivering ass cheeks.

“I know what you want, you dirty slut,” she growled. “You want your ass fucked, don’t you baby…don’t you, my little whore.”

“Yes…yes…fuck my tight slutty ass baby…please…” She looked up at him, directly into his pleading eyes, all the while sucking his cock, and then he felt her damp fingers tracing his sweaty sticky asshole. Suddenly, she plunged one finger inside, his tight ring closing around it, and he moaned and writhed against her helplessly as she began finger-fucking him, pushing deeper on every thrust.

“Ohhh…fuck me harder, baby, please….”Her second finger eased in to join the first, twisting around and touching each raw pulsing nerve, her mouth tight on his swollen cock. She can feel that he is about to burst, but wants this to last.

Taking one last long, slow lick of his cock, she raised her head and looked him in the eye. “My little bitch slut isn’t coming, or going, anywhere yet…” She eases her fingers out of his tight little asshole as he grunts in agony, thinking You fucking bitch, you fucking tease….

Her tight pussy was soaking wet, and she wants her slut to serve her now. “Put your tongue to

good use, you little whore, cum sucking whore, and then I’ll let you cum all over me, I’ll be your cum slut.” Grabbing the bottle of whiskey, she kneeled over her helpless tied-down slut and poured it over herself, down her amazingly full tits and her belly, running down into her dripping cunt. She poured some down her back and lets it run down the crack of her sweet round ass. He watched her breathlessly, waiting to catch a drop streaming off her sexy hot body.

Throwing one strong stockinged leg on either side of his panting face, she straddled him. “Let me make this easier for you, you tied-up little bitch,” ripping a hole in the crotch of her fishnets, exposing her swollen dripping cunt and tight bourbon-soaked asshole to his open mouth. Her pussy juices and whiskey streamed onto his face as he licked her cunt lips and flicked her hard throbbing clit with his skilled tongue. She rocked back and forth, moaning, grabbing his restrained wrists and pulling them up hard. Sliding over his face, he tongued her tight little asshole, making her gasp loudly. He sucked the incredible juices out of her cunt and plunged his tongue deep into her as she moves her fingers downward, rubbing her clit and screaming. All at once she exploded, her hips and legs shaking, wave after wave of cum and whiskey soaking his face and lips and tongue. Now breathless, she felt fucking incredible, and was raging to make him cum on her now.

“Your turn,” she moaned. She slid down his body and kissed him deep, licking her wet pussy juices off his face as her entire body still trembled from coming so hard. Taking a long swallow of whiskey, she grabbed his ass and shoved her tongue up his asshole, shooting the liquid inside, causing him to cry out from the shock. She grabbed a large black dildo and rapidly lubed it up while frenetically licking his cock, now swollen huge and throbbing.

She said breathlessly, “Cum on me….let me be your little cum slut now…Let me fuck your ass and make you cum for me baby….” She inserted two fingers into his very wet asshole, moving them back and forth, and starts slowly jerking his cock right at her face.

“Fuck my ass….fuck my slutty ass baby….fuck my ass now…” She placed the lubed-up dildo in her hand and gradually replaced her moving fingers with the dildo inside his asshole. He moaned loudly and raised his ass high off the bed as he could as he felt the thick cock enter him. Almost immediately, she felt his balls tighten and his cock swell even more in her hot sticky hand.

She moved her hand over his long hard shaft, pointing it towards her face and moaning softly, “Cum on me baby….” As she rhythmically fucked his ass with the dildo and jerked his cock, he suddenly let out a huge cry as loads of cum spray hard out the end of his massive cock, splattering on her face and hair and hand, dripping on her mouth and chin, wave after wave that she licked as it traveled downwards.

“Ohhh yes, cum on me…”

Still holding his twitching cock and leaving the dildo in his ass, she moved up to his face, her face covered in his cum, and the two cum whores licked their cum off each others faces, just to spit it and kiss it back into each other’s slutty mouths.

Author: bourbonslut


December 8, 2005

Mistress Sidonia

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of coming across The English Mansion, the domain of Mistress Sidonia von Bork.

Mistress Sidonia has also enlisted many of Her dominant friends who have varying styles of domination to participate in films for Her website. These are all real Mistresses, not models, many of whom are available for sessions.

Wow what a place. So many sessions and fetishes catered for. Check these links for the areas and free movie clips, Upstairs is the Boudoir where Mistress Sidonia and Her friends revel in the pleasure they seek from their subs. With sex slavery, face sitting, forced masturbation, strap-on’s and general worship. It’s the ultimate paradise for a sub.

Downstairs is the Dungeons where more extreme BDSM is practised. Hard CP, CBT, spanking, and watersports.

Then we have the Barracks area outside where cruel uniformed Women interrogate, humiliate and torture Their slaves.

The next stop on the Mansion tour will take you to the Clinic. Examinations here take their subjects into extremes of invasive medical procedures including enemas and enforced liquid consumption.

The last area of the Mansion is the Home Office rooms where domestic and office discipline is the order of the day. Buisness Women in smart suits, stockings and high heels hand out punishment.

There are currently over 700 Movies plus over 3500 extreme photos at the Mansion and growing everyday with updates. Check it out.

Mistress Sidonia
Mistress Sidonia von Bork

Visit and Serve At The English Mansion Here