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| Lady Sonia


September 30, 2005

Why so appealing?

What makes the Dominant Female so appealing and such a sexual icon?

It’s a aspect that often crosses my mind. A desire to be within the control of a powerful woman, to be humiliated and belittled. To experience pain at the hands of this Goddess and to enjoy it. Strange when you think about it.

And the complex practices that are involved, personally I am more in the humiliation camp than the CP one, but there are hundreds of factors at play here that make up the way in which we want to be dominated that I’m sure would baffle the world’s leading psychologists.

I’m sure a lot is due to our twisted childhood and strict schooling. Finding fetish porn at age 12 probably didn’t help much either. LOL

I remember a game we used to play at school. Yes I was a pervert even then ;) The girls would all get the boys to go hide in the fields and then they’d come looking for us. If they found us they would hold us down and put grass down our pants and smear dirt and mud on our faces. I always seemed to allow myself to get captured. I remember one time when I was ‘caught’, an older girl called Justine got the girls to hold down my wrists and she proceeded to spit onto my face. It was probably the most erotic experience of my childhood.

A dominant, powerful Woman is an instant turn-on for me but what I find strange is that I am quite a control orientated person. I run my own life and business, make my own decisions and tend not to let anyone influence or do anything for me. I am not a ‘needy’ person emotionally or have any desires to be attached lovingly to one single person.

Under a Dominatrix though I lose all control, my decisions are made for me, my actions are useless. I am ordered what to do and when to do it. I have total desire and love for my Mistress I am under a spell and most obey. This reversal of personality is baffling and I am at a loss to explain the change of personality here.

I grew up in a culture that deemed men to be the dominant force in a relationship. Of course, even more prominent this was a generation before. Even today some men can not conceive that a male would willingly submit to a Woman. So the Femdom lifestyle is something that goes against the grain of historic culture…. but so do I. I hate establishment and conventional thinking I like alternative in everything and especially, music, politics, arts, porn and Women.

Thankfully the old masculine attitudes are getting drowned out, the old voices are becoming weaker and are now generally ridiculed by the majority of people.

So why so appealing? I’m not entirely sure but what I do know is that Women are the new superior gender. The male population better get used to it.


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