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November 12, 2005

Smother Me Now

3 top quality mixed galleries today from the fantastic Smother Me Now and Roman Video.

Bella Donna and Calli Cox
Mistresses Bella Donna and Calli Cox having a ball with this wimp

Brittany Andrews
Goddess Brittany Andrews and her girlfriends are ready!

Can't Breathe
Too heavy for you? Tough take it!

5 Responses to “Smother Me Now”

  1. driver1 said:

    Too heavy?? Take it is right. If more women treated their men like this the world would be a better place!!

  2. shampali said:

    i wish i see more women use brute strength to choke the life out of men’s windpipes

  3. Linda said:

    I wonder if there are figures available eg from the NHS about injuries and fatalities that occur during FD lovemaking? Lots of women enjoy getting licked - I do! - and sitting on a guy’s face is good because you can use his nose against your clit and rub yourself off very nicely. My guy is always red faced and gasping by the time I’ve had my go and I can quite imagine that accidents do occur - Whoops! i’ve sufocated the bastard! Surely its not easy for the authorities to say “O you meant to do that” - even if you did! I bet there are figures somewhere and ditto injuries to male genitals. Love Linda

  4. darkening said:

    I find the thought of a woman strapping me down, choking me and even suffocating me, such a turn on. wish I could meet a sexygirl hat just loves to do some choking. what a turn on!!

  5. goober said:

    I find the idea of a dominant wife who would strip me, tie me to the bed, tease and deny me ( only letting me cum just every once in a while ) to be a gigantic turn on !!!!!!

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