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November 18, 2005

The Dominant Wife

Your wife is out on a date with a new lover and you are at home waiting for her to return.

The tension has been building all day and you’re in a right state, nervous, no appetite, not been able to get anything done.

You’ve spent time with her earlier this evening, seen her bath and helped her get ready, chosen some sexy underwear with her, stockings, nice heels and a revealing outfit. Plenty of leg and cleavage on show. Expensive perfume and lots of makeup. You’ve also given her more than enough money to pay for the meal and anything else they plan to do for the evening.

She left at 7pm with a ‘don’t wait up’. Now it’s Midnight and no word. You know she was meeting him at the Italian restaurant in town and she said they may go on to a club. They might have finished the evening early and she could be back at his place now. You pace the room, trying to be calm. Another glass of wine will help and I’ll try and watch some TV…

It’s 3am now. You’re in a terrible state. Should I maybe get ready for bed? She might not be coming home at all - that is a sobering thought. You climb into bed but sleep is just impossible. Your penis is hurting from the near constant erection you’ve had all night. You try and imagine how the evening has gone for her, what they chatted about, did the conversation turn to sex? did they mention you? could she be telling him how inadequate you are? where could she be now? what could she be doing at this precise moment? You’re driving yourself insane…

4am. Lying on your back and staring at the ceiling in the bluish gloom of the night you suddenly hear the key in door downstairs and you nearly have a cardiac arrest. She’s home. You can hear her putting the keys on the hook and coming straight upstairs. Your heart beats faster, you’re deafened by the thumping of it in your ears. The bedroom door handle turns and opens and she’s standing silhouetted in the doorway. Not saying a word she comes over to the bed and starts to climb on top on you. You smell cigarette smoke and alcohol on her and another stronger smell, a masculine smell of sweat. Although it’s dark, as one leg goes over your head you notice a ladder in the stockings. She slowly places her panty-covered pussy on your face and pushes hard. The smell of sex is overpowering. They are very damp and she has obviously been leaking onto them on the way home. She then pulls her panties to one side and seconds later you are consumed in a fusion of cum and pussy juices and you frantically start to feed. The aromas are very strong, there is a salty, bitter flavour as well as a musky and bleach-like smell. You are literally smothered and it doesn’t take long for her to orgasm. You know you have performed your role well for tonight. She even may allow you to watch next time.

She quietly climbs off your face and heads to the bathroom without a single word…

Author: Trash

8 Responses to “The Dominant Wife”

  1. leo said:

    Very well written and very exciting! A fine post and a fine blog!

  2. Ant said:

    Where do i find a wife like that :)
    Great story

    Throb throb

  3. etiene said:

    Very enjoyable. Loved the story.

  4. mike said:

    this is a husbands true place.the wife has control and should do anything to be happy.i would suck her date off if it made her happy.

  5. Dick said:

    I would love to next undress her and take her bra, panties and nylons into the bathroom and hand wash them out and hang them up to dry. The next morning I would take the clean lingerie, fold it up and put it away in her lingerie drawer so they would be clean and available for her next date.

  6. Beenthere said:

    I was married to a very beautiful and sexy woman who would bring her black boyfriends back to our home for me to serve drinks, change sheets and perform cleanup duties. It was extremely satisfying for all of us.

  7. vd said:

    fantasy : u n ur wife or hot girlfriend are alone in a hotel where three men come one is boss who is old man and two are young who are his subordinates makes u slave in front of her and she also keep enjoying with that old boss who keep whiping and punishing u in front of her and make her slave. they both keep dancing kissing infront of u and u only can see helplessly.

  8. Linda mistress Deniro said:

    Hello dude! Dominatrix are my passion, please write far more and I will arrive back day-to-day to check you !

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