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October 30, 2005

Mistress Karin Interviewed

My first interview and what a lucky boy I am to have the incredible Mistress Karin von Kroft as a subject.

I was captivated by this beautiful Woman from the first moment I saw Her. She is so unique in Her look and the way She works Her sub. Her extreme practices involve BDSM, facesitting, smothering, golden showers, strapon training, discipline, CBT, footworship and toilet training.

To serve this fine Lady would be a dream.

Mistress Karin it’s a honor to have You part of my new blog.

Mistress Karin

femdomfetishblog: What is Your name?
Mistress Karin: Karin von Kroft

femdomfetishblog: Describe Your personality?
Mistress Karin: I am out going person. I like to be in charge but I don’t mind others giving me suggestions. I am always open to try new things.

femdomfetishblog: How did You get into the FemDom lifestyle?
Mistress Karin: My friend was a Dominatrix and she introduced me to the scene. I really enjoyed the things she showed me.

femdomfetishblog: Do You have any piercings or tattoos?
Mistress Karin: At this moment I have only one piercing. No tattoos.

femdomfetishblog: What do You find most appealing about the FemDom lifestyle?
Mistress Karin: I like using men. I like to see them turned on. I like to tease and torture them.

femdomfetishblog: How long have You been a practicing Dominatrix?
Mistress Karin: Since 1999

femdomfetishblog: What type of subs do You prefer?
Mistress Karin: I see only true submissives.

femdomfetishblog: Do You have any full-time or temporary slaves at the moment?
Mistress Karin: No, I don’t take full time slaves at the moment.

femdomfetishblog: Do You have a dungeon?
Mistress Karin: I have a dungeon in Tucson.

femdomfetishblog: What clothing do You like to wear during play?
Mistress Karin: Stockings and high heels.

femdomfetishblog: Describe the most extreme humiliation-based session You’ve performed on a sub?
Mistress Karin: One time I had a slave in very nice restaurant. I had a string tied to his cock. I held it underneath the table. I also tied to this rope a jingle bell and when I pulled on it you could her its tingle around the room. I had his cock outside his pants and I would jerk on it. He had this look on his face that I just loved. I had no panties underneath my dress. I took a wine glass from the table, I put it between my legs as I slid out and I filled the glass all the way to rim. I took the glass from out of the table and poured it over his chicken salad. I filled another glass for him to enjoy with the rest of the meal.

femdomfetishblog: Wow incredible….. Can You be booked for sessions?
Mistress Karin: Yes

femdomfetishblog: What hobbies/interests do You have outside of the lifestyle?
Mistress Karin: I like skiing, tennis and swimming. I like to travel to new places especially in Europe.

femdomfetishblog: Tell us about Your website and what You portray on it?
Mistress Karin: DomKarin.com shows what I enjoy to do to my slaves. It shows how I like to use them for my pleasure. I have lots of pictures and videos that true subs really love.

femdomfetishblog: I am forever greatful Mistress and please forgive me for taking up Your precious time. Thank you.


Here’s a gallery of Mistress Karin administering the strap-on to Her sub.

Mistress Karin

Visit Mistress Karin von Kroft Here

Interview by Trash


October 28, 2005

In Search of WOW

A fantastic article today from wonderful Mistress Karin von Kroft describing the passion She feels in Her work.

I also have an interview with this fine Lady coming on Monday.



Every one is good at some thing. They have been praised for their work. And others have told them of the pleasure that they get from what they do. That satisfaction from doing something well prompts them to say in their mind “I can do better, I can do more”. Because they love the feeling of doing something well they will gladly spend the time in practice and imagination, forever following the human spirit in its quest for the exultation that comes when you “go for it”. You don’t see it very often but I am sure Vincent van Gogh felt it and it prompted his friend Paul Gauguin to say, “You paint too fast”. It is there when you see the old film of Elvis singing Heart break Hotel; You see the joy and the power. Or Janis Joplin at the Monterey Pop Festival when she sang Ball and Chain. You can see Mamma Cass in the audience mouth –WOW!

When you see My pictures or experience My presence I want you to say WOW!!!

I don’t want you to be satisfied:

I want you to be amazed.

This is how I feel about My work.

