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October 30, 2005

Mistress Karin Interviewed

My first interview and what a lucky boy I am to have the incredible Mistress Karin von Kroft as a subject.

I was captivated by this beautiful Woman from the first moment I saw Her. She is so unique in Her look and the way She works Her sub. Her extreme practices involve BDSM, facesitting, smothering, golden showers, strapon training, discipline, CBT, footworship and toilet training.

To serve this fine Lady would be a dream.

Mistress Karin it’s a honor to have You part of my new blog.

Mistress Karin

femdomfetishblog: What is Your name?
Mistress Karin: Karin von Kroft

femdomfetishblog: Describe Your personality?
Mistress Karin: I am out going person. I like to be in charge but I don’t mind others giving me suggestions. I am always open to try new things.

femdomfetishblog: How did You get into the FemDom lifestyle?
Mistress Karin: My friend was a Dominatrix and she introduced me to the scene. I really enjoyed the things she showed me.

femdomfetishblog: Do You have any piercings or tattoos?
Mistress Karin: At this moment I have only one piercing. No tattoos.

femdomfetishblog: What do You find most appealing about the FemDom lifestyle?
Mistress Karin: I like using men. I like to see them turned on. I like to tease and torture them.

femdomfetishblog: How long have You been a practicing Dominatrix?
Mistress Karin: Since 1999

femdomfetishblog: What type of subs do You prefer?
Mistress Karin: I see only true submissives.

femdomfetishblog: Do You have any full-time or temporary slaves at the moment?
Mistress Karin: No, I don’t take full time slaves at the moment.

femdomfetishblog: Do You have a dungeon?
Mistress Karin: I have a dungeon in Tucson.

femdomfetishblog: What clothing do You like to wear during play?
Mistress Karin: Stockings and high heels.

femdomfetishblog: Describe the most extreme humiliation-based session You’ve performed on a sub?
Mistress Karin: One time I had a slave in very nice restaurant. I had a string tied to his cock. I held it underneath the table. I also tied to this rope a jingle bell and when I pulled on it you could her its tingle around the room. I had his cock outside his pants and I would jerk on it. He had this look on his face that I just loved. I had no panties underneath my dress. I took a wine glass from the table, I put it between my legs as I slid out and I filled the glass all the way to rim. I took the glass from out of the table and poured it over his chicken salad. I filled another glass for him to enjoy with the rest of the meal.

femdomfetishblog: Wow incredible….. Can You be booked for sessions?
Mistress Karin: Yes

femdomfetishblog: What hobbies/interests do You have outside of the lifestyle?
Mistress Karin: I like skiing, tennis and swimming. I like to travel to new places especially in Europe.

femdomfetishblog: Tell us about Your website and what You portray on it?
Mistress Karin: DomKarin.com shows what I enjoy to do to my slaves. It shows how I like to use them for my pleasure. I have lots of pictures and videos that true subs really love.

femdomfetishblog: I am forever greatful Mistress and please forgive me for taking up Your precious time. Thank you.


Here’s a gallery of Mistress Karin administering the strap-on to Her sub.

Mistress Karin

Visit Mistress Karin von Kroft Here

Interview by Trash

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