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October 5, 2005

Lady Samantha

Profile on lifestyle Mistress Lady Samantha

Believes And Motivation
I am a dominant lady based in the UK who believes in female supremacy and consensual power exchange. As a lifestyle Mistress I choose my male submissives very carefully. My toys are expected to amuse Me and satisfy my whims and desires readily and without question. As a politics graduate I have an insatiable need to explore and analysis established political and societal structures. Within my personal relationships I became bored with vanilla relationships and started to look for new answers. I have never wanted the 2.2 children, mortgage and then death ideal of conventional society and began to question the very nature of traditional male female relationships. Unlike some of my female friends at school the idea of becoming a homemaker and house wife (married to the house!) was anathema to me. This drew me to the fascinating and liberating alternative lifestyle represented by female supremacy. I have always been drawn to the darker side of human nature. I love exploring the newly found domain of female domination and male submission. I am always discovering new and deliciously wicked ways of teasing and tormenting my chattels. My site follows this exploration and offers an insight into my world.

Fetishes & Desires
I adore fetish clothes. My particular passions are leather and PVC. Footwear is also very important I have a boot and shoe collection that rivals Imelda Marcos and is still growing! In spiky stiletto heels or sexy thigh high boots I am over 6ft tall and love to tower over my victims. As for particular fetishes and perversions well the list is long and will no doubt have had some additions by the time you read this! I most definitely enjoy administering corporal punishment and severe beatings to my slaves. I get enormous satisfaction from inflicting pain. Although the dance of desires between Mistress and submissive is played out in many ways. Other favourites include ball kicking, commanding slaves to worship my feet and boots, nipple torture and a good old fashioned spanking. A nice rosy piece of male rump is a most pleasing sight! There are of course many other types of humiliations and punishments that I expect my toys to undergo I won’t list them all. After all actions speak louder than words! The videos and pictures within my site will demonstrate this fact.

To run a slave academy for the discipline and correction of male slaves would have to be pretty high on the list. My new farmhouse in the english countryside is taking shape nicely and will be the setting for many amusing torments including school room scenes. I also plans to learn to horse ride. This will mean that I could incorporate some rather exciting photo shoots such as mounted slave chases. It would also be absolutely wonderful to be able to obtain property in France to extend My Queendom even further!! In the meantime I have one dungeon and another being built here in England and plenty of land to exercise my little dog boys. Early morning walks with my little doggies firmly collared by the balls and kept to heel are now a reality! The pig pens and stables also offer further amusing opportunities for humiliating and painful punishments of piggy slaves and pony boys!

Lady Samantha

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One Response to “Lady Samantha”

  1. neil said:

    Dear Lady Samantha, You are a fabulous Riding Mistress and I would love to worship and serve you as a bootnoy, stableboy, human horse, etc. Is there anything I can do for you please? Where is your farm, geographically? Thanks. Take care.
    bootboy neil

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