It is not an intelligent act to ask an artist to explain who they are and what they do in words. Their art is the communication. What they want you to understand is resolved and expounded in the work itself. If they would have wanted to reveal their spirit to the world in words then that’s how they would have done it. There is nothing left of Betty Paige but her pictures. No one knows if she got married, got religion, had children, where she lives or if she lives. There is hardly a written word attributed to her. But these pictures are enough. Every bit of her gift can be realized and appreciated from what remains.

It is impossible to articulate My spirit when I am totally naked, completely aroused, and working with a man under my control. I go for it. I risk all. I have lost all concern for what other people might think.

I want you to feel My joy and power.

I hope this comes across in My website, My pictures, My videos, or My sessions. They reveal all that I want you to know about Me.

Mistress Karin von Kroft

Mistress Karin von Kroft

Visit Mistress Karin von Kroft Here


October 20, 2005

Beautiful Domme’s

3 galleries to bring you today.

Firstly is Mistress Karin von Kroft. I have adored this Woman and dreamed of serving Her for a long time now. Watch out for Her interview coming soon. This gallery is from Her amazing site giving a sub some deserved CBT. Next up is a worthless sub giving delicious Mistress Angelica Sin some foot worship courtesy of my favorite Femdom site Mean Bitches Last up is the beautiful Mistress Penny Flame really going to town on Her victim courtesy of Men in Pain.

Mistress Karin von Kroft
Mistress Karin loves Her CBT treatment

Angelica Sin
Mistress Angelica Sin foot and facesitting worship

Penny Flame
Mistress Penny Flame tortures Her slave


October 16, 2005

First Time

He was nervous, very nervous. He had been speaking online with her for six months and this was to be their first meeting. Over this time, he had laid his sexual soul bare to her. She knew his every desire; indeed his every fear and today she wanted to play with him.

When she arrived at the pub, they kissed. It was a tentative kiss, but after a couple of drinks and general chat, she leant forward, took him by surprise and said, “Shall we go to the hotel?”

He nodded, a surge of adrenalin shot through his stomach and he followed her, wondering if he was doing the right thing. With his job, he booked into hotels all the time, but this time it was different. He was a bag of nerves and was sure that the receptionist could read his mind. Was it his imagination, or did she give him a knowing wink as he took the room key.

In the lift, they just looked at each other; he smiled as though to convince himself that everything was going to be all right. He opened the door to their room and she walked in ahead of him.

“Take your clothes off,” she ordered. He was slightly taken aback by the suddenness of her request, but it was said in such a way that implied no discussion on the matter was going to take place, but he knew it was what he had come for and as she sat in the chair in the corner of the room watching him, he snatched at his buttons. Her voice cut across him and he heard her say, “Slowly! Take your coat off first, fold it neatly and put it on the drawer.” He swallowed, his throat going dry, but he did as he was told.

As each layer was removed, he felt her power. At each instruction, her voice became more and more assertive. Until he stood in front of her in just his boxer shorts, waiting for that inevitable order to remove them, but it did not come. Instead she just looked at him. A look that told him that she was in charge. As he looked back, it was as though a telepathic understanding had passed between them and he lowered his eyes to the floor, in a symbolic show of giving up power to her. Until she said there time together was over, he no longer considered himself her equal; he was hers to do with as she pleased.

“Good slave,” she whispered, “Now take off your Boxers.”

He did as he was told and a feeling of excitement coupled with vulnerability shot through him. She stood and walked around him, as though she was appraising him, as if deciding whether she would humiliate him by making him dress and leave, or whether he would pass her inspection and she would permit him to stay and serve her. Every now and then her hand would reach out and touch him, but far from being a loving tender caress it was testing how muscular his arms were, looking at his teeth as though she was inspecting a horse. Finally, she looked at his excited cock, she took her thumb and pushed down on it testing its rigidity and watched as it flicked back up.

“On the bed, on your hands and knees,” Her voice snarled.

“Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress,” he said, as though he was grateful she wanted him to stay.

Kneeling there, the first thing she did was to slip the blindfold on to him, plunging his world into darkness and releasing his imagination and senses. She whispered to him, “I am going to get ready.”

He knelt, tempted to peek, but knowing to do so would be punishable. Alone, he heard her, it sounded as if she was dressing, he heard buckles being done up and zips being pulled and his imagination ran riot. He felt cool of the room against his nudity and he shivered, but all the time, maintained his erection.

She moved to the head of the bed and removed his blindfold, “You have thirty seconds to look!”

