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November 18, 2005

The Dominant Wife

Your wife is out on a date with a new lover and you are at home waiting for her to return.

The tension has been building all day and you’re in a right state, nervous, no appetite, not been able to get anything done.

You’ve spent time with her earlier this evening, seen her bath and helped her get ready, chosen some sexy underwear with her, stockings, nice heels and a revealing outfit. Plenty of leg and cleavage on show. Expensive perfume and lots of makeup. You’ve also given her more than enough money to pay for the meal and anything else they plan to do for the evening.

She left at 7pm with a ‘don’t wait up’. Now it’s Midnight and no word. You know she was meeting him at the Italian restaurant in town and she said they may go on to a club. They might have finished the evening early and she could be back at his place now. You pace the room, trying to be calm. Another glass of wine will help and I’ll try and watch some TV…

It’s 3am now. You’re in a terrible state. Should I maybe get ready for bed? She might not be coming home at all - that is a sobering thought. You climb into bed but sleep is just impossible. Your penis is hurting from the near constant erection you’ve had all night. You try and imagine how the evening has gone for her, what they chatted about, did the conversation turn to sex? did they mention you? could she be telling him how inadequate you are? where could she be now? what could she be doing at this precise moment? You’re driving yourself insane…

4am. Lying on your back and staring at the ceiling in the bluish gloom of the night you suddenly hear the key in door downstairs and you nearly have a cardiac arrest. She’s home. You can hear her putting the keys on the hook and coming straight upstairs. Your heart beats faster, you’re deafened by the thumping of it in your ears. The bedroom door handle turns and opens and she’s standing silhouetted in the doorway. Not saying a word she comes over to the bed and starts to climb on top on you. You smell cigarette smoke and alcohol on her and another stronger smell, a masculine smell of sweat. Although it’s dark, as one leg goes over your head you notice a ladder in the stockings. She slowly places her panty-covered pussy on your face and pushes hard. The smell of sex is overpowering. They are very damp and she has obviously been leaking onto them on the way home. She then pulls her panties to one side and seconds later you are consumed in a fusion of cum and pussy juices and you frantically start to feed. The aromas are very strong, there is a salty, bitter flavour as well as a musky and bleach-like smell. You are literally smothered and it doesn’t take long for her to orgasm. You know you have performed your role well for tonight. She even may allow you to watch next time.

She quietly climbs off your face and heads to the bathroom without a single word…

Author: Trash


November 12, 2005

Smother Me Now

3 top quality mixed galleries today from the fantastic Smother Me Now and Roman Video.

Bella Donna and Calli Cox
Mistresses Bella Donna and Calli Cox having a ball with this wimp

Brittany Andrews
Goddess Brittany Andrews and her girlfriends are ready!

Can't Breathe
Too heavy for you? Tough take it!


November 8, 2005

My Dominant Girlfriend

I’m typing this with a cock cage on and locked, a thick plug in my ass, and my girlfriend’s panties on. She is allowing me to type this as a break from my daily chores. I used to visit this site in my free time when I needed to kickstart a fantasy, but here I am living one, and this is how it all happened.

I usually read those BDSM stories about females dominating their men. It always turns me on to imagine feeling submissive toward a fine woman. My girlfriend ended up finding out what sites I’d been visiting and which stories I read. I’m sure she was mad at first, but she didn’t show it. She decided to surprise me instead.

So I came home one night to find her lying on the couch wearing the tightest thigh high boots I’d ever seen, all black with thick heels. She had on a black latex corset I had never seen before, which her tits were hanging out the top. She had on a gray wool biker hat, with two cute pigtails hanging from the back. Finally, to my complete surprise, was a fat, very realistic strap-on cock protruding from her very wet crotch. My jaw must have dropped.

“Come here” she said to me, in a very demanding tone. “I want you to tell me all about these sites you’ve been looking at,” as she handed me a printed out list of the sites and very recent dates that they had been visited. “Right now,” she nearly shouted, “tell me everything you like about this sick shit.”

I didn’t know what to say, or what to think. On one hand, I was so nervous that she was going to end our relationship that I wanted to deny everything. On the other, she was certainly dressed up for a good time, and I had probably subconsciously wanted her to know everything about my fantasies anyway.

“I’m sorry,” I stuttered, hoping she would be nice about it all.

“I don’t care if you’re sorry or not, I want to know what dirty little desires you’ve been hiding from me, right now!”

“Ok, ok” I explained, “I’ll tell you what I like.” I was still a bit shocked, and had no idea where to start.

“It seems to me like you’re a submissive little bitch, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. She had never spoken to me like this. “I’d like to,” I told her.

“Oh, you’re gonna be, boy, you’re gonna be my little panty slave. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she taunted. “To be my little panty slave. I read those stories you’re constantly reading. I think you’d like to be treated like a little slut, and humiliated in front of me, wouldn’t you?”

“I would like that,” I informed her.

“I know you would, you little bitch,” she snapped at me, “and you’re going to be following my rules from now on, you got that?”

“That’s fine” I muttered, still unaware of what to think about all of this, but unable to stop looking at that big cock she suddenly had.

“”No, that’s not fine,” she barked at me, “that’s perfect. That’s exactly what you want, and you will refer to me as either madam, mistress, or master at all times, do you understand me?”

“I do, I do, I’m sorry madam,” I said, still amazed at this turn of events.

I must stop writing for a moment as she has instructed me to put in a larger plug. I’m currently being trained to take the fattest cocks deep in my ass.

“Now tell me again, you want to be my little bitch, and you will follow all of my rules,” she ordered.

“I’m sorry madam,” I said with my head down, “I do want to be you bitch, I do want to follow all of your orders. Thank you for your willingness to discipline me.” I had completely given in, and I still hadn’t even had time to think about the effects this would have on my life.

“Much better,” she said calmly. “Now tell me about me about your dirty little fantasies. You’ve been staring at this cock like you want it in you this whole time. Is that right? Do you want this cock, you little slut?”

“I do, madam,” I said, amazed at what was actually happening to me.

“Do you want to suck me off like a slutty little cocksucker, or do you just want e to fuck your brains out until you come all over yourself?”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying to me. “I want to do whatever you tell me to do, madam.”

“Wrong answer, buddy,” she informed me. “I want to hear you say how much you want this big cock, right now.”

“I want to suck on your big cock, madam. I want you to fuck my little ass hard and fast until I come all over myself. I want to be your slutty little slave.”

“That was the right answer, my pet. But you’re going to be punished for taking so long to get it right. Now come over here and strip. I’ve got quite a first night in training planned for you. Bend over the couch with your cute little ass high in the air.”

I was naked very fast, and soon after found myself bent over the couch with my butt exposed to her. She gently rubbed my cheeks, spreading them and grabbing them, teasing around my rosebud, never touching it but coming awfully close. She then stopped, and told me to stay put. She came back only a minute later with a large bandana, rolled up in a flat line. She covered my eyes very securely, and asked me if I could see.

“I can’t, madam,” I replied. I cock was dripping come at this point, I was so turned on. I know that because she scooped up a big drip that was about to fall off, and spooned it into my mouth with her finger.

“Suck it off, like the little cum crazy whore you are” she laughed, knowing she was completely in control.

Then I felt my punishment. She spanked very hard on my left cheek, making my grunt. Then another, and then another, all on the same spot.

“Are you reading for your spanking?” she questioned me.

“Yes madam,” I replied.

“Very good,” she said. “I want you to count out the spanking I give you, so I can hear them clearly. We will give you ten spanks for giving me the wrong answer.”


“One,” I said, still hard as a rock and dripping cum.


“Two,” I muttered in a mixture of pain and ecstasy.

All the way to ten, she spanked and I counted. At the end, she told me I did very well, and told me to stand up. “In the bathroom is a note and a list of instructions that you to follow and complete within the next three hours. I will be going out on a date with a man I met on the internet through your dirty little websites.

“What?!” I exclaimed, startled by the thought of my love on a date.

“That’s right,” she told me quite confidently. “And that’s going to be just fine with you. And if it isn’t, then I’ll send your boss and coworkers the tape we just made of you telling me how much you want my big, fat cock.” She walked over to the camcorder, which I hadn’t even noticed until right then, put the tape in the VCR, and pressed play.

“I want to suck on your big cock, madam. I want you to fuck my little ass hard and fast until I come all over myself. I want to be your slutty little slave,” I listened to my earlier spoken words as my whole body turned red in embarrassment, I knew she was right. She could do whatever she wanted now, and there was nothing I do about it. She was in complete control.

Author: Jaytunes