The light hit his eyes and the pupils initially contracted. She wore a leather Basque, her large breasts spilling over the top of them, yet concealing her nipples. The thigh length boots were black and there was at least a six-inch heel on them. In her hand she slapped the butt end of a bull whip, her natural blonde hair drawn back tightly, her face heavy with make up and as he stared, his cock throbbing she stood to one side to reveal the items on the table beside her. Paddles, vibrators and an assortment of collars, leads and gags.

The last thing that he noticed as the blindfold went on him again as his thirty seconds drew to a close was the strap on dildo wrapped around her waist. His anus puckered involuntarily and then squeezed tight as darkness descended on him once more.

He felt what he thought was a finger, trailing down his back, it must have been a finger, because it felt sharp as though a fingernail was digging into him and then the sensation changing to a smoother feeling as the pad of the finger took over. Sliding between the cheeks of his ass, resting against his anus. He felt the coolness of a liquid, what was it? It had to be KY jelly, and it was applied liberally, fingering his anus and then sliding inside him, finger fucking his ass. He felt another hand grab his cock and masturbate it and then her voice, “Under no circumstances are you allowed to cum until I tell you.”

The torment of her seductive slow strokes up and down his KY covered shaft combined with the invasiveness of her finger in his ass and all the time blindfold, stopping him seeing, his imagination the only release. Her finger caressing his G Spot and whilst the feeling was sublime, He was wishing she would stop, because he didn’t think he would be able to last without cumming and he was so determined to obey her every word. His cock was swelling and she whispered to him, “Don’t you dare cum!”

She continued, taking him to the limit, “Mistress, I am losing control!”

“I know,” was all that she said and she continued to wank him and finger fuck him till he thought he would burst and then she stopped. His breathing was heavy and his ass continued to buck, but she had sensed his moment of no return and stopped a second before. He eased himself down from the state of orgasm and then he felt it against his ass. It was the strap on. Slowly he felt himself being invaded by 8 inches of plastic and she slowly started to fuck him in the ass. Slow long strokes, holding him steady and fucking him harder and harder, her hand moving around again and masturbating his cock, bringing him back to an orgasmic state and each time he was about to cum, she stopped masturbating him and instead just fucked him in the ass with her dildo. He felt the softness of her thighs against the back of his and he felt her grind her hips into him as though she was a man. Again and again, she masturbated him, until he thought he could take no more and she stopped, withdrawing the dildo from his ass and stood by the bed.

“On your back.” She said, and he turned over, his face red with the exertion and the stimulation, his orgasm subsiding. He felt her tie his arms with sheer stockings above his head and then his feet, tied to the posts at the bottom of the bed. His cock quivering, anticipating, what she next had in store for him and then he felt the pain. His nipples were tweaked really hard.

“Give me your tongue,” she said and as his tongue slipped out, she French kissed him, sucking hard on his tongue and then biting it hard. Feeling him wince, her hand slapped his thigh and she looked down at him, ”Nice red colour, good Slave.”

A little bit of him was scared at the change in her mood, loving and sexual to aggressive and violent, but his erection did not wane, if anything he was probably harder than he had ever been in his life. He was throbbing so much, it was hurting, but it was a nice kind of hurt.

She rubbed what seemed like a balm where she had hit him and also on his nipples and he felt the stinging ease. She whispered to him, “Open your mouth.” He felt her drop something in his mouth and he tasted it, it was chocolate.

“Good boy,” she said as she slowly massaged his front. Gently loving caresses. Tickling his sides, every now and then brushing her velvet gloved hand over his cock, giving it a wank of about four or five strokes before stopping. Stroking the inside of his thigh.

He felt her mouth cover him and slide down his shaft. Her tongue twirling around his cock and then moving up again, before sliding down his shaft again. Sucking hard on him driving him into a frenzy. Once more she stopped as he reached that critical point and she tasted his precum, which was oozing from him.

She untied him and removed his blindfold. “Across my knee,” she commanded. He did as he was told and as he did so, he felt his cock gripped between her leather-clad thighs. Each thrash of the paddle on his ass, making his cock fuck those boots.

His ass was red and sore and she told him to once more lie on his back. This time she straddled him and took his cock into her pussy and rode him. She started slow and rode him harder and harder. Just as he was getting into a rhythm she stopped and withdrew, keeping his cock in contact just. Again she moved down on him and repeated this till his orgasm was upon him. Then one last time, she stood from him and walked to the bottom of the bed.

The atmosphere was electric and she whispered to him, ”You can cum now!”

They both looked down at his cock and it was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him. He erupted by permission. His seed squirting high into the air in an arc, then landing on his stomach, his chest and his face. He lay back drained, but with a smile on his face.

Submitted by: VPDrifter


October 11, 2005


I have a great belief in Women being the dominant force in every relationship and have a strong interest in the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle. Women being sexually independent and choosing their partners as they see fit. The husband should be there to support his Wife and provide love and satisfaction for Her whenever She requires it. Femdom practices are often deemed to be performed by independent Dominatrices who have no direct connection with their sub. But in reality the FemDom lifestyle is widely practised on a day-to-day basis within the confines of a relationship.

One such Mistress who provides instruction and advice within this field is the wonderful Ms. MacComb.

Ms. MacComb trains other Women the techniques of cuckolding and female domination within the relationship. Her practices include spanking, denial, cuckolding, verbal humiliation, forced oral service and cream pie eating.

Not only is Ms. MacComb a perfect example of a Dominatrix - beautiful, intelligent, articulate and knows instinctively how to find the weaknesses of a mans mind (including mine) but She also is a Woman who is passionate about Her views and texts on Female Supremacy and freedom of speech. I have a deep respect and love for Her and in the past have even been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some of Her humiliating comments.

It would be my dream to serve this Lady.

Here’s an example of one of Her brilliant pieces of writing.



For many women humiliating their husband can be a very erotic and powerful emotion and activity. Breaking the conventional molds of both a male dominated society and treating him in a way that is against everything we where taught as little girls can be thrilling and empowering. For the men that accept/enjoy this form of domination it can be a sexual experience so strong in itself, it can cause lightheadedness a strong sense of devotion to his wife and in some cases even ejaculations. We all heard that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, but the way to his mind is through his penis. Treating him in a way that arouses him will keep him coming back for more. It is up to you to ensure this. If you think about it, his cock is directly linked to his brain you control one, you control the other.

Humiliating him can be done in many different ways. To break it down into major categories it simplifies it. His attire, his chores, his mind, his body, his sexuality and/or masculinity. Cross dressing, performing chores or duties for you, verbally abusing or insulting him, mocking his endowment or stamina, suggesting he is not a real man, or maybe bisexual. Any or all of these methods will have a very strong effect on submissive men. That is not however to say that all methods will work for everyone. For some a more traditional scolding is the most effective, for other being made to wear panties while being called a small cocked wimp will be more productive. You must experiment and try out different ways to find what works best for you.

I feel that for many men the best approach is the “build up/break down” style of mental torture or anguish. After he has been in submission or training for at least a few weeks, you can implement this method. The idea is to keep him humble. Never insult his intelligence as this will not have the right effect nor is it productive. However, say for example he is nice looking, decently built with a normal size penis and average in bed. By telling him initially that he is good and fine at the above his ego gets pumped up. After a few weeks you should begin to criticize his technique in bed, make comments about his penis size, his stamina and his desire to please you. Over a few days he will become worried and concerned. Now is the time to reassure him and make him think all is well. A few days later you should begin to complain about the same things again, but more forcefully. The whole process just repeats itself till he is constantly anxious and does everything he can to try to please you.
I really feel that in many cases humiliating him in front of other women is important. Having his manhood, penis size, and even questioning his sexual orientation in front of your girlfriends will be both devastating and exciting to him at the same time. As well, I feel that having him serve you and a couple of close friends while being nude or in some type of punishment uniform will really push him to the edge of his desire to submit. He will usually complain and protest, all the while having an erection. The telltale sign for any humiliation tactic is not what is in his eyes or coming out of his mouth, but by what is in his pants. If he gets erect, no matter how much he protests, you know you are making good headway at giving him a good dose of humility.

Ms. MacComb

Ms. MacComb instructing her student Lisa

Visit The Punished Cuckold Husbands Blog Here

Visit Ms MacComb’s Website Punished Cuckold Husbands Here


October 5, 2005

Lady Samantha

Profile on lifestyle Mistress Lady Samantha

Believes And Motivation
I am a dominant lady based in the UK who believes in female supremacy and consensual power exchange. As a lifestyle Mistress I choose my male submissives very carefully. My toys are expected to amuse Me and satisfy my whims and desires readily and without question. As a politics graduate I have an insatiable need to explore and analysis established political and societal structures. Within my personal relationships I became bored with vanilla relationships and started to look for new answers. I have never wanted the 2.2 children, mortgage and then death ideal of conventional society and began to question the very nature of traditional male female relationships. Unlike some of my female friends at school the idea of becoming a homemaker and house wife (married to the house!) was anathema to me. This drew me to the fascinating and liberating alternative lifestyle represented by female supremacy. I have always been drawn to the darker side of human nature. I love exploring the newly found domain of female domination and male submission. I am always discovering new and deliciously wicked ways of teasing and tormenting my chattels. My site follows this exploration and offers an insight into my world.

Fetishes & Desires
I adore fetish clothes. My particular passions are leather and PVC. Footwear is also very important I have a boot and shoe collection that rivals Imelda Marcos and is still growing! In spiky stiletto heels or sexy thigh high boots I am over 6ft tall and love to tower over my victims. As for particular fetishes and perversions well the list is long and will no doubt have had some additions by the time you read this! I most definitely enjoy administering corporal punishment and severe beatings to my slaves. I get enormous satisfaction from inflicting pain. Although the dance of desires between Mistress and submissive is played out in many ways. Other favourites include ball kicking, commanding slaves to worship my feet and boots, nipple torture and a good old fashioned spanking. A nice rosy piece of male rump is a most pleasing sight! There are of course many other types of humiliations and punishments that I expect my toys to undergo I won’t list them all. After all actions speak louder than words! The videos and pictures within my site will demonstrate this fact.

To run a slave academy for the discipline and correction of male slaves would have to be pretty high on the list. My new farmhouse in the english countryside is taking shape nicely and will be the setting for many amusing torments including school room scenes. I also plans to learn to horse ride. This will mean that I could incorporate some rather exciting photo shoots such as mounted slave chases. It would also be absolutely wonderful to be able to obtain property in France to extend My Queendom even further!! In the meantime I have one dungeon and another being built here in England and plenty of land to exercise my little dog boys. Early morning walks with my little doggies firmly collared by the balls and kept to heel are now a reality! The pig pens and stables also offer further amusing opportunities for humiliating and painful punishments of piggy slaves and pony boys!

Lady Samantha

Visit Lady Samantha Here


October 2, 2005

Strapon Punishment

My first set of galleries of the new blog and I thought I’d go for a strap-on theme. There’s nothing like a beautiful Woman taking a man’s pride by screwing his ass good and proper.

The first and second galleries come courtesy of Strapon.com and features Mistress Carmen and then Mistress Dina’s and their relentless attack on slave Andy. The last gallery features 2 video clips and 12 pics of a beautiful French Dom giving an older slave his anal punishment, gallery courtesy of Strapon Fuckers


Mistress Carman at Strapon
Mistress Carmen shows no mercy

Mistress Dina at Strapon
Slave Andy gets punished again

French Dom Punishes
Resist at your peril


October 1, 2005

Lady Sonia

Lady Sonia made an impression on me from the moment I first came across Her.

Obviously being British made me Her even more appealing but it is more to do with Her style which seems so unique. I’ve never seen such clean and clinical practices performed with expert perfection by the Lady Herself.

Ms Sonia is a true English Lady and this certainly comes across in Her work. Effortlessly controlling Her slaves and commanding the utmost respect.

Themes covered within Her practices include bondage, latex, equestrian, feet, legs, lingerie and stocking worship.

Personally the most prominent element of her work is her attention to detail within milking. Her hand relief work is superb, again clinical and expertly performed with bare, gloved or latexed hands.

Her devotion to Femdom is clear and evident with the pride taken over the site. The Lady Herself personally updates Her site seven times a week.

Join Lady Sonia on a journey of exploration and pure decadence as She enjoys the ultimate pleasure of Her darkest adult desires.

Lady Sonia

Here’s a gallery of Lady Sonia giving a lucky slave some foot attention.
Lady Sonia Image Gallery - Click Here

And here’s a movie gallery of The Lady showing off Her superb masturbatory milking skills.
Lady Sonia Video Gallery - Click Here

Visit Lady Sonia